As winter sets in on Lake Vermilion, folks don't forget about our wonderful lake.
They get out and enjoy it in all it's splendor!
If you're so inclined, here are links to info that you may want to check out before you venture out.
Additional info suggestions? Please e-mail!

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The forming of Icicles & crystals on trees - Frazer Bay

Ice crystals with icicles on rocky point - Frazer Bay

Ice formations - the starting of Frazer Bay freezing
Photo's curtesy of Marilyn Schulze, Fraser Bay
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All snowmobile trails lead to Lake Vermilion --

Trails Map

If snowmobiling is your thing, here's a source for trail conditions --

Snowmobile Trail Conditions

Here's what weather forcasting services have --

area radar view area nexrad view current weather and 5 day forcast

Here's a chart to determine for yourself what the NEW Wind Chill Factor is --

Wind Chill Factor Chart

And if you're just waiting for winter to be over, here's some history on when the ice melts on the lake --

Historical Ice-Out Dates

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