Hey all you folks out there. Have you got a favorite fishing tale about Lake Vermilion? A tip or trick for taking a wall hanger? Want to share it with us? Want to have your tale right up here on this big old world wide web? Send it along and if the boys sitting around the pot-bellied stove in the winter or the cooler in the summer think it's worth sharing, we'll put it right up here. And give you credit for it too.
Either e-mail it to rick@lakevermilion.com or send it snail-mail to Rick Pearson, 9129 Hibbing Point Road, Cook, MN 55723. Thanks for your support!

- Tales -

Fawn Rescue - Paul Pollock
A 55 inch Tale - Paul Pollock
The Luckiest Fishing Day of My Life - Bud Roberts
32 Perch - Ron Palmquist
The day began as all such Northwoods days should - Steve Bradt
The Big One That Didn't Get Away - Julie Seopa
What Wine Goes Best With ... - Craig Loughery
Vermilion Computer Language Translation - Jack Payne
Night Fishing - Jack Payne
Neal and the Mouse - Jack Payne
Muskie Lore - Rick Pearson