"What Kind of Wine Goes Best With ..."

There's nothin that beats a still January nite out on the frozen lake, with a billion stars overhead and the mournful howls of a wolf pack in your ears. Never mind it's twenty below; if there's no wind, you don't need to worry (especially sitting in a heated plywood house.)

Well, nite fishin in January can be summed up in two words- Eel Pout ! Yep, you may not like the slimy critters, but they sure seem plentiful and all to eager to greet you. Many a fox or wolf got his midnite snack of Eelpout after a disgusted fisherperson tossed the unwanted catch.

But let's set the record straight about something. Eelpout may be ugly, but THEY ARE DELICIOUS. Say what? You heard it here, folks. Properly prepared, they taste like lobster. Real lobster. EELPOUT ARE DELICIOUS.

Wanna try it? Here's how. Step 1. Catch a slew of 'pout. 2 or 3 three pounders would be a good start. Step 2. Clean. Now, this is a science. Here's the easy way. Cut radially around the body, just behind the head and gills. Then cut a long slice from the cut you just made, along the underside as far as you can. Gut. Peel the skin off- grab the head in your left hand, and grab the cut skin at the top of the back. Pull the body skin back towards the tail, and it will peel off like removing a rubber glove. Then use a SHARP knife to slice the fillets off the backbone on each side. There's not really much meat per fish. Next, rinse several times in cold, fresh water to de-blood the fillets. COOKING- Do NOT Fry these fillets- they will curl like armpit hair! Gently BOIL the pieces until they just start to curl. Next, a few moments in the broiler with some butter, and your culinary delight is ready.

Now, to decide on the wine.....

(Craig Loughery,- July,1998 Lewes, DE)