28th Annual Ice-Out Contest

How about it?
Tired of looking out at that lake and seeing nothing but ice and snow?
Do you have everything you ordered for next fishing season?
Dreaming of being on the water with a fishing rod in your hands?
Want to fire up the boat and check out what's on the other side of that island?

This won't make it happen any sooner but how about guessing when the ice is going off our lake! Just submit your entry below, send it along, and we'll post it with all the others! More than one person can guess a date but ONLY one entry per person please. (Of course if you have 5 kids, that's 5 more guesses!)

Need some help
on how to guess?
Check out these suggestions:

Ice-Out Facts

Ice-Out Dates

Ice-Out Statistics

How Does Lake Ice Melt?

or see what others have guessed

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