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Carol Ann Seversen - Forest Lake, MN
My dad was born in Tower. We once owned Tout Lake Portage/Morcom Inn with my uncle and aunt. We had a home on Birch Point so my brothers and I went to school in Tower/Soudan. Moved to Twin Cities. Our cabin is the last standing cabin from the resort.

Bob Allbaugh - Bettendorf, Ia

Liz Corey - Minneapolis, MN

Tim Coenen - Stacy, MN

Rick Roesch - Oxford Ohio
Been coming to lake vermilion since I was a young man. in my opinion no other lake compares to this multi species lake when it comes to fishing and the beauty of this lake.

Kim Newman - Barnum, MN

Tim Coenen - Stacy, MN
HooDoo Point Campground Seasonal

Mark A Boggs - Frederick, MD

James Smith - resident
With its 40,000 acres of water, 365 islands and 1200 miles of shoreline, it stretches 40 miles across the heart of Minnesota's Arrowhead Region." You must be using a broken yard stick. It is only 24 miles long. The distance from Cook to Ely is not even 40 miles. And the shoreline is closer to 315 miles. Not 1200.

Mark A Boggs - Frederick, MD

James Smith - resident

HooDoo Point Campground Seasonal

Dave Boudreau - Brooklyn Park, MN

Jeffrey Wagner - McCordsville, IN

Jon VanBuren - St. Paul, MN
Walleye fishing on west side of lake continues to be a disaster. It's been poor for years. Terribly mismanaged by DNR. I feel bad for resorts/owners on Cook side. Something needs to be done. Too many muskies? Another issue?

Darrell Schneider - Crosslake, MN

Gene Hren - Chisholm MN

Dorothy Paulick Moore - Waterford, WI
This morning I saw your web address on a TV fishing show. My Dad was born in Tower in 1904 and enjoyed Lake Vermilion as a child. In 2014 I visited Tower, the railroad museum, the mine and the lake for the first time helping me to better understand my father's history. I am sharing your map on a family page to make other relatives more aware of this history. Thank you.

Frank Gochnour - North Platte, Nebraska
Watched a fishing show and they were on your lake so thought I would look it up on the internet to learn more about the lake and area around it.

Rachel Hansen - Calgary, AB
I can't wait to go

Bob Cooke - Highland Heights, KY

Jonah Switzer - Lafayette, IN
I am a stranger to Lake Vermilion but will be up there in a week to catch all the fish!

Carla Snook - Clearwater, FL
I think I was here when I was a small child. My Father took me to a lakeshore and we watched bubbles coming up, and he showed me how it would burn !!!!!! I never asked him about it; and saw an article about the frozen gas bubbles at a lake in CN, so I researched a bit more and found this lake - we lived in MT at the time and this is within travel distance for our Family.

Mike Hunter - Garden City, Ks

Greg Krebs - Grayslake, IL
any chance of receiving info on tower area resorts/boat rentals thru the mail? thanks

Rod Paavola - Topanga, Ca

Wes Skeates - Sedan, MN

Lowell Carlson - Marshalltown IA,
Would Like more Info and brochures on Resorts and costs of a week stay at the Lake.

Shane Devick - Ankeny, IA
Anyone with a cabin for rent can feel free to send me documentation. - shanedevick@hotmail.com

Thomas j. Hannan - Dubuque,IA
Love being at lake vermillion. It's. so beautiful there. Love fishing there.

Joe Johnson - Andover,MN
Lake Vermillion is my favorite place to be. There is never a dull moment. All of my best memories have been made on lake Vermillion. I will gladly be enjoying all my summers up there for the rest of my life. -Glenwood lodge

Patti - NC
My grandfather built a cabin in Fraser Bay (straight south of thirty-six) back in the 30-40s and I vacationed there often up until the early 80s. Many of my happiest memories were spent there during the summers (and winters on occasion). My family sold the cabin in the early 80s. C'est la vie.

Carly Vermilion
Love lake Vermilion! Its even my middle name! Can't wait to get up there this summer! - Carly V

Gary List - Washington, IL

Bruce Doring - Sartell, MN

Dan Lawrenz - Chaska MN
My family gets to Vermilion about every other year but now that we are retiring we will try and budget for every year. The water, wildlife and islands are second to none.

Jay Plummer - Matteson,IL

Tom Rogers - Prescott, WI
Thank You

Troy, Christy & Hayley - Elkhart, IN,
We would like to thank the Vermilion Dam Lodge for great sweatshirts, souvenirs, fishing on the dock, and excellent customer service. We would also like to thank Wolf Bay Lodge especially for the delicious food, drinks, hospitality and being a part of so many fond memories. Always feels like coming home when we walk through your doors. Due to weather we didn't get to rent a boat this trip, however looking forward to it on our next one Can't wait to return next summer. Have a great winter, see you all soon!
Our apologies, we failed to mention a big thanks to Whispering Winds Resort for the grand tour of the cabins and allowing us to see our first cabin we stayed in. It was fun to relive and share those memories about our family.
Can't wait to come back to Lake Vermilion, our home away from home.

Kristin Adamek - Alexandria, MN

Troy Minegar - Elkhart, IN
I will be coming up for a 4 day weekend in October. Have not been up for a few years. I will be bringing my daughter who has only seen pics. This will be her first time. I will be up from October 17-20. I am looking for a boat to rent to show her the lake. If you know of any please call me I would like to show her. 574-206-6197. Can't wait to see the lake again.

Donn Satrom - Roseville, MN
Can you direct me to the source of your National Geographic declaration? When I bought a cabin on Woman Lake in 1977, they made a similar claim about NG naming it one of the world's most beautiful lakes. Thinking that would be interesting to read, I contacted NG for more info. They replied that beauty is so subjective that they have NEVER rated the most scenic lakes in the world. It's a great story but is it really true?

Jack Lawton - Vienna, Virginia
Beginning in 1949 my family (the Thiems of Keokuk, Iowa) spent two weeks at Ludlow's Island, for the most enjoyable vacations I have ever had. I loved the lake and its people. I especially remember Martha Ludlow, Mark and Hod, and all of the Geyerman family (Sue, Ginger, and Fred).

ken keinanen - moose lake mn

Don Sieger - St. Cloud, MN

Jerry Mager - Arbor Vitae, WI
Great musky lake & Great website. Thank you.

Josh Bailey - Grayslake, IL

Lee Peterson - Tower, MN
Melinda Butler Schlechter, I remember your grandparents Renee and Gordy well. They bought the Isle of Pines resort cabin that had the well that we all used for drinking water. The well is gone now, but I can remember helping George Gruben fill up water jugs for the the big old Lodge that faced Big Bay. I worked for his son Dick during the summers at his boat and motor shop on Arrowhead Point until 1968. Our family built a cabin on the West side of the island, where I now live. Those were good times!
The bridge painting looks really nice, have you ever thought of making prints and offering them?

Emily Webster - Honey Brook, PA
My family has owned a cabin in Wakemup Bay for over 40 years now and despite some major upgrades and editions that we have added on, our love for the lake will never change. It is literally the perfect spot for the ideal summer vacation. I only wish that we could come up here for longer than our usual 2 weeks!

Bob Graves - Columbus, Ohio

Mary Nipp - Cook, MN
Ron and Sue that own Moosebirds are the nicest people and have everything you might have forgot a t home. awesome country store and ice cream.

Melinda (Lindy- now Mindy) Butler Schlechter
I thought I would share a photo of this painting done by my grandmother, Irene L Walstrom (Renee) done in the late 1960's or 70's before it was replace with a concrete bridge. My grandparents Gordon and Irene had a summer place there on the north side of the Isle 2nd cove in. Spent many happy summers days there. I wonder if their old hand pump is still working down by the driveway entrance.
Thank you!

Bill Melnyk - Northwood, Ohio

Rebecca Berard - Vinton IA

John Seeck - Sharonville, Ohio

Sylvia Jordan - Milwaukee, WI
I visited Lake Vermilion MANY times from 1990 throughout 2005 while working for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). The Lake, people, scenery, eagles and loons hold a very special place in my heart! I am retired now, but hope to get up that way again! SJ

Steve Farmer - Louisville, Kentucky

Arlene Booth- , San Diego, CA

Joe & Sandy Roberts - Duluth, MN

Brian DeCurtins - Tower, MN

Clifford Boateng - Shakopee, MN

Michelle, , ,
As a native Minnesotan, it is always shocking to be "lake-stumped" (learn of a lake in your home state for the very first time), and even more shocking when you are lake-stumped by an out-of-stater. The questions raced through my mind... "How have I not been to this place before? Perhaps I went in my childhood and forgot? How does this person know of it but I do not?"... I searched for any memory of this place. Well, today I was lake-stumped about Lake Vermilion. Needless to say, I was shocked, and, after visiting your website, I find myself disgusted with myself for never having visited before. Because frankly, this place looks great. It has everything I'm looking for in a lake. Same goes for this website. It is excellent. As I type this, the shock has subsided, and instead has been replaced with a massive eagerness to visit your great lake. I cannot wait to make the journey and soak there someday. Really nice work, everyone. Consider your page bookmarked.
Humbly, Michelle

Kathy Fleetham - Bloomington, MN
I was looking for a good map of the lake and thought I could find one here. They are tough to find - I'd like one that indicates some of the roadways around the lake. Also - is there still a section of real estate around Norwegion Bay called Hollywood Beach? Thanks!

The Biester Family - GA
We love it on the lake!

Randall Webb - Dixon, IL,
My family started vacationing in 1955 at the lake we would make it every summer as I was groing up , The fishing and the old resorts have changed but the sunsets,fresh air and clear water has remained . I guess we need progress. I have very many wonderful memories of summers filled shuffle board at Isle of Pine resort catching lots of fish and days filled with joy from many friends I made in the north. Lake Vermillion will always be a part of me.

Will ihlenfeldt - Forest Lake, MN

Kay Johnson - Virginia Beach, VA
Great web site. I'm originally from Minneapolis and I love to look around Minnesota in my iPad. Minnesota is such a beautiful state. Lake Vermilion is awesome. Am reading a book by a Minnesota author, John Sandford, which brought me to this site.

David Morris - Streamwood. IL
Will be staying at Springbay lodge June 2 through June 9.

Frank Achter - Ft. Myers, FL

Bill Whelpley - Peorta, AZ

Kevin Martensen - Kingsley, IOWA,

Shea Galaski - Virginia, MN

Brian Holloway - Lawrence, KS
Haven't vacationed at Vermillion for several years---looking to get back there. Used to stay at Trails End Resort and Grubins Marina Resort (its been about 20 years now). Would love to receive some brochures on Lake Vermillion because I would like to plan another trip there. Thanks, Brian.

Randy Rebideaux - Reno, NV
Been coming to lake Vermillion for the last 23 years and have seen the community and the lake change seems the fishing is getting more difficult. but worth the time spent Daisy bay is the where our family spends most of the time.

Nick Peterson - Ely, MN
Love Lake Vermilion, there are big fish in there.

None Given
My Grandfather, Father and Uncle built a cabin on the lake back in 1956. We used to go there to vacation with our Grandparents for a week at a time during summer months. The cabin was located between Seppi and Nylons. I had a great time up there. My Grandparents sold the place in the fall of 1973. I recently was up there with my husband and son. We looked for hours to try to find the place after not being there for 30 years. We finally found the right spot. We had been close two and a half hours earlier however, I did not know it at the time. We drove down the driveway. A flood of memories came over me! Thank God someone was there and they showed us around. The place did change as they always do. Some things were the same as they were so long ago. The lake is beautiful I will always enjoy the lake!

Bud Rozek - Fox River Grove, IL

Michael Oine - Elgin, Illinois

Dee Dugdale - Yorkville, IL
We're burned out on Hayward, WI and we've always wanted to try Lake Vermillion. We just started looking at cabins etc. There are just two of us so we don't need anything too big or $$ any suggestions?

Loretta Carsten Hoffman
Oh, the fond memories of Lake Vermilion as a child! Loved it there! Stayed with girl friends at their summer homes, vacationed there with my parents & even came back with my future husband during our courtship &, after we were married, for one of my class reunions. The memories of Lake Vermilion are ever-lasting to me!

Linnea Roark - Seymour, WI

Angeleah - Canistota SD

Lynn Linton - New Auburn, WI

Craig Jeffers - Blairsburg, IA

Scott - MN,
LOVE Lake Vermilion. Go there a lot and always have a blast!

Gary Thomas - Crosslake, Mn
First class site for info about Lake Vermillion Thanks a lot.

Robert Heald - Moline, Illinois,
Been coming to the lake for 46 years. When I was young I would stay for many weeks, but now only for a few weeks and then only one at a time. Have made many friends over the years and hope to have many more. I love the lake.

Paul Albers - Prior Lake, Mn
The best place on Earth!

Ron Klein - Elwood, IN

Tammy Divis - Arvada, Colorado

Darrin T. Jackson - Brownsburg, IN

Jim L - Milwaukee, WI

Brad Schmoll - Cedar, MN
Great WEB-site! We use it a lot to review current and upcoming weather conditions prior to heading to our summer cabin etc. We especially favor the fishing guide reports; thanks for sharing!!

Amy Hueffmeier - Cambridge MN

Jim Weifenbach - Plover, WI

David Shea - Valley City, ND
Would like snowmobile trail condition reports during the snowmobile season.

Mike Peterson - New Smyrna Beach, Fl

Scott Grengs - Lakeville, MN

Steve Kowalewski - Carol Stream, IL

Travis Hartmann - Saint Paul, MN
Once every summer since about 2005 me and my family visit lake vermilion. We all have a great time there and i already have so many great memories from being in the cook area and fishing and lake vermilion. we rent out at a cabin in cook and we all enjoy it, i cant wait to return this august. Thanks. 5/28/10

Charrolate - 55811
I love Lake Vermillion!

Lowell & Karen Kirgiss - Garfield, AR
Spent a week at a cabin there in 2008. Had a great relaxing and very enjoyable week.

Ted Erickson - Little Falls, MN
Coming up for the first time on the 14-16th. I am staying at the Casino. Looking ot catch a few fish.

Duane Sonnenberg - Boise, Idaho
Plan to visit my son and his family on one of the islands near Tower this Summer.

Bob Adamski - Itasca, IL
Was there last year for the first time. This year I am going twice.

Sarah Wildman - Excelsior, MN

Tommy Callicoat - Woodbury, MN
I have a cabin on the lake!

Neil Russell Mayo - Tower, MN

Tom Beck - Ripon, CA

Rita Bekeris - Ramsey, MN

to those serving and have served...thank you..

David Payette , Iron Mountain, MI
We have a great time every year!

Marg Eyre, Cook, MN

Echo, Rivera - Brooklyn Park, MN
I am going up with a friend whose mother is a resident. I wanted to get an idea of the area and recreational activities offered. Hopefully this will be a relaxing trip from the cities and work place.

Steve Brady - Palatine, IL
Thank you

Heather Liston - Wyoming, MN
I just love spending my time up at our lake property. My family explores the woods, catch fish off the dock, enjoy the wildlife and love watching the sunsets. Our middle daughter, Nicole (age 10) recently caught a 31 inch walleye in June of 2009. Her very 1st walleye!

Ladd Conner - Arkansas

Kathy Kaminsky - Howell, MI

Joe Fradette - Milaca, MN
looking for property on the lake. We sold our lake home in the Brainerd Lakes area and are considering Lake Vermilion as one of the final lakes for us. I have lots of questions if anyone out there can help??? joef@distinctivecabinet.com

Matthew Bekeris - Ramsey, Minnesota
i love lake vermilion it is the coolest place in northern minnesota

Mark Nimmer - Pewaukee, WI
I am the great nephew of Joe Snyder (Kiwa). I am looking for stories and info. mpnimmer@yahoo.com

Jim Misner - Oreana, Il
My Wife and I were at Lake Vermilion this year in July. This was the first time that I had been there for 37 years. As I kid I would visit every June with my Grandparents for the whole month, and stay at Vermilion Dam Lodge. After my last visit as a teen my Grandfather became to ill to continue with our beloved vacations that the 3 of us would look forward to for the next 11 months until we returned again. Those were the best memories of my childhood without doubt. I had talked of Lake Vermilion to my Wife of 25 years, and we were able to make the trip this year. It was in July, and the weather changed on the 2nd day to cold and rain. The fishing wasn't good, so I took the Wife to places I had been as a kid and was very pleased to see that there was much that remained the same. Even though the fishing wasn't good, we had a great time and would love to return as much as possible. In short I loved it as much on this visit as I had as a child. Thank God for beautiful memories and beautiful nature that has endured throughout the years. In short I will say that it is still one of my favorite places on earth.

John Cornelius - Sorrento, FL

Clay Wise - Moundsville, WV
Vacationed June 2009. One of the most relaxing and rewarding trips ever.

Andrew Davies - Sartell, MN

Rev Ginger Bec - Glenwood, MN

Tim Shaul - Rushville, IN

Brian Penfield - Detroit Lakes, MN

Denny Connors - Lino Lakes, MN

Lindsay Fay
Can't wait for another great vacation at the lake!

Rebecca Rogers - Franklin, IN
We visit there every summer. My husband Matt Rogers parents live there year round. From the first time he brought me there 10 years ago, I fell in love with the place. Its beauty is matched by no other.

George Richter - Nekoosa, WI

Mike Prochot - Brookfield, IL

Dwayne Powell - Thunder Bay, Ontaio
does anyone know of any boat lifts for sale pls email me

Lynn Anderson Angell - Thousand Oaks, CA
As a little girl back in the mid 1950's my Father, Mother, & two brothers used to vacation up at Lake Vermillion at the home of a man named Jerry Hill. He had a small log cabin with an out house & a house with a dock & a boat house that you could still see the cabin from across the bay or lake. He later built & I think designed a larger beautiful dream home a little way back in the woods. Many of our fondest memories were of those vacations & I would love to go back & revisit those areas & so would my brothers. The problem is we were too young to actually remember where exactly it was. I would love to find out if anyone knew Jerry Hill & where he lived & even if he is still alive & living there. If anyone knows please email me back (landofangell@verizon.net) on this. Mr. Jerry Hill if you are still with us - Thanks for the wonderful vactaions & hospitality from the Anderson's - Judd, Beverly & the kids, Gregg, Lynn & Scott.

Amy Bradt - Duluth MN
The Eagle Eye shows a beautiful day on Vermilion! Can't wait to get up North and visit the cabin this weekend!!

Geah Miller - Boston, MA

Larry Anderson, , Hollywood, FL

Glenn Harju - West Fargo, ND

Mitch - Cottage Grove MN
This is a Great Website and the Lake and Surroundings up there are breath takeing. It has to be one of the most peaceful places on this earth.

Jay Moen - Wichita, KS

Rodney Wood - Westerville, Ohio

Phill & Carol Schoenbeck - Cook,MN
We are in Fl in the winters and anxiously wait for our return to our cabin. There is no place as serene and beautiful. Gods country for sure. We love the people at the lake and in town Cook. Great place for all to live or visit. The grandkids favorite place for vacation.

Jay Moen - Wichita, KS

Mike Neary - Blaine, MN

Kevin Cork - Burlington, IL
Been going to Lake Vermilion since I was a child, grown now with kids of my own. Love to fish here and snowmobile. BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY - GOD'S COUNTRY

Steve Karo - Amery,Wi

Jeff Banks - Tulsa, OK
Thank you for this beautiful web site, I really appreciate the addition of the blog so I can keep up on current events. Vermilion is a wonderful place, and I am try thankful to my In-laws for inviting me up every summer.

robert mann - mishawaka

Ed Davis - Big Lake , MN
We used to go to the U.P. snowmobiling, Now we come the vermilion area. The snowmobiling has been great and the people are wonderful. This will be our 3rd year. The snowmobiling clubs do a wonderful job keeping the trails in good shape.

Daniel Vega - Oronoco, MN,

Liz Lidberg - North Branch, MN

Roy Grandbois - Bemidji, MN

Jerrod - Waverly, MN

Joshua Mausolf - Springfield, VA

Buzz - No. St. Paul, MN

Gary Mausolf - Springfield, VA

Brett Mealio - Hazelton, ND
I try to get to Lake Vermilion every summer but since I have moved to ND I haven't been able to get back as often as I would like. Viewing the pictures brings back alot of memeries. by the way, Where is the "Eagle Eye" camera located and which direction is it facing?

Terry K - Schaumburg IL

Jamie - Blaine, MN,
Howdy neighbors of my home away from home!

phillip p young - cable wi,
would like to take a trip up next year.


Christina McGahan - Des Plaines, IL

This is why we are coming back.
Last year, 1st week in Aug.
6 Smallies in 6 casts, in this order:
20.5 in
21.5 in
Best 20/30 min of fishing ever.
Earlier in day, my buddy got a 28.5 in Walleye, hit limit in 45 min.
All week long, serveral 34-40 pike.
We are now coming back for the Muskee, several misses. Great Lake.

Anthony Rumple - Brownstown, MI
Looking forward to our first trip to Lake Vermilion this August 2008.

Chester Tonnar - Kenyon, MN
Great web site and we love Lake Vermilion.

Enjoying (?) the heat in AZ, but looking for a cool spot.

Susan Elwood - Cresco, IA
Every summer we spend two or three weeks on Lake Vermilion. It's like no other place on earth!

Andrew Groskreutz - Chaska, MN

Mike Roberts - Frankston, TX
I grew up in Aurora. I miss alot of things in MN. Vermilion is still one of my fondest memories of childhood.

Tom Dietrich - Fresno, CA
In the early and mid 60's (I was a young child, 4-9 ), I used to visit my Dietrich Grandparent's at Pehrson's Lodge. Grandma would bake pies at the lodge, and Grandpa and I would go out fishing on the Merry-go-Round. I can still remember the lake storm that came up suddenly. I never knew of my Grandpa's concern until we made it back to Pehrson's. He had been so calm.
One day when Patty and I have grandchildren, we will take them to the great north lake. We'll fish the Merry-go-Round, and guess where and when, the Loon will surface.

Rowan McDonnell - Cook MN

Dan Anderson - Blaine, MN

Brett, Mabel - MN
WE love lake vermilion

dean broten - bovey, mn

Kyle - Saint Peter, MN

can't wait til ice out, can't wait for opener

James Barker - Duluth, MN
We love the lake!

Nick Sill - Tower, MN

Angela Zitzloff - Montrose MN
I wish it was alot more easier to find more campsites for camping with a tent, all i've found so far is 3-4 campsites and only 2 of them have playgrounds...if you could please help me... azitzloff2478@yahoo.com

Ross Noard - Bloomington, Mn

Gwen Towne - Denver, CO
Grew up and moved from Angora 30 years ago. Spent many summers at Peterson's Landing !!

Tim Klingelhoets - Buffalo MN
I would like to find Adelyne Shively Tibbetts books if anyone knows where please let me know! klink1_13@hotmail.com

George Grollemond - Sycamore, Il

Marvin Vasey - Dike, Iowa
This is one of the most informative web site I've been on. Everything I needed to plan our vaction was here. All the different pages made it quick an easy to find the info I wanted. Thank you.

Sam Clark - Monticello, IL

Phil & Joy Bodine - Isanti, Mn

Tim Shaul - Rushville, In

Timothy Cook - Springfield, IL
My wife and I will be moving to Hibbing in July. We are checking things out. I am an avid fisherman.

Dennis J. Enroth - Keewatin, MN

Stacy Mote - union city, indiana
i would like to know if anyone has a copy of "The Last Resort" by Adelyne "Buster" Tibbetts, i have 4 of her books and would really like a copy. its for my father who started going to their resort in the early fifties, and knew them well. smote@cmfoods.com

Kelly Mayhew
I've been to The Lake 30 years, my mother before me 57, my grandfather before me 80 years. We are summertime residents on Pine Island and there is no where greater on this earth. Thanks for the website so I can visit her when I am not "home".

Devin Neely - Stockbridge Ga
Love it!

Tom Lively - Fosston, MN

Lynnette Kinsman - Thief River Falls, Mn
Hello. I'm trying to locate a classmate of mine and her family. I know that they had an island with red buildings. Their names are Randy and Julie Rokela. I think it was owned by Randy's mom before she died. Can you help? Thank you!! lynnette.kinsman@digikey.com

Stephen Kurtz - Mayslanding, NJ
Its been almost a year and i still have 12 days to go until i am at the lake. The best part about the lake is the day after you get there. You wake up eat breakfast, go down to the dock start the boat up and watch the smoke from the motor roll of the water and the day starts. Nothin better than that. except catching some fish.

Bryan Poyhonen - Tulsa, Ok
Lake Vermillion rests within my heart; childhood memories, tales, experiences, people I will never forget, and an appreciation for the serenity that this earth has provided us as human beings. It is truely the only resting place that manifests true serenity within my very being. I look forward to handing over and presenting the Gift of Lake Vermillion to my children through future vacations there.

Susy Wendler - Amana, IA
Hi, My parents built a vacation home log cabin on Frazer Bay that they named North Amana, Glenn and Mary Wendler, now deceased. My brother now maintains the cabin and my family enjoys visiting in the summer. It's a beautiful area and I enjoy the tranquil times there. I am also into health nutrition and financial freedom. Feel free to visit my website at www.music.usana.com where you may learn more about what USANA may do for you! Hope to hear from you!

George Hatcher - Blaine, MN

Aaron Sundmark - Litchfield, MN

Thomas C Denny - Ocean Springs, 39564

Stacy Mote - Union City, Indiana

Ron Whipple
We spend two weeks a year on Lake Vermillion, a week in June at Glenwood Lodge and a week in Sept. at Head-O-Lakes. We have a great time.

Jennifer Tate - Duluth, MN

Sue Lee - Rochester, MN
Just wandered here again, as I do on Vermilion, and thought I'd drop a line (fishing pun intended!)

bill cordts - palatine,ill
im coming up there in aug and cant wait to fish vermilion

George DeMars - Fate, Texas

Nicole Baker Lazzeroni - Laona, WI
I used to live in Cook, we moved when I was in 8th grade to Park Falls Wi. we love Cook and miss it, we visit the my Uncle and Aunt (Charles and Gail Bergman ) at least 2 times during the summer months. We have many fond memories of Lake Vermilion.

Troy - Middlebury, IN

Nice site. A better option for me (under the stranger, vacation, resident categories) is past resident. Both Darcey & I grew up in Tower & still tell people we're 'going home' when visiting our parents.

Manda - Bloomington, MN
I love Polleys Resort!!!!

Lane Kastonek
The Kastonek family loves our cabin on Lake Vermilion. So do our good friends.

Jean Bryers-Young - Virginia, Mn
The Bryers family loves our cabin on Lake Vermilion. Thanks mom and dad!

m owens - east bethel,mn
Lake Vermilion Is the Queen of all minnesota lakes. I just wish so many didn't know of her beauty, and to the ones fortunate to see her, please do your part to keep her pure and clean. Respect her and she will respect you back. Love to our Jewel of the north. Lake Vermilion we love you so.

June (Jacobson) Hursh - Esko, MN
I was born and raised in Cook - - this is definitely God's country! After living in five states, we know for a fact we love this area and it is the best for living. Many fond memories growing up and now I wish I had never left.

Doug Edenhauser - Kenosha, WI

Becky Shultis - Maple Grove. MN
My family has been coming up to our cabin in Wakem Up Bay ever since the 60's and I can't wait for the day I bring my future kids up here so they can experience all the adventures this lake has to offer. I'll never leave this place.

Keith Jennings - Cedar Rapids, IA

Cindy Beddome - Merrillville, IN

Devin Neely - Stockbridge, Ga
Can't wait to come up in febuary, its been a year, thats the longest i've been away. I'll be up for about 2 weeks, hope theres enough snow.

Mike and Steve Kurtz - AC, New Jersey
See you Summer of 07. Ice up the beers, gas up the boat, and rig up the poles. Kurtz's are coming to town.

Dan Winter - Merrill, Wis

Paul Ellenbecker - Tama, Iowa

Troy B. Minegar - Middlebury, IN

Richard Thomas - Staunton, IL

mike kratz - wheatfield ind
you have a beautiful lake keep the good work up

Jeff, O'Donnell - Laurel, MT

Brittney Wedgewood - Brooklyn Park, MN

Anne Sias - Rock Island, IL

Carolyn Barrows - Moorhead, MN

Michael Kurtz Jr - Philadelphia, PA
Hi Lindsay Fay! Had a great time as always at Lake Vermilion. Nothing beats fishing, relaxing, and seeing the fam. Oh, and of course a few Leinenkeugels! Can't wait till next year. I'm coming back to pull a Walleye out of that stubborn lake.

Ashok Chatterjee - Isanti, MN
Just curious. Is this a glacial lake? What is the depth?

a. worley - san diego, ca

Lindsay Fay - Seattle, WA
The lake was awesome this year. Best two weeks of my year. Next year is already in the works and hopefully those who were absent this year will be there next year.

Jennifer Rank - Prescott, WI

Nancy Taylor - Fremont, NE
This is my family's first time on Lake Vermilion and we are very excited to get there. The website that is provided shows alot of the beauty that surrounds the lake. The weekly fishing report has been a weekly thing for the family to look at and to get excited about. The owners of the Spring Bay Resort have been so wonderful and accomodating to us as well. We are looking forward to spending a fun and peaceful week at Lake Vermilion.

Margie and "the Alabama Gang"
Four little rednecks from Alabama desended upon Rock and Lee at Life of Riley for a week beginning July 1st. We love it...shout out to our bud, Jed, who took care of us at Riley's. We all four left different people than when we came, and no matter how you look at it, it was for the best! We love Vermilion, the land, the feeling, everything and we will be back. Margie

Shannon Fay - Portsmouth, VA
Michael Kurtz is right - Lake Vermilion is the greatest place on earth! Wish I could be there with you guys!

jordan krebsbach - virginia, mn

Roger D. Maki - Tower, MN
Nice page, keep up the good work. Where does the 40 miles come from? I never could come up with more than 27-30.

Tom and Jere Wujcik - Augusta, GA

Holly Wiste - Arden Hills, MN
This is a really comprehensive site that is going to make our week-long vacation at Lake Vermilion even better than planned! Thanks for taking care of the site (and sorry to hear about the ding-dongs who wrecked the comments board!).

Michael Kurtz Jr - Mays Landing, NJ
Lake Vermilion is the best place in the world! See ya in August!

Mike Hudson Jr - Byron, MN
My wife and I will be coming up on the week of Sept 16-23,2006. I haven't been to Lake Vermillion since I was kid, last time there was about 15-16 yrs. ago!

Todd Welch - Northwood, Ohio

Kit Tomlinson - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Paul Petersen - Willoughby Hills, Ohio
Would appreciate information on a Good and reasonable spot to stay while fishing up in Gods Country. Also a guide or guides you would recommend .. thank you, paul petersen

Dan Dion - Eagan, MN
Good Job on the website!!

Dan Olson - Two Harbors, MN

Robert Kauppinen - Davis Il.
Very helpfull

Tom Hatton - Dayton, Ohio
This will be my 10th year fishing on Lake Verilion! I love the lake and have met so many friendly & good people from Minnesota. I live in Ohio and look forward to my 11th visit this year. This is a beautiful place. I can hardly wait to get there on June 2, 2006.

Margie - Lake Jordan, Alabama
Hey! There are two couples, my boyfriend and I, and my best friend and her husband, gonna come up and spend a week at Life of Riley. Always wanted to go to a Minnesota Lake. I live on a lake in Alabama and we love the water and fishin'. Can't wait...gonna get there June 30th! Yes!

Kristin (Kelly) Larson - Albert Lea, MN
Haven't been back up there in quite a few years, but anxiously awaiting the return. The pictures are AWESOME. For those that haven't ever been here, it should be on that list of 100 things to do before you die. It's beautiful. Family ties and memories are equally as enjoying.

Elaine R - Yorktown, IN
My husband and I visit the site regulary to remind ourselves what we're missing and what we have to look forward to this summer!!!

Craig Swanson - Anoka, Mn
Keep it Simple up there !!

Roger & Terri Vetter -Plain City, Ohio

Ryan Lundstrom - St Louis Park, MN

Janice Essick - Mesa, AZ
My Grandfather used to own a cabin on Daisy Bay. I use to spend alot of time there. I was just in a Days Gone By Mood.

Brian Hake - Chisholm, MN
I like to look at the Eagle Eye cam and dream of living year round on the lake of my summers.

Jenny (Toel) Phillips -Pekin, IL
I love Lake Vermillion! Haven't been up there in 6 years, miss it alot. My parents use to own the Tower Cafe. I would ride my bike around the horn and swim at McKinnley Park when ever I could. I will be up some day.

H Ross Reed - Bolingbrook, IL
This is a terrific site !! My grandparents Harvey and Bessie Reed had a place up there many years ago. I use to come up with my parents to visit and we would go fishing and boating. Those were wonderful days.
Harvey Ross Reed II

steve sanders - ingleside, IL

Kenneth Ewings - Silsbee Texas

Sam Tyson - Buckley Mi
I'm a nature nut that loves your site.

Ray Armstrong - Billings, Mt

Gordon L Smith Jr - Indianapolis Indiana

hank bockus - Oklahoma City, OK
My family has been going to Lake Vermilion for 70 years! The day I get home from our annual trip, I look forward to visiting again. God bless America!

Jesse Latham - Winsted, MN

Mike Osboe - Austin, MN
Hi my name Is Mike Osboe. I a currently enrolled at MN State University-Mankato. I am looking for any type of summer employment available in the Lake Vermilion area. My family has had a place in Oak Narrows for about 30 years now and I have spent most of my summers vacationing there. However, this summer I am very interested in working in the area. If anyone has any informtion that could be beneficial for me please let me know. I can be reached by e-mail at michael.osboe@mnsu.edu. Thank you for your time. Mike Osboe.

Nick - Tower, MN
Lake Vermillion is AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Stephen Forner - Pine City, MN
Information on Resorts that allow pets in winter for snowmobiling.

Becky Griffith - Albert Lea, MN
Is there any way that the resorts that are linked to your site could send me some more info?

Paul Vito - Cook, MN
Great website! Very informational. I have been linking it to friends and family that live out of state, so they can use the information to book vacations.

Bernie Smith, Las Vegas, NV
Schmidt's island was named after my grandfather - Henry Schmidt. I have many fond memories of spending summers at his cabin on the island. Hope to visitLake Vermillion again sometime soon!

Maria Bristor - Fairbanks, AK

tom smolich - lake vermilion, mn

Richard R. Ranta - Memphis, TN
The web cam on the west end of the lake, which is really my favorite site, seems to be stuck on 5:15 am and shows the black of night, of so it seems. You might call whoever runs the site to let them know. R3

Rebecca Berard
i love my grandparents that live on the lake

searcys - benson, minn
had a great time last year looking forward to snomobiling again this year,,,think SNOW!!!!!!!thanks!!!

Melvin D. Stone - Colorado Springs, Colorado

great website!

richard dougherty

matthew phillips - green bay, WI

denny solsvig - aitkin mn
we are thinking of coming up this week we have cursier boats self contained & are wondering if there are any island sand beaches we can moore out at.we travel to alot of different lakes. could someone let me know if there are places to moore out on thanks denny solsvig (dolsvig@frontiernet.net)

Jim Hovda - Rice MN, 56367
Am planning a fishing adventure on Lk Vermilion. Not much on the internet I have found this site a wealth of information. You folks did a great job of making a lot of information available.

howard miller
your website was unusually helpful -thanks for your efforts!

Tom Hall - St. Joseph, Mo
Every year we try and find where your from on the lake. Where are you? We love Lake Vermilion, every year it gets hard and harder to leave, a tear comes to our eyes at the end of the vacation. This year I talked to a real estate agent. Your web site keeps us in touch with the place we love. Every day we say hi to the lake. Thanks Tom Hall

Laura Jurek - Barron, WI

Carolyn & Mike Fischer - Minooka, IL
Love it there! We will be making our 7th annual trip up for a week's vacation! Tell the muskies to beware!! Ha! ha! ha!

Can anyone tell me if there is any company that rents houseboats that sleep 4-6 people up there?

Tim Carlo - Williamsburg, IA

Kristen & Stacy

Sam Clark - Monticello, Illinois

Susan Volz - Mt. Carroll

Lance Curry - Topeka Kansas
My family has had a cabin at the lake since the early 1900's, and we all still love it. See ya July 1st.

tim apel - freeport, il

Carrie Jurek - Barron, Wisconsin

jeff niepagen - Bloomington, IL

scott skalko - Mt.Iron
Great fishing tips, Great website all together

N. Ruffcorn - Radcliffe, IA
We will be visiting June 18-26. Look forward to experiencing Lake Vermillion up close and personal.

Julie Bartell - Minneapolis, MN

Rebecca Rogers - Franklin, IN

Bill Frith - Hutchinson, MN

Mike O. - east bethel,mn
the big v. is a very special lake to me shes a one of a kind.I wish she was kept wild

Greg Peterson - Alexandria, MN
One of the best fishing lakes in MN. Good fishing and great scenery.

Todd, Welch - Northwood, Ohio

Amy Bradt
Lake Vermilion is Great!!

matt hill - brainerd, mn
need to update fishing reports more often for people to see whats happening

a.c. worley
my favorite page is the eagle eye video cam; can you tell me where it is on lake vermilion? thanx a.c. worley (The camera is located on the north side of Hibbing Point and is pointed towards the northeast. - webmaster)

Shelby Walters - Zearing, IA

ryan - babbitt, mn

Al Keefer - Bristol, WI

Bob Ward - Pittsburgh, PA, 15238
Please send tourism info.

Mike MacDonald - Schofield, Wi, 54476

Chris Sundmark - Litchfield,MN

Roy Youngren - Alabama

Dave Pearson - Tomahawk, 54487

skoczek - des plaines, il

Devin Neely - Stockbridge Ga
I've been comeing up since about 1972 and love it. Theres not a day that goes by that I don't think of the lake. My grandfather has the cabins in smarts bay just out of the oak narrows and have been there since the fourties our family just loves it. We are coming up in two weeks for some snowmobiling. Can't wait

Frank Comstock - Waseca, MN

hildebandt - barrington, il
put a daily report on snowmobile trails conditions

coming to lake v. in the 1st week of june 05. staying at spring bay resort. could use some help on what to look for and baits to use. fishing for smallies, walleyes and crappies. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks. JIM

Marti Wolford - Plainfield, IL

Thanks to all those that helped me move out to the cabin this winter. A special thanks to John and his Kubota. We couldn't have done it without you. Lane

Jim Neuses - Springfield, IL

Sam Panning - Denton, TX

Ladd Conner - Springdale, AZ

Jeff - Raleigh, NC

Mark Filippini - Highland Lakes, NJ
I recently saw a bass fishing tournament on OLN from Lake Vermilion. The lake looks incredible and I am looking for information on it. I am an avid bass fisherman and am always looking for new places to explore. Great website ... Mark

John F. Foster - Newman, CA

Brian Murphy - Tucson, Arizona
I just got a little home sick. The weather I do not miss, but all the fine people and the area I do miss!! I continue to co-own a cabin on Vermillion and will never get rid of it while I am alive.

Dan Fahrendorff - Savage, Minnesota
You all are great!

Laura Talbot - Bountiful, Utah
This site recommended by John Zobitz, the child who lost the regional spelling bee many years ago because he did not receive notification of the event!! :)

Casey Keibler - Warren, OH

Bill Pennington Jr - Indianapolis IN

John Bye - Standish, ME
Had an excellent vacation on Lake Vermillion a couple of years ago with some high school buds from LeRoy, MN. Performed a 'long-line catch and release' on a large Muskie.

Irving Louis Hasler, Jr. - Iowa City, Iowa
I am planning on a fishing trip to Lake Vermilion next summer in Mid to late June or July or August. I would like to to receive Info on Cabins for 4 w/ Boat and Motor. Could you mail me subject ifo,etc? Thank You.

Milton & Cheryl Proffit - Fergus Falls, MN
Beautiful area to vacation at. Fishing is good. Doug Knoer is an excellent guide and a really pleasant person to spend the day with.

Dick Wilson - Webster City, IA
Nice web site. Lots of information available.

Jerry L. Sayers - Indianola, Iowa
Love The lake Wish I could live there all the time

Jerry Klun - Bellingham, Wa
Born and raised in Soudan, Mn., just below the iron mine which is now a state park.

Pete Petrakis - Mount Prospect, IL
Coming up the second week in September o4. Looking forward to a great week of fishing and relaxing!

jim clements - lafayette in
We have fished vermilion since the early 70s. Great lake.

Jeremy - Cedar Rapids, IA

Lynn Rider - Pleasant Valley, Iowa

Dawn Werling - Sharonville Ohio
This is the most beautful vacation spot I have ever been. I have vacationed here many times over 30 years and it seems more beautiful each time.

Stacy - Hamilton, OH

Lyle K Anglemyer - 46550

Marti Wolford - Plainfield, IL

Lori Snell Barber - Travis Afb, CA
Live in northern California now. My two boys and I will vacation at home in Cook in August. They are so excited to go swimming and fishing at the lake. I look forward to hearing the loons again.

Kathleen Alexander - San Fran, CA
Keep up the good work.

Rick - Otsego, MN
Like to see more if possible more places to rent cabin's/house. Not so much a resort but people who rent their home's

Pat & John Frykman - Bottineau, ND
We visited cousins on Norwegian Bay and think your Lake is the prettiest body of water we have ever seen!! Hope to be back! Hi Punky & Babe

Eric Vodnik - Oak Forest, IL
Is there a publication that lists many of the resorts on the lake or do I need to contact each one individually to request info? Does the chamber of commerce put something out? I'd like to go musky fishing in summer 2005.

Kyle Sundmark - Lake Elmo, MN
I love this site - keep it going!

Milt Luoma - Summerdale, AL

Dana Traffie - Roseville, MN

Jerry Johnson - Brook, MN

Tily and Kit Sayeh - Ft. Myers, FL
Lois Larson Mother and grandma

Marta Kramer - Wyoming, MN

Mike MacDonald - Schofield, Wi

Sue Bjurstrom - Eden Prairie, MN
Lake Vermilion - The Best on Earth!

Stephanie Lyon - Oak Park, MN

Travis Taylor - Cook, MN

Bob Jacobson - Eau Claire WI

ken piper - jefferson city, mo
If you have a guide available that you could send I would like one please. Thanks, Ken

Denny and Heidi Kosch - Blue Eye (Branson), Mo

Jim Neuses - Springfield, IL

Scott Neva - Duluth, MN

Barry Spoon - Springfield, MO

Sarah - Cottage Grove, MN
This is the best lake ever!

Sara Jorgenson - Rochester, MN
My favorite thing to do is go tubing. I'm 7 years old, and my grandma and grandpa have a cabin on the Lake.

Sina Jorgenson - Rochester, MN
My grandma and grandpa have a cabin and I like playing games and tubing in the BIG tube with my fabulous Aunt Sue.

Pat Henson
Have vacationed on Lake Vermilion every summer of my life. My children love it and now it's our Grandaughter's turn to see what we've been talking about. We stay at Gruben's. When I first began coming up we stayed on Gruben's Island.
My parent's were Paul and Joan Schultz. They are no longer with us, but we have fond memories of summers spent on the lake. We look forward to the first 2 weeks in August. I hope I have many more years on the lake

randy olson - rio rancho, NM
hi rick and judy, how are you? scott says to ask you if you had any Jamaican food lately? Things are going ok for me. I'm still employed at the hospital. hopefully i can make it up north this summer.

Jerry - Cook, MN
Hi love lakeVermilion Can't wate tell ice out.

Nick Sopcich - Demotte, IN

Larry Neff - Terre Haute, In

John & Barbara Pluth - Escondido CA
WE have a cabin on Pike Bay that we enjoy each summer. Great Web Site! I am from Chisholm originally and just cannot do without Walleye fishing.

Renee - Rock Hill, NY
I am looking for any or all of the following books written by Adelyne Shively Tibbetts:
1.)Vermilion River Valley
2.)Down the Vermilion River in 1908 with Bert Everett
3.)From Eaton to Ely in 1889
Can you help me?

Mark Young - Petersburg,IL
I look forward every year for my 1 week that I fish on lake vermilion, thank you & God Bless You All.

Sean & Heather - Hugo, MN
want to purchase a cabin on the lake soon. when i visit again i might not leave

Rick Olsen - Wyoming, MN
We are looking for a cabin to purchase...we love it here.

Mike - Wheatfield, Ind
most beautiful lake in the world really enjoy coming here for two weeks. couldnt ask for anything more. mike

Marlan - Tower

Dave Snidarich - Hibbing, MN
Enjoy the lake!

Bob Davis - Cook, Mn, 55723

Stan VanDerSnick - Lancaster, S.C.
We are looking for a place to rent for [6] weeks this summer.

Doug Springer - St. Francis MN

Looking for a good campground.
Chris - Isanti, MN
The cabin-connection is an awesome tool!

Charlie Newman - Lake City, MN
Just looking for a way to Musky fish, while staying in the good graces of the family.

Kevin - Parkers Prairie, MN
I feel relaxed just thinking about being at Lake Vermilion, can't wait till July when I'm back in God's Country!!

Deborah Spenle - Beloit, WI

Vicki Yost - Washingtonville , NY
I go to the Web cam every day It brings me a little closer to home (Minnesota) and today I got to see my Brother (Dennis Van de Linde) on the web-cam. He lives on Elbow Lake year-round. Thank You


Anousak Vorarath - San Jose, Ca
I had a great time boating,cruising around the Lake Vermillion with my friends.

l hoage - fresno, ca
Very nice web-site. Hope to visit your beautiful area some day. Thanks.

paul hein - zimmerman, mn
SNOWMOBILING!!! How about some trail conditions?

Ike Patin - Lafayette, LA

Ryan Geistfeld - Minnesota
I'm from southern Minnesota and love to fish so my dads buddy lives there and asked us to visit. We've vacationed there for about five years and stay at Glenwood Lodge and is very nice that has rental boats and very good fishing. If your someone who likes to fish and hunt or even just relaxing Lake Vermilion is the lake to go, and you should stay at Glenwood Lodge. They just put up some new log cabins too. Oh, it is also a good place to stay for snowmobiling.

mckinley dahl - new brighton, mn
Hello everybody I love lake vermilions fishing and everything we own a cabin on the cook side about two minute drive from the landing. (I love the landings wallie sandwich) I am always checking the eagle eye camera in the spring and winter to see if the ice is freezing or if it is melting. I love your site and I hope for a good year of ice fishing.
- see ya

Wendy - Hibbing, MN
I was introduced to Lake Vermillion by a special man named ED. We would cuddle up and listen to the loons calling, and the waves lapping against the shore. ED is no longer with us, but each year I visit the lake to recapture the loving memories we shared. This site brings back fond memories of the man I once loved. Thank you.

Gene O. Almond - Breezy Point,MN
Nice website!, I'll be back again.

David Bishop - Ft Wayne, IN
Very well done web page. I spent 4 summers on Lake Vermillion in the early 1960's with a close family friend on Birch Island. Fond memories lead me to want to have my rapidly aging children to experience the same pleasures that I enjoyed so many years ago.

Tom Hall - St. Joseph,Mo
We vacationed this year for the first time at lake vermilion. Now every day we look at the eagle cam and the weather to see what we are missing. You need more eagle cams and on the cam now what is in the water. THANKS Lake Vermilion for the great family vacation.

Ronald L Hein - Holdrege, NE

Mark Longtin - Fargo, ND

Troy B. Minegar - Middlebury, IN

Jeff Gerber - Minnetonka, MN

Margi Tyacke - Marina, CA
Not a stranger - my brother (Frank Siskar) lives here with his wife Kathy. Their daughter Jaime is getting married aug 10th here in Monterey Ca. I was born in Biwabik and my parents still live in McKinley. I graduated from Gilbert High in 69. My brother sent me this sight and thought it was pretty cool.. I don't get home often and sure miss the solitude and special beauty and memories that Vermillion has .. thanks, Margi Siskar Tyacke

Martin Van Buren - Coon Rapids, MN
This is a great site to explore options in and around Lake Vermilion. Thanx

Pat Lesner - Lake Villa, IL
Northern Minnesota keeps calling me back.

Doug Rossi - Bakersfield, CA

Bob Rambow - Rogers, MN
We will be on Vermilion July 5-12th 2003. Can't wait, wish it were today!

Bob Burris - Elklhart, IN
Lake Vermilion is God's Country. Just love it up in Nortern MN.

Nancy W. - Philadelphia, PA
This is my favorite Lake Vermilion site. I've been utilizing it for quite awhile. I spent every summer on the Lake as a kid (my grandparents owned an island in Daisy Bay) and now I vacation there every chance I get. I've moved around so much, the Lake is the one spot that feels like my true home. Keep up the great work!

Nicholas J. Daugenti - Cleveland, Ohio
Would you be able to send information about Lake Vermilion to my home?

Keith Nielsen - Peoria, IL

Bill Waszak Sr - Darien IL

Bret Bunderson - Beloit WI
Thank you for the great information!I have been fishing opener on Vermillion for several years now, worth the nine hour drive every year. Its a special place that stays in my mind for a life time.

Irving Louis Hasler, Jr. - Iowa City, Iowa

Leslie Shaul - Rushville, IN
I have enjoyed vacationing on lake vermilion for about 25 years. as my parents own a summer home on ely island.

Chris Van Horrick - Andover, MN

Scott J. Wendt - Osceola, WI

Kellie Gllagher - Minneapolis, MN

Larry & Evelyn Anderson - Ely, MN

Stuart Johansen - Duluth, MN

"GIMME" - Madison, WI
Hey Rob...It's almost time for your fishing lesson.

Fred Malone - Lakewood, CO
I have been coming here ever since I can remember and, I will keep coming.

Marsi Engle - El Cajon CA
My husband and I and family stay at Head o lakes Resort every year usually late in June. The water temp is perfect to swim, ski, and wakeboard even without a wetsuit! What a great place!! PS. Moosebirds is right next door for ice cream!!

Ted Filar - Lemont, IL

Vera & Florian Ridlon - Cook,MN
Waiting for the ice to go out so we can get back to MN from sunny AZ.

Mike Nolting - Bird Island, MN
I am dedicating my 2003 fishing season to Musky and am looking for an excelent lake for my family and I to spend a week at (on a limited buget).

McKinley Dahl
This is site was very well put together. We had a vacation on lake vermillion and during our vacation we found a cabin for sale and bought it. We will have fun fishing on lake vermillion.

Andy Poshek - Brooklyn Center, MN

Joe Remley - W B L, Mn
We have a small cabin on Hinsdale, is there an association we should join?

Corey Stephens - Oakland, IA
I really enjoy coming up to Lake Virmilion.

Adam Arneberg - Hudson, WI

Marcia Demuro - Walden, NY
Super super site!! Very well done indeed!!

Dorothy Overland - DeMotte, IN
Fantastic web site! I grew up in Soudan, so was at the Lake every day and now we visit the area once a year. Some friends are coming there for the first time, so will give them your site to check out. Thanks for the great info!

Eric Locher - Eden Prairie, Mn

Arlene & Lowell Cobb - Duluth, MN
This is our home away from home, fun, relaxing, friendly, and most of all beautiful.

Terry Grosshauser - Stoughton, WI
Your site is great especially in the winter when we dream of summers on Lake Vermilion.


Jan Haenel - Beloit, WI

Ryan Geistfeld - Truman,MN

tim verhoeven - new prague mn

brian rambol - grand marais, mn
hello from grand marais

Ryan Niemi - Oak Creek, CO

kak, lake vermilion, cook end
Winter is definitely the best time to be spent at the lake.

Andy Brackemyer - New Richmond, WI
Lake Vermilion is a fun lake to go to.

Joyce McPheeters - Richfield,Mn

Steve Pathmann - Lake Barrington,Il
You've done a great job with the site, we've come here for 30 years now we can show people what we've tried to describe..sincerly, The Pathmanns

Dieter Schmidtke - Lindenhurst IL,

Michael Edstrom - Pine Island, MN


Jim Plankers - Lacey, WA

Lauren Eggert - Winsted, MN
All I have to say is that California can have the Pacific, Colorado can have the Rockies, and Florida can have the Gulf; just as long as Minnesota has it's Vermilion ... Lake Vermilion beats them all!

Wayne VanNess - Lagro, Ind

Todd & Becky Wheelock - Honeymmon Island, Norwegian Bay
Looking forward to the great upcoming winter snowmobiling season! See you on the trails....

Janelle and Brad - Forest Lake, MN
I love your website and visit it often. Keep up the great work. Do you know if there is a web cam on Lake Vermilion? That would be wonderful. To be able to look at pictures of the beautiful lake when we're not able to be there.

patty bruzan , darien, il

Justin Hill - Naples, Florida
Just saying HI from south Florida.

gary blackford - broken arrow, ok
Planning a fishing trip for the summer of 2003. Please send related info. Thanks, gb

Mark Beckman - Mooresville, IN

Scott VanGuilder - Chisholm, MN
Can't wait for spring!!

axel & joyce gessell - anoka, minn
The greatest place to stay & the greatest place to snowmobile. we have not had one bad incounter with any STAFF member at fortune bay resourt & hotel since it opened. we were the very first couple to BOOK a room there when it opened. we have also been back there every year,& look forward to this years WINTER BLAST. we thank you

joni (juliegotruined@aol.com)
Did anybody know Chuck and Irene Lockhart? They lived on Lake Vermillion and I would like to know as much about them as I can-- they were my great-grandma and grandpa. Any information would be appreciated.

Patricia Fleming - Auburn, Indiana

craig sweno - newbrighton, mn

Steve Sellnow - Saint Cloud, MN

Lonnie M. Johnson - Braham, MN

Jim Sibal - Addison, IL

Patrick Barrett - Bloomington, MN

Jo Kozubik - Knox, IN

Lisa Halvorson - St.Paul, MN

jerry hilligoss - mpls, mn

Steve Klingsporn - Longmont, CO

forky johnson - des moines, ia
I want to thank Dick Grangaard and his daughter Little Stephy for showing me the ways of the lake: waterskiing, fishing, and tubing. P.S. Thank you for changing my diapers over the years

Paul Hanten - Orange, Texas

Brad Jacks - Frankfort, IN

Christopher Dalton - Boswell, IN

adam krupowicz - countryside, IL

Tom Stratton - Camanche, Iowa


Allan Tureson - Hallock, MN
I own property on the lake and plan to have home built there by next summer.

Joanie & Leon Schmidt - Monticello, MN
We just spent last week on vacation on Lake Vermilion. Had a wonderful time. Good fishing, good fun...

Scott VanGuilder - Chisholm, MN
I just can't seem to get there enough.

Glen and Jill Johnson - Dallas, Texas

Jeff Gerber - Minnetonka, MN
It's great that you people are bringing the beauty of Lake Vermilion to the world via the internet!!

Bill Little - Neoga, IL
Coming to Muskego point for first time next week. Looking forward to it. From what I have heard and read - it will be a different experience but might be productive.

Mike Himstedt - Big Rock, IL

Jason - McHenry IL
Lake Vermillion is the best place to catch a big one!!

Sharon - Embarrass, MN

Patrcia Doran - Ham Lake, MN
The best lake in Minnesota. We love Lake Vermilion.

Sherwood Drumheller - Mt. Morris, Il

I love lake Vermillion soo much I think once i get out of college i am going to get a house on the lake!

Donna Rae Sonnek - Easton, MN
I'm struggling through to find two cabins open in the second week in August. It would be wonderful to have an availablility chart that covered all resorts very much like the one that White Eagle has for its resort. That would save me "hours" and lots of unnecessary phone calls.
This is a great sight. There will be a lot of exploring to do yet on your sight.

Sonja Overholser - Askov, MN
If I go on a vacation to Lake Vermilion I need to know where the nearest grocery store is located.

michele bowe - holcombe, wi
went fishing one day on the lake a few years ago now we're thinking about coming back this summer.

Harold Schussler - Muncie, IN
Third year up, returning next. Not many fish this year, however five smallmouth over 5 pounds one going 6 1/2 and one musky measuring 41 1/2 inches. 25-30 small walleyes for week caught mostly at night.

James R Neumann - Blaine, MN

Rich Neumann - Coon Rapids, MN
I love Vermilion!!! I've been coming up there for 24 years and I'll keep coming till I'm a grumpy old man.

Bob Tokash - Portage, IN
Thanks go out to Jerry Bolda who again let us stay at his house on Spring Bay for a week with his cousin Nick S. Good fishin' to all and remember to catch and release!

tom mcmorrow - cannon falls, mn

Sharon Weber - Becker, Minnesota
My Maiden name was Stepan. I was originally from Soudan. My Dad's name was Jack Stepan he was overseer for the Township of Breiting for over 40 years. We used to own Big Sandy on Lake Vermilion the largest private beach on Lake Vermilion.

Nick Skubic - Las Cruces, NM

Donald A. Fredricks - Mt. Carroll, Illinois
Great Web Page, we also mention Cross Country Skiing, snowmobiling, Giants Ridge Downhill Skiing. First Visit to Lake Vermillion, July, 1952, 51 years ago. DAF

devin - stockbridge, ga
my family has property on smarts bay and have been coming up to the lake since the 1940's. we love the trees clean air and the lake

Ron Maxwell - Chicago, IL
I visit an old friend each year for a week in early June.

Brian Costello - Tower, MN

Becky Linder - Hartford, SD

Josh Brolhorst - Lincoln, Nebraska
Enjoy the Lake very much and hope to continue coming. The casino is a added plus also!

Mike Spah - Chaska, MN

Tim Shaul - Rushville, IN

Kevin, Decarlo - Rockford, Il
Coming up to Vermillion for the first time in July.......Can't wait. Iv'e fished Kabetogama, Seagull, and Big Saganaga. Thanks

Tara Bruski - Garden Prairie, IL
My heart is always at the cabin!! I love this place!!

Don Ulbricht - Roseville, MN

Dan Schleinz - Madison,WI
Hey Rob!! If you're going to keep catching those bite size fish like last year, you know,the kind you can eat bones & all, you probably won't need to put new string on your winder. Besides I don't think they make one ounce test. Get better Pat. You're not going to miss this year. ROCK ON JUNE 1ST.

Hey Rob!! I picked up that Earl Grey tea you wanted for the fishing trip. I hope those little bags are alright. I didn't know if you had one of those little tea balls or not. You'll have to pick up your own orange slices & honey. Sorry!! Three more weeks from today & we'll be on the greatest fishing lake ever.
P.S. Better get one of those sippy cups. Don't want to burn your bottom lip with hot tea when the boat dips as I set the hook on the next walleye trophy.....OOXXOO

Dave Boudreau - Brooklyn Park, MN

Ed Bolda - Calumet City IL

Rob - Madison, WI
Is every one on our fishing trip illiterate, or just don't know how to use a computer? I've collected enough wood in the form of trophy's the last couple of years to build a summer home on lake vermilion, and what thanks do i get from the so called "fisherman" that makeup our little group every year.
I've explained before that i will try my hardest to spread my knowledge betwixt the "Pinta",the "Nina",and the "Santa-Maria" this year, but there is only so much daylight to try and teach the un-teachable how to fish.
See all of you in a couple of weeks.
Signed "ESOX",the god of big fish!!

kp, virginia, virginia mn
I love lake VERMILION...

Stan Patterson - Warsaw, Indiana
Great web sight. Since my first visit to the lake last year I am excited to get back. I have been faithfully watching the lake using the "Eagle Eye". Fantastic Keep improving ! Keep up the good work !!

Peggy Beery - Maize, KS

Matt - Anchorage, AK

Tyson Schrickel - Carrollton, Ohio

Tom Clewett - Naperville, IL

Doug Ellis - Virginia, MN
fun web sight!

Jon Atwell - Mooresville, IN

Eva Lopez - Chicago, IL

Jenny Blake - Burnsville, MN

Juanita Bissett

David Bruhn - Maple Plain, MN

Mike Aspelin
I regularily look at the web-cam I think it is a great feature.

Verna Kivisto - Duluth,MN
I enjoy all of it. Very good.
PS. I'm Joyce Ridlon's Aunt

Ted Smith - Detroit lakes, MN
Great site! I plan on fishing a bass tournament up there this summer and your site has provided a ton of good imformation. I am going to tell a lot of people about this site. Thanks! Ted Smith

Ron Foth - Titusville, Pennsylvania
I am originally from Minnesota but through a number of moves, downsizing and the like I ended up in Pennsylvania. I miss Minnesota and still think it is one of the most beautiful states around with all the lakes, woods etc. I like your website, too bad I can't get out ther to see Lake Vermillion.

Donna O'Connell - Hoffman Est. IL
I lived in the Duluth area (Proctor) for the first 24 years of my life. And because I have had many of my family members who have had cabins on or near Lake Vermilion, I have spent much of my growing up summers in that area. I can say that they were the "most wonderful" times in my life. But now I have grown children of my own, and I am looking into rentals, and possible buying in the future. This summer, like last, I hope to take my family up there again.

Vance Peltonen - Pottsboro,Texas

Claire "Nails" Christison - Saint Paul, MN

le chapelain jean francois - france

Jeanine (Tode) Martin - Corinth, MS
I couldn't think of a better place to have spent my summers as a child. Now that I have children of my own, I hope they love the lake as much as I do. I hope that they will make lasting frienships as I have. I have been fortunate to have had such a beautiful place to "play"!

Terry Theisen - Shakopee, MN

Maurice Merabella - Little Canada, MN
I would appreciate it if I could get some information mailed to be by some of the resorts on the lake. I am looking for a cabin for about a week of fishing and have never been to your area. Thanks

Don Wright - Lafayette, IN
great website Thanks

Dave Modetz - Orlando, FL

Jo Kozubik - Knox, In

Danielle Ross - Centerville, MN
My inlaws and the extended family have rented some cabins during the week of 6-8 through 6-15. I am looking forward to the nice relaxing vacation!

Linda Hogan - Apple Valley, MN

Michael and Melissa Barron - Baxter, MN

Dale L Cox - Lafayette, IN

Rob - Madison, WI
It's always a pleasure to come to Lake Vermilion on our annual fishing trip the first week of June, and put on my annual fishing seminar for Norm,Roger,Pat,Dan, Jim,Tom,Ed,Duff,Ron,and any other poor sap that doesn't know what the difference is between a rod, or a reel!!

Tim Taylor - Oak Grove, Mo

Randy P Hansen - LeRoy, MN
Don't see much about ice fishing? I will take my first trip to your lake in Aug. and I(we) can't wait. :)

Donna & Gary Lampinen - Peoria, AZ
Great lake to be on. Large, but no huge open water, 1200 miles of convoluted shore lines and 365 islands to explore. I like that in a lake.

Chad Bosch - New Hope, MN
I've loved lake vermilion since I was six years old. I always like returning when I do have the chance.

Bethany Griffith
Lake Vermilionn sounds like an awesome place to visit.

Donna Joppa - Omaha, NE

Paul Rogalla - Indianola, IA
We are coming up July 13 to stay for a week -- send us some good stuff to get ready to have fun! What's happening that week? Paul

Joe Alenduff - Nineveh, IN

John Granko - Monee, IL

Michelle Hunsinger - Carmi, IL

Terry Keithline - Des Moines, IA

I would like a guide book about area resorts, activities, etc.

Marilyn Schulze - Tower, MN
How do I send a picture to your postcard site? I think a winter picture would be in order. Thank you.

John C Cowin - Kerrville, TX

Pat Lesner - Lake Villa,IL

Love the Eagle eye - what part of the lake is it located on?? I would like to get an idea so I can enjoy even more.

Bethany Griffith - St. Paul Park, Mn

Donna & Gary Lampinen - Peoria, AZ

Mark Fehringer - Palos Hills, IL

Tommy Ray - Clinton, MS
I spent many wonderful days on Vermillion in the early years of the lake. My uncle built a cabin (which I contributed to some) on the lake. I was young and enjoying the summers there. My uncle and aunts'name was George and Mildred Bertula (son was Jack) and his cabin was out from Tower. This was in the 50's and the lake was not as crowded in those days. One of my best memories was going across the bay in front of the cabin, climbing a small hill and picking great blueberries. Maybe one day I will see the lake again. One thing you may consider is adding to your net site a list of all residents of the lake. Especially some of the early ones who partook of the mud roads to get to the lake. Thanks for the great memories.

Roger Schueler - Markesan, WI

Louie Tolvanen - Wilson Wi
Hi, Looking at my favorite web sites and just discovered this sign on. I used to have a cabin on the Res. and I miss it a lot. We had 15 yrs. on the lake and had a dock business that worked out very well.I could not find a better place to work, and meet new people that loved the lake as much as I did. Thanks to all, you know who you are!!!!!!

Philip Fisher - Medina, Ohio

The Mahaffays - Daisy Island, Lake Vermilion

Shawn Budolfson - Minnetonka, MN
i am very excited i found this page ! i love lake vermilion. it was the place of my first vacation (age 2weeks old), i was born on the 2nd of july and have spent every birthday since then on the lake.

Orlo Anderson - San Bernardino, CA
Didn't make it this year, 2001. Maybe next.

Homer Myers - Westville, IL

Jason Jacobson - Wabasha ,MN
I am coming Black Bear Hunting this week next to lake vermillion i was there last year and i loved it thanks .

Ed Walker - Kearney, NE
My family intends to vacation at Lake Vermilion next summer, probably the first week of July. Our children (grown) live in Omaha and Ann Arbor, MI, so we will arrive from different places. We need a very nice resort (Ludlow's looks to be a little out of our league, however, most others seem to be in range) w/ a cabin that sleeps up to 8. Prefer to be on the lake. Do you have any information for me, or at least the sources of information? I really like your website. Ed

Al - Northwood, OH
It's just a beautiful lake.

Barbara Hendele - Biscayne Park, FL
Have been fishing Lake Vermilion for over 40 years and just love it there. Fishing is always great!

Troy B. Minegar - Middlebury, IN
I've been coming up with my father for the past 8 yrs. it's a great place to relax and to have a good time.

Leah Nobles - Abilene, Texas

Richard Mulligan, The Old Rectory, Huish Champflower, Taunton, TA4 2EF, United Kingdom
Hi Rick & Judy - Just making contact again. Say hello to Kent & Elaine for me when you see them.
All the best, Richard Mulligan

Duane Ellingson - Stoughton, WI
Lake Vermilion is a great place to go !!!!!

Susan Herbig - Freeport, IL

John J Petruska - Britt, MN
Very nice web site. Me and my family are on lake vermillion 3-4 days a week and we enjoy every time were on the lake. Thanks again for the nice web site.

Randy Webb - Dixon, IL
The lake is my heaven on earth.

Marlan Parks - Tower, MN

Anders - Glenview, Il
Lake vermilion is a great lake to have fun on. my family has a 1 room cabin built by my great grand parents. we have no running water and no electrictiy but we still have a great time.

Joe Cashmore - Hamel, MN

Jessica Lord - Martinburg, WV

Teri Pepper - German Valley, Il
hi...i spent many a summer at my grandpa place on the lake. does anyone remember Garnette Runkle or Jim Kuntz and their cabin rentals? if so, please email me. i am trying to pass on information for my children. thanks, teri rtjk@mwci.net

Jeff Tomassoni - Hastings, MN

Pasi Mikkonen - NOKIA, FINLAND

Peter Wendler - Cedar Rapids, IA
Jon and I saw some guy boat a 42-inch muskie that he called a "baby". We are returning soon to battle a beast, anyone wanna help?

Martin & Janet Baumgartner - Esko, MN

Brian Larkey - Blaine, MN

Jeff Niepagen - Bloomington, IL

Jon Schroeder - Cedar Rapids, IA
Great fishing...saw someone boat a baby muskie, that's my challenge before I die, to catch one of those jumbo beasts.

Karen Mullins - Hamilton, OH

Scott Brickles - Silver Bay, MN
Good job on this website. It is very good. I really like the format of this website..

Craig Palan - Perham, Mn
Please mail me a resort area guide, as I would like information on more campgrounds/resorts on Lake Vermilion. Thank you.

Rich Neumann - Coon Rapids MN
I have been coming to this lake for the past 22 years and I love every minute of my time there. My inlaws used to own an island on the lake near Grubens Marina, after they sold it we have been staying at the End of the Trail Lodge and we like it very much

Dave & Tana Schaeffer
We really enjoy your site and use it alot. We have rented a cabin for 3 weeks in Sept. that we found thru your web-site. We also use the real estate page as we hope to purchase property on the lake in the future.....we need an address or phone for the local chamber of commerce as we need to know if there are any senior apartments in the area so my mother could make the move with us. How can we get this info. ??? Thank-you.... Tana Schaeffer

James Shaman - Mason City, IA
I would like to have a map or guide to show me where to fish for Northern Pike and Muskie from July 1st through the 8th. I am bringing my family along and they have never been to Lake Vermillion. I want to make sure our trip is productive in the fish department. I have two kids that have never gone fishing before. I want them to have fun and learn the joys of fishing on Lake Vermillion. If anybody has a suggestion please feel free to e-mail me at james.shaman@cumulus.com. Thanks

Adam Like - Frankfort,IN

Aimee Menne - Anchorage, Alaska

Joel Meyers - Reinbeck, IA
My wife used to visit yearly at her grandparents cabin. The cabin has been sold, but we're eagerly awaiting our July vacation to show our kids where mom spent her summers!

Bryan Tankersley - South St. Paul, MN

Joel Olander - Owatonna, MN
I (and many others I know) think it's time walleye slot limits were introduced; while the fish numbers appear to be stable, size is getting smaller; too many people keep every fish; I'd like to see a 14-17" keep only regulation.

Ann Quam - Wanamingo, MN
My hubby and 9 year old our on a rentel house boat this week. It's a family thing. They do every year at Lake Vermillion. Hope the guys are having fun.

Tom Budolfson - Mpls, MN
Very nice site!

C.T. Logan - Becker, MN
Are there any launch services or is there only guide services?

Mike - Eveleth MN
Having recently visited lake vermillion, i belive that it is the coolest place i have ever been...I stayed on pine islnad at a friends place and i had the best fishing experiences ever. I now am hooked on the lake and i am going there every chance i get from now on. Keep the hatcherys going...they are making many happy i think...thanks for the experience!

Bearheart - Beatty Township, MN
Awesome web site!!!

Bruce - Richfield, MN

Pat Smedberg - Superior,WI
Lake Vermillion is cool!

Judy Sivula - Blaine, MN
Your web site is very helpful! Thank you.

Scott Morphew - Shakopee, MN

Ron Maxwell - Chicago,IL
Longtime friend has a house on the lake and we will visit in June, looking forward to it.

Bob Niemi - Ishpeming, MI

Scott Miller - Cambridge, MN

Joel Langholz - St. Paul, MN

Eva Lopez - Chicago, IL

Cassie White - Des Moines, IA
I think that lake vermilion is a piece of heaven. The wilderness and quiet is to die for. I think everyone should at least be privileged to sepnd a week or two up here. Enjoy Lake Vermillion for now and don't concentrate on the bad things.

Jody Bystrom - Plymouth/ Mckinly Park
Good job on the site, I look at least once a week. This is a reality check for a former Towerite and presnt cabin owner and future Lake Vermilion retirie. This lake gets in the blood and its there to stay. We are forth generation Tower/ Lake Vermilion family. Bystrom bay is named after our great grandfather Jonas, my granparents were some of the first summer residents of Birch Point starting back about 1925? As kids we spent many hours on the lake in both summer and winter. We still do as often as possible. One of lifes simplest yet greatist pleasures. How fortunate we are! See you all on the forth of July.

Matt Hill - Mt. Iron, MN

Ahti Hujanen - Oakdale, MN
Thanks for the info. It's great to be able to catch a view through the webcam and watch the ice-out dates.

Michael Krupenny & Anjil Peltier - West St. Paul, MN

Gregory Bartron - Eldon, 65026

Chris Babich - Mahtomedi, MN

Julie Baldovini - France

Hans Brakob - Plymouth, MN
Nice site, Rick.

Denny and Lucy Van Liew - Chevy Chase, MD

Robert Boelter - Bloomington MN
Funny as it may sound I loved checking the Eagle Eye web cam every morning. Being 250 miles away I could watch the ice out! Many thanks for your latest update on the high water and the problem with the removeable docks. It will save on many confusing phone calls. You all do a fantastic job with the web site and its always fun to hunt around it!!!

Jeff Frodermann - Heron Lake, MN

Ken Fuchs - Mason City, IA
You have done a fantastic job on this web site. Everything you want to know about Lake Vermilion.

Jerry Hubbard - Medford, WI

Larrey Loeckle - Mason City, IA
Looking for a Cabin on the lake in the Frazier Bay area.

Mark Duffy - Norwalk, IA

T Kane - St. Paul, MN
Thanks for the great website. It gives us city dwellers a chance to escape. I especially like the webcam and the ice-out data as my cabin is water access and I'm always wondering if the ice is out and if I can come up. Now I'll know - thanks again!

Terry Keithline - Des Moines,IA

Corey Kitzmann - Davenport,IA
I want to stay all summer long!!!!!!!!

Ed & Nancy Lockhart - West Alexandria OH
We look forward to our vacations on Lake Vermilion.

Rene' and Melissa - Vernonia, OR
We love your website, it is so cool well, i really love it here, it's just so nice. lovely, lovely, lovely. I wish i lived in this grrrrrrrrreat place, it's so lovely Melissa:it was so amazing, i truely loved it, i hope to come back soon(english accent)

B Barker - Ohio
I would like information on canoeing from Vermillion to boundary waters.

William Heller - Hudson, WI
My mother Carolyn Cushman has been going up to the lake for 50+ yrs and I have been going up for 21 and will be for the rest of my life.

Dennis Hjerpe - Champlin, MN
My son and I are looking for lodging that we can afford for a long weekend. We expect that to be campling in a tent, but would like something on the lake where we can lauch our boat and spend the night very near by. I think this is a great site, almost as good as I remember the lake. Having a little trouble figuring out where the various campgrounds are located on the lake. I know it is a rather large lake.

Tom Brickner - Dayton OH (W)/Isabella MN (S)

Mike Young - Fridley, MN
First time here. Like what you have done.

Amanda Weber - Coon Rapids, MN

Chuck Fabbrini - Tower, MN
Great Site. Would like to see more Info on how to maintain the lakes unique qualities for our grandchildren to enjoy.

Jennifer Wilcox - Blair, NE

Hans - Plymouth, MN
Great site, Rick. I hope everyone appreciates your work.

Mike Schoenbeck - Janesville, WI
Wish I was there!

Mark Flynn
Love the web cam!

Dale Topka - Alvarado, MN
Hello, A group of 5 - 7 couples are planning a summer fishing trip. We are checking many lakes over the internet. Lake Vermillion seems to be very nice. We are looking for cabins that will fit our needs.

John Matson - Westminster, CA

Mark Juhl - Apple Valley, MN
I saw the web site on the front of the tower paper and thought I'd check it out. A very friendly website and well done!

Mark Waldman - Aurora, IL

Delbert & Patty Renner - Friendship, WI
Have vacationed on Lake Vermilion and have considered returning.

Mary Jane Hack - Rice Lake, WI

Eric & Beth Ericson - Newton, Ks
We really enjoy the lake. My Wife's Parents live on the lake. We think it is a very rare pleasure to go up and visit.

Charlie Johnson - Brainerd, MN
Hello from a guy who spent lots of time on the Cook end, and also lots of time on HOODOO Point. Charlie Johnson

Wally Piwowarczyk - Addison, Il

Appreciate your dedication!

Kevin & Tina Schoner - Cedar Rapids, IA

Jeffrey F. Johnson - Mankato,MN
I have a cabin on Frazer Bay. The webcam is great! What part of the lake am I looking at?

Curt Helgeson - Forest Lake, MN

Scott Brickles - Silver Bay, MN
I like the way that the website in made. On this website I think you should list the way fish are being caught.

Allison Leding - New Brighton, MN
I grew up in Cook and my husband and I bought a cabin on the Cook end before we ever bought a house. It was the best investment we ever made!! I love the lake and the summers!

Dave Thalberg - Spicer, MN

Jack Tobias - Houston, TX

Steve,Donna,Heidi McNulty - Janesville, IA

Dave Fritz - Cook, MN

Carleen Gulstad - Minnetonka, MN
This is the most peaceful place I know...my family owns a cabin on the east shore of Frazer Bay, and there is nothing like a Lake Vermilion summer sunset...

Bill and Dani McDougall - Van Nuyts, CA
Bill is a former resident of MN and a former cabin owner. We plan to purchase a property on Lake Vermilion this year.

Jason Jindrich - Columbia, Missouri
My family used to own a resort out west of Tower in the early 1970's. My memories of the place are deep snow and the scent of pines. I miss the place and so I have come to this site several times, and finally decided it was time to sign in.

Mark Zuelke - Fox River Grove, IL
The lake is diminishing in any sense of solitude and wilderness. If we want to be buzzed by jetskis we can go to a lake 10 minutes away. Whose lame, short-sighted, selfish decision was it to allow this travesty to occur on the lake? Send that person on vacation to the Fox Chain-of-Lakes in northeren Illinois and you won't have to do anything else to demonstrate to that person where Vermilion is headed. Want jetskis? Come on down! we've got them!
Since compromise may be necessary, restrict the noise, fumes and irritation to the Big Bay area. This large bay at least has the capacity to absorb those things. But I say get rid of them. There is no need for them. The only purpose they serve is to carry one or two people joyriding. Don't let them argue "just look at all the power boats allowed". Power boats serve many purposes. And besides, even power boaters complain about these annoying things.
Resort owners who lease these are doing nothing for the desireability of the lake as a destination, They make some blood money. But people will soon realize that Vermilion has lost it's solitude and will seek out other lakes. Then resorts who lease these things can survive a bit longer on the money they made spoiling their own nest.

Mike Lorenz - Hibbing, MN
I think the website is great and very informative. keep the info coming and great job.

Lane Kastonek - Sauk Centre, MN
I own some property on the north shore of Pine Island. Just down from Glenwood Lodge. Bought it about 5 years ago for 11 grand. Best investment I ever made. First summer there I averaged 50 walleyes a night off my dock during Memorial Weekend. I think Vermilion is one of the last great untouched fisheries in the state.

Jerold Schneider

Ruth H. Young - Palm Desert, CA
So glad to see your web. page. It is beautifully done. Beautiful Lake Vermilion has been my "home away from home" since I was 3 months old, and I don't believe I could live without it! Hello to all my friends and family up there. "See you next summer!"

Marvin Piepho - Coon Rapids, MN

Kris and Jeff Harper - Mtka, MN
We like the Eagle Camera views! With a cabin on an island, we like to know if there is ice or no ice! It's a beautiful place to be.

howdee everyone. its amanda. well, what can i say??? i loved fishkin with daniel martin and travis and amy. although i never did catch anything. just thought i would come here and give my shout outs to the WALLEYE COWBOYS!!! they rock...my dreams are to become one of the first women walleye cowboys ever...of course with amy by my side. i love lake vermilion and i love amys cabin and i hope i come up a lot next year. to all of u who come here...nick, tim, unka, steve, jay, alex, chris, daniel martin, amy, and friends...hi!

Carly E - Lincoln, NE

Scott Brickles
Hi People! This an awesome website. The fishing is great in June. Come and do whatever it is to relax or have some fun.

Jeff Rice - Elmhurst, IL

Richard Costello

Joni Teschner - Eden Prairie, MN
As a seasonal resident, we do spend much time during the holidays and winter months besides our summer trips. During the winter trips it would be nice to be able to check ice conditions i.e. beginning to ice over, 1", etc.
Should anyone know... We are coming up for Thanksgiving (Everett Bay). Is there any ice yet where it would be possible to ice fish off shore, or is lake open so we could put boat/canoe in for couple days for a little fishing???? (jteschner@researchinc.com)

Dixie Parris - Mesquite, TX
We loved our property on Lake Vermillion, Ely Island, and miss the North Woods so much now. We wonder why we sold!! There is no place on earth like that area.

Amy Bradt - Duluth, MN
The summers go by so quickly and the winters seem endless. My teen summers have been spent relaxing and spending most of my time at my cabin on Lake Vermilion. My cabin is my most favorite place in the whole world. I look forward to many more years of fun and enjoyment on Lake Vermilion. I'd like to shout a hello out to the all my buds and The Walleye Cowboys.

Craig D Bellows - Forest Lake, MN
Just bought property on Vermilion by Ludlows? Resort. Have been trying for some time. Want my children to have memories of weekends/summers at the lake.

Kevin Toivola - Hibbing, MN

Mike Osboe - Austin, MN
I really miss Lake Vermillion when I am not there. So I always come on and check out what is new. I especially like the eagle eye camera. But whenever I see the lake on the camera it makes me want to be up there more. Good job on the website. It is great.

Dan Babich - Mahtomedi, MN
There is no other lake besides Lake Vermilion. Nothing compares to it. Good fishing and good fun all around. Keep an eye out for the walleye cowboys.

Fred & Vicki Faubel - Peoria, IL

Lee M.Peterson - Rochester, MN

Gilbert Gundersen - Yorrance, CA
The eagle cam is great!!!!

Duane Ellingson - Stoughton, WI
Lake Vermilion is a great place to vacation !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Douglas Carter - Edgerton, WI
Hoping to vacation here in the summer of 2001. Very nice sight, love the loon sounds. Looking for a cabin to rent for the week that accepts small dogs.

Tom Linn - Roseville, MN
I am interested in resorts in the area.

Dave Escapite - Fullerton, CA

Robert M. First - Hopkinton, IA
Vacation at Moccasin Pt. June and Sept. Great People and a nice campground. Your web site could use weekly comments about the fishing and a map showing the hot spots.

Becky Crandall - St. Paul, MN
Hey! Lake Vermilion is an excelent place for people of all ages, everyone will have a great time! :)

Todd Peterson - Fredericksburg, VA
Hello all I am a Daisy Bay part timer. I stay at the Panian Inn.

Carol Puishis - Pulaski, WI
We are anxious to come and fish up there. It looks very beautiful.

P. M. Foley - Capron, IL

Neal Kempel - Maplewood, MN
I own property on the lake and watch for articles through out the year in a variety of publications and newspapers. After reviewing an article that I saved from the Saint Paul Pioneer Press newspaper, dated 5/28/2000, on Lake Vermilion, I noticed the web site address. Decided to check it out and found it to be most informative. I learned more in an hour on your web site than the information that I have gathered over the last 5 years. Great web site! It is now bookmarked for future reference.

Joseph Malone - Kettering, OH
The site needs a moderately detailed map of the lake.

Frank & Pat Pearson - Aberdeen,WA
I was looking for moccasin Point resort. That is where my brother lives.

Marc Sontag - Rockdale IL

Rebecca Watkinson - New Ipswich, NH

Gary Linders - 36 Island

Alyssa Macomber - Craig, CO
Lake Vermillion is so pretty I wish I could live there year around.

Bonnie J. Buhk - Sycamore, IL
We've never been to Lake Vermilion and want to plan a fishing trip. Need more info on cabins (American Plan), boat docks, etc. Anything you can send us would be appreciated. We'll be new comers to the area and know nothing about this lake. Thank you.

Henny Zomer-te Velthuis - Netherlands
Looking forward to see everybody.

Chris Willen - Mpls, MN
I love this lake, I have been coming up there for about 15 years we usually camp (tent) on the north side of Pine Island Eventually I will retire on the lake...... I LOVE LAKE VERMILLION Thanks for your hospitality. Chris

Joseph Lang - Hopkins, MN
Grandson of Joseph S. Lang who has a place on Pike Bay on the Indian side of the lake. He's been there since the 40's or 50's!

K.Schultz - North Mankato, MN
I was looking for the website which has houseboat rentals. I visited it earlier this summer, but not from your webpage, and was trying to get back there.

Donald Sobczak - Wauyoma, WI
Great Webb site,the best.

Jim/Kathy Martis - Morris, 60450

Greg Laughman - Las Vegas, NV
We're planning a trip to Lake Vermilion and we're looking forward to it.

Becky Cheves - Frederick, MD
Lake Vermilion is soooooo beautiful! I was online searching for cheap airfare out there, and stumbled across this site! Fabulous! :)

LeRoy & Barb Lahde - Ocoee, FL

Jerry Lange - Anoka, MN
Great web site! I,ve been to this awsome lake about ten years ago and look forward to taking my family here this August. Thanks for the info!

Mary Ann Skoglund - Stillwater, MN
Cool and informative website!

Edward Lockhart - West Alexandria, OH
We Spend 4 weeks each summer on the lake and we look forward to it every year. This is our 11th year, coming to Lake Vermilion.

John Zins - Ham Lake, MN

Liz Parsons - Athens, GA

Tracy Ankerfelt - Brooklyn Park, MN
Very helpful site!!!

Alex Tuuri - White Bear Lake, MN

Jody and Chas Lilya - Soudan, MN
Just thought I would check it out. I'll check it out further when I get more time!!

Rich Peil - Plymouth, MN

Chuck Tannehill - Chicago, IL

Dave Starin - Elgin, IL

Rich Francis - Iowa

David Bell - Nebraska City, NE

Toke - Portage, IN

Bea Helf - Gilbert, MN

Steven Strom - Minneapolis, MN

Terry Thompson - Ham Lake, MN

Adam Russo - Chicago, IL
My dad and our family used to go for 2 weeks every summer to the Head O Lakes Resort . That was when Butch and Lu Ann owned it. It is a Great lake for fishing and swimming. The scenery is awesome !!!!. We would like to try to come up this summer for a long weekend. I hope we can, before my brother and I start summer Football practice. Adam Russo

This lake has the best fishing structure of any lake I've ever seen.

Sue - Elgin,IL

Dave & Angie Modetz - Orlando, Florida
We sure do miss the lake and all the people up there.

June & Art Van - Streamwood, IL
My husbands father lives in Virginia, MN--Every year we take our daughter to see Grandpa. We always rent a pontoon boat at J & J Marine-what a beautiful lake, but...the lake gets real choppy, fast--look out--been caught up in a few storms...wow!! We have also stayed at Lure of the Loon and fished on the lake--My husband likes to go to Greenwood Bay!! Nice Web site!!

Jon Wood - St. Charles, IL
I love fishing on lake vermillion.

Robert A. Borgstrom - Media, PA
Enjoyed many summers on Pine island.

Aaron Swanson
This is the greatest lake in the world!

Jim Pescaglia - New Franklin, MO

David C. Mcbride - Fountain Hills, AZ
Can't wait to get out of Arizona and be a tourist at the most relaxing place in the world. Maybe actually catch some fish too.

Ron, Arla, Alyssa, Eli & Jared - Hibbing, MN
We love Lake Vermillion

Michael R. Miller - Brooklyn Park, MN

John Williams - Placerville, CA
I'm a 50-year visitor to the lake.

Dale Cox - Lafayette, IN

Scott Peterson - Lynnwood, WA

Pete Geiger - Cottage Grove, WI
Great website. We vacation there every summer, now we can find out what's going on before we get there!

Dave Horsman - Hopkins, MN

Brean Beach - Blaine, MN
Lake Vermilion is my favorite vacation place!!

Ernie Wahl - Martin , OH

Lannie Esala - Lake Vermilion
I don't know where I got this site but sure will keep it and forward it. Just yesterday (1957) my dad paid $1500 for our place on Birch Point. . .go figur!

Mandy Wolf - Louisville, KY
My family and I have been regular summer visitors on Ely Island with our grandparents, Jack and Shirley Payne. Lake Vermilion is the closest place to heaven on Earth. Thank you for a website that brings us closer to it.

Kim Hileman - Tower End
Great web site! Thanks for all the effort. It keeps those of us with non-drive-to cabins in touch during ice in and out!

Howard Groce - Byrdstown, TN

Dan Althof - White Bear Lake, MN

Brian & Jan Johnson - Chaska, MN
Saw the site listed in Minnesota Sportsman. We have a lot on Niles Bay. Great Website, we will use it often this summer!

Patrick Sugden - Madison, WI
I love teaching norm, robb, roy, duff, and roger how to fish every year at this awesome lake.

Tom Stratton - Camanche,IA

Ron Teppo
Very nice site. Best to you. Ron

Karen Johnson Edwards - Fort Wayne, IN

Eva Lopez - Chicago, IL
It's nice to be able to stay in touch with Lake Vermilion even though I'm so far away. It's a great escape!

Mark Goodlander - St. Paul, MN

George Schaefer - Waterloo, IA
This September will be my first time at Lake Vermillion. I am excited and will be looking forward for a beautiful fall trip, and of course some excellent fishing.

Pete Cundy, (Governor of Long Island) - Leawood, KS
My sister and I spent our childhood on lake Vermilion. We rebuilt the boathouse last year and are in the process of getting the cabin rebuilt (including electricity).

Scott Brickles - Silver Bay MN
Well I like your web site but I haven't found Hodo point Resort. Why?

Shelly Ludwig - Burnsville, MN
I lived in International Falls until 1985 and this website brought back a lot of great memories. I hope to visit your wonderful lake sometime in the near future!

John Leschisin - Shoreview, MN
Great website for the far-away cabin owner. Please consider adding a area indicating the current state of the ice (when will it leave!!). In addition, the ice-out contest should have a limit for last date of contest entry.

Jeff Richards - Roseville, MN

Dale Cox - Lafayette, In

Gregg Grano - Berlin,Germany

Sheila Bliss
Cool looking site! Is the MN Fishing Opener a state holiday?

Lyle Shank, Osseo, MN

Gayle Grissel - Solon, IA
Thank you for creating this website. It is great!!! We have enjoyed Lake Vermilion for over 26 years and this website gives us the opportunity to enjoy the lake even when we are not able to be there and it also let's us share it with all of our friends and family,in Iowa. We love Lake Vermilion and have been fortunate throughout the years to have made such wonderful friends on the lake. This really means a lot to us, as we're sure it does many others. Again, Thank You!

John O'Hara - Port Orange, FL

Alvin Mork - Frederic, WI
Will be somwhere there this summer. Good web site, Al

Melissa Downing - Denver, CO
I grew up in Virginia, MN, and my family has a cabin on Frazier Bay. This is a great web site to remind me of home, and of our cabin on this great and beautiful lake. Great job!

Dale Cox - Lafayette, IN
Looking forward to being on the lake in June & Sept!

Cathy C. - S. St. Paul, MN
A fun bunch of us are staying by the Dam in Aug. 2000---can't wait!!!! Thanks to all for sharing their pictures, hope the fish we catch are beauties like some of those!!!

Dale Cox

Jeremy Bowman - Blaine, MN

Jan A. Foosnaes - Steinkjer, Norway

Dan Babich - Mahtomedi, MN
Please send info on any available property for sale on or around Pine Island or Daisy Bay or anywhere in between. Thank You.

Carol Cooke Green

Jim & Beth Kingsbury - Maple Grove, MN
Just entering our new e-mail address. Want to found by our Lake Vermilion friends.

Stevie Cooke Vigeveno
Wonderful childhood memories of vacations spent at my grandparents home on Aleppo Island. Looking forward to another visit to Lake Vermilion soon.

Brian Floen - Orr, MN

Buddy Lersch
I think it would be great to see more restriction on jet skis and boating sports around spawning beds. In addition the idea of regulating boat HP size is much needed.

James Fillmore
Spent many happy summers here.

R.J.Collins - Carrollton TX

Jeff Ryan - Buffalo, MN

Dave W - Lombard, IL
Great page! My family has almost a legacy there as inhabiters of the region for 3 generations.

Ryan Trombley - Richfield, MN
Great Website. Would like to know hotspots for walleye and crappie on east end of lake.

Liz - Owatonna, MN
I'm looking forward to returning to the area and fishing on the lake this summer. Great web page!

Kim Miller
I have posted a link for your web site on Hello Minnesota at http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Meadows/8292/tourist.html. Please stop by for a visit!

Rob Eckerman - Richfield, MN
Looking for liturature on resorts on Vermilion & weekly rates for cabins.

Kenneth Lehmann - Onqarga,IL

Roy Korff - Elk Grove Village, IL
Looking for information for Aug/Sept 2001. Interested in western part of lake.

Luke Heikkila
My grandparents lived on the lake for many years, at first they were on the Tower end, then they moved to the Cook end. Now my parents and uncle own the cabin, and I imagine 30 years down the line my brother and I will inherit the little cabin in the bay. Anyway...I've been going up to the lake for 25 years and I cannot imagine swimming in, or relaxing on any other lake....it is the most beautiful in the state by far.

Alex Hoff - Fort Worth, TX
I've been coming up to Vermilion every summer (and a couple winters) since birth, and it's great to have a web site to visit that reminds me of the greatest place on earth!

Brian Elg - Virginia, MN

Brad Stevens, Arvada, CO
I have been visiting lake vermillion since childhood, the great memories and fun I had keeps me coming back for more!!!! Glenmore resort is the best place to stay for all your recreational needs!!!!!Looking forward to spending some time at the glenmore this summer!!

Greg Nelson - Cottage Grove, MN
If you need Fishing sites on the lake e-mail me at Swoosh4499@aol.com and I will be happy to tell you some places. Thanks GREG

David J. Kragh - Greensboro, NC
If you could post the current day picture of what the lake looks like - that would be great. Obviously, I'm aways away and it would be nice to see the lake during winter. Just a thought. Thanks for a great web site. All the best. A Minnesotian in North Carolina. Dave

Bill Englund - Phoenix, AZ

Jim Campbell - Lincoln, NE

Lindsay Fay
I vacation every year at Lake Vermilion and I think it is the best lake in all of Minnesota.

LaRae Kubista - Owatonna, MN

Christina Poderzay - Minneapolis, MN

Bobby Schlieske
Nice Page... Do you have a live web cam ??? A view of the lake..

Alan Korpi - Spain

Aaron Marshall - Stillwater, MN

Scott Bradt, Duluth, MN
Great Site, Great Lake!!

Tony Szymczak, Park Rapids, MN

I have a cabin on Lake Vermillian, and I love it!

Ken Oaks - Nisswa, MN
I first visited Lake Vermilion in '98 and immediatly fell in love. Since then I have been looking for property, fantasizing about making it my home. The Gull Lake area has gotten too busy for my taste. I hope it never happens to the Vermilion area.

Karen Kingsley - St. Paul, MN

John Bunce - Mpls MN
I'm not a total stranger to the lake but i've only been their once and very much like to return.

Roger Van Gorp - Minnetonka, MN
Interested in buying a home on the lake.

Raymond C. Croissant - Cook, MN
This is a nicely done website. I haven't looked at all the pages but I will.

Mark Talbot - Downers Grove, IL

William Dinesen - Naples, FL

Mark Helmuth - Washington, IL

Ginny Perry - Lino Lakes, MN

Renee Dolsen - North Webster In
You need more fishing articials. stuff about the lake when and where to fish.

Amy, Kara, Leisha and Kari - Pella, IA
We are planning on coming up there to stay for our fall break and we are really looking forward to it! the pictures have us really excited to get there in 2 weeks!!!

Davin Branwall - San Jose, CA

Dick Grangaard - Des Moines, IA
Probably the single finest place on the planet.

Dyon Opper - Topanga Canyon, CA
Lake Vermilion is beautiful. I was there for 8 days and although the weather was not very warm and sunny, I had a very relaxing fun time. You people are so nice in Minnesota.

James Sternberg - Orlando, FL
I have so many memories of this lake, it is such a wonderful place to come, and get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Tim Tuuri - White Bear Lake, MN

Kenneth A Gilbert - Decatur, GA
We love the Vermilion/Tower area and have been visiting there since '66. My Grandparents Gilbert honeymooned @ Burntside Lodge and after lived in Virginia above the cleaners for many years.:)

Kathy-jo Nelson - Harbor Springs, MI
My father was from Tower, and I grew up spending my summers fishing on Lake Vermilion... this website is great, it brought back a lot of great memories, thanks!

Jim Rosenberger - Lincoln, NE
If anyone wants to talk fishing on Lake vermilion, i have tons of stories, tips, etc. i just love talking about the awesome fishing and would like to hear stuff from other people. late, jim rosenberger a2563@truman.edu

Lisa Peterson
Your wildflower edition really helped for one of my studies on the prairieland area on campus. I would also be interested in getting any internship information if available.

Frank Postal - Algonquin, IL
Interested in houseboats &&& muskie fishing next OCTOBER!

G. Anderson - Boulder, CO
This is the best site I have found encompassing Lake Vermilion. Would like to see an expanded events page. Great job.

James A. Thompson - Fair Oaks Ranch, TX

William E Snyder - Ft Wright, KY

Ken Olson - Anoka, MN

Steve & Shirley Brewer - Cedar Lake, IN
My Wife And I Just love the Lake,So Much In Fact That We Were Married On The Bridge That Connects The Mainland with The Isle Of Pines,The Lake is our Favorite vacation,will be up again Sept 4th,staying at Grubins Resort,thank you so much for making this page available.

Robert Luwpas - Portage,IN
Just wished I could find a map of the lake for my GPS.? Called and roamed the web and everything else I could find, so if there is a map to be ordered please let me know before 8-31-99 I'll be there week starting 9-3-99. Thanks.

Preska Family - United Arab Emirates
Thanks for being available to all of us Lake Vermilionaires, even those of us who are working out in the sands of the Arabian Desert! Have a great summer!

Jonathan Tracy - Bloomington, MN

Sureshbabu Ahanya - Vadnais Heights, MN

Karrie Nystrom - Woodbury, MN
My family owns a lake cabin right off of Highway 77 by the Vermillion house boats. I love vacationing up there but it's always nice to camp too. I think your website is cool but it should have more info. on camp sites rather then just the number to call.

Claire, Ryan and Brett Kluever - Long Grove, IL
We were thrilled to see this web page! We plan to send some pictures in of our own for the pictures and more page! Thank you for the entertaining pictures and information on one of our family's favorite places in the world!

Toby McLain - Tulsa, OK
Our family has been spending our vacations in North Central MN. but next year we are heading further north and looking forward to staying on Lake Vermilion.

John Hennington - New Orleans, LA

Rick - Big Lake, MN
Lake Vermilion is an awesome lake, I just got back from there yesterday, the fishing was great, and there's plenty to do. Have fun!

Christian Lantry - Maplewood, NJ
The site looks great. I would love to see a live webcam of the lake in the future. Thanks!

Kenneth Henderson - Becker, MN
Do you have any suggestion on things to do around Lake Vermilion? Thanks, Ken

Rick Stein - Carver, MN
We absolutely love Lake Vermilion and plan on spending some time up there every summer. We are still looking at putting a trailer at Moosebirds for the season, one of these summers as soon as we can. Have also stayed at Pehrson's and have really enjoyed that also.

Attila Erdos
I bumped into this site by accident on yahoo.com loking for solunar table information. This site is very impressive. We visit a friends cabin near Timbuktu by Oak Narrows and have done it for the last 10 years. My hats off to all who contributed to this site.

Les Breeze - Hillwood, Tasmania
Great fishing for Wall eyes and Northern's. We visited from Tasmania, Australia, 1st time in 1972 last time 1998 and you had great weather and we did alot of boating. Can't wait to get back and visit again and go fishing with my friend Harland.

Erin Olson - Eden Prairie, MN

Jim Zawcki - Maplewood, MN

Marlan Parks - Tower, MN

Karen VanDuzee - St. Paul, MN
Nice job on this web-site. It brings back those nostalgic moments growing up on Lake Vermilion in the summers. You cannot beat the walleyes for breakfast with eggs and toast. And the sunsets!

Karen - Chicago. IL

Anne Sias - Rock Island, IL
I kinda wandered across this by accident. It's really neat though. I had no idea something like this existed about Lake Vermilion.

Christine R. Brown - Lakewood, Colorado
former Tower-Soudan-ite

Carrier - Soudan, MN

Tom Tellepsen II - Houston, TX
Today is my first day on your website.

N. Debennette, Wadsworth, IL

Jeff Ernst - Woodbury, MN
My wife,three kids and I just moved to Woodbury,MN from Lincoln,Ne to be closer to our families cabins on Pine Island and Breezy Point. MY Grandfathers and my wifes families cabins are next door to each other as we grew up together on the lake. Both of families have been on Pine Island since the early 1920's.It's the most relaxing place to be.

Debbie Hempel - Shoreview, MN
A wonderful site to use for information on lodging and other stuff that's happening. Grew up in Northern Minnesota and spent every summer vacationing and relaxing. Now that I've moved on, I still like to visit and this site was a EXCELLENT resource. Thank you so much for it.....

Douglas Denzler - Coon Rapids, MN

Steve, Donna, and Heidi McNulty - Janesville, Iowa
Only 5 days till our annual week on the lake. I find myself thinking about Lake Vermilion nearly every day at home and work. Every year it gets harder to go back home to Iowa, but then again maybe when I'm at Lake vermilion, I'm truely at home!!! I don't want to sound selfish, but I think GOD made LAKE VERMILION just for me.

Barclay and Kathy Mason - Albany, Oregon
Enjoyed your web site. Lake Vermilion still has a special place in our hearts after all of these years away from the area.

Dave Starin - Elgin, IL

Laverne Patterson - Washington, IL

Erik Sundmark - St. Paul, MN
Well, I have a cabin on Lake Vermilion and I think that it is a great lake and I am happy to have visited this site because it is a lot of help to me before I come up to my cabin each time.

Julie - Soudan, MN

Stephen Kurtz - Absecon, NJ
Hello Lake Vermillion! I just wanted to say that I would give up any other vacation to go there. I have grown up vacationing there and it is the best place you could ever go on vacation. Every time I go there I find something new to do. Thank you Lake Vermillion for the great times and adventures.

Gary Brocker - Indianola, Iowa
Any fishing tips on finding the best spots for walleye, northern and smallies. E-mail address gb46@msn.com will be up there fishing on May 26th for four days.

Roger Thompson - Barnum, MN

Nick Dougherty - Ottawa, Illinois

Dan Babich - Mahtomedi, MN
I went here for opener and every body I went with caught there limits of walleye.

Butch Brula - St. Paul, MN
Thank you! For such a informative site. I'll be up on Memorial and the 4th'. This is a great place for us people who work in "The Cities" and live to get up north to rinse off the city hustle and relax watching the red sunsets! Butch Brula...

Logan Rainey - Ozark, MO

Lorna - Vermilion, OHIO
From the shores of Vermilion, Ohio

Tom & Sue Lee - Rochester, MN

Bob Bur - OHIO

Cathy Hughes - Aitkin, MN
Could you please send me a packet of brochures that you might have for the Lake Vermilion resorts. Thank you.

Nick Payne - Stewartville, MN

Lisa Curran - Minneapolis, MN

The Mesabi Rehab crew - Embarrass, MN

Tom Widboom - Burnsville, MN

Geoff Lucas - Washington, IL

Mitch Strader - Mattoon, IL

Connie (Birmingham) Galles - Sioux City,Iowa
My family (The Birmingham's) has been on Pine Island every summer for 45 yrs. What a wonderful place...Lake Vermilion!

John Wooten - Woodbury, MN

Mike & Nancy Miller - Sunnyvale, CA
We were born & raised in Mn. and now reside in Sunnyvale, Ca. You have a wonderful web site! We miss the lakes. Nick & Carol Palaia - please contact us.

Jerry & Carolyn Wagner - Delphi, IN
We have been coming to the lake for over 40 years. My parents came before us and we joined them for many years. It is a beautiful area, relaxing and we look forward to our visit. We were there four times last summer, a week at a time look forward to May 15th.

Dennis & LaVonne Halverson - Lino Lakes, MN

Amy Christopherson - Bloomington, MN

Mary St. Onge - Parker, Colorado
My family (The Rosenbergers) have been summer residents on Pine Island since 1950. Great website. Thanks for gearing me up for summer!

Chris Collier - Rex, Ga

Kathy Thompson - Virginia, MN
Former Wolf Bay summer resident by the old Beaver Dam (is it still there?) Very nice site! Love the new addition of the postcards! Sent one to the folks today. Have a great day!

Bradley and Christina Rowbottom and family - FPO AE, 09631
I grew up on the lake and am now in the Navy stationed in Italy. It is a wonderful thing you guys did making this web page. You really miss it when your thousands of miles away.

Leann Tonjes - Albuquerque, NM
Love the Loon calls!

Sarah Fain - Santa Monica, CA
I love this site-- thanks for having it!

Glenn & Kim Berts - Biwabik, MN
We thank you for the informative and enjoyable website - keep up the good work. See you on the lake aboard "N´┐Żkemiin"

Joel DeAngelo - Naperville, IL

P. Kemmy - Minnetonka, MN

Dana Shultz - Allison, Iowa

Laura Archerd - Boulder, Co
Hello!I didn't make any comment the first time I signed this, but after reading some of the others I had to say... Growing up we had a cabin on Daisy Island and it was such a peaceful place. Someday I hope to get back! I hope all of you enjoy it as much as I did and cherish the time you spend in that small slice of heaven.

Phil Yeakel - Coon Rapids MN

Glenn Norgart - Ankeny, Ia

Quentin Paoletti - Virginia, MN

Jay Stoffel - Duluth, MN
I checked out the site and it looks great. I like the notty pine - a real northern MN flavor. I also like the countdown to opener. I'll be using the site in the future to check out possible resorts for family vacations

David Wilkinson - Lafayette, IN

Robert J. Stitt - Altoona, W
Just browsed by and stopped to check on the solunar tables.

Chris Nimtz- Worth, IL

Gregg Vandesteeg - Arden Hills, MN
We are looking forward to a fishing trip at Vermilion the end of May.

Keith C. Hein - Beloit, Wi
I have wonderful memories fishing on the lake with friends. The sun sets and quiet time are outstanding. To watch eagles soar and deer wander down to the lake to drink really take you back to nature. Looking forward to comming up again this year with my fishing buddies.

Martha Leinonen - Tallahassee, FL

Kevin Toivola - Hibbing, MN

Rod Stombaugh - St Paul, MN

Larry Letofsky, Kyoshokuin, Jutaku #3, Chuo 5-2-6, Ami-machi, Ibaraki-ken, Japan, 300-0332

Stephen Kurtz - Absecon, NJ
Hello Lake Vermillion!!! Well I just wanted to say hi to everyone there and say that Lake Vermillion is the best place to visit on vacation and I would live there the whole year if I could. I have grown up vacationing there and I will always visit again. Lake Vermilion is the best place to go on vacation and I hope it stays that way.

Megan Fay - Federal Way, WA
My family has property and I love going up to "the lake" every year. It is like my 2nd home. I love the fresh air, being able to ski up there, it is a great place. I can't wait to go up there this summer! Hope to see all the family!! Luv ya all

Michael Kurtz - Absecon, NJ
What's up Lake Vermillion? Just wanted to say hi to everyone that lives in my favorite place in the entire world. I have grown up vacationing on Lake Vermillion and I would pass up any other trip to go there. Thanks for all the memories.

Amanda - Kaysville, UT

Brent Graunke - St. Cloud, MN

Greg Clefisch - Santa Rosa, CA

Lisa Schoenecker - St Paul Park, MN

Tom Morgan - Anderson,IN
Please keep up the great work.

Michael Hughes - Duluth, Mn., 55807

Tom Brickner - Dayton OH

Mara Swanson - 50317
This is one of my favorite places in the world. Although I've not travelled everywhere there is to go, I have traveled quite a bit. Vermilion has always held a special place in my heart. I feel very close to my God and to myself when I am sitting on the dock, late on a summer's night, listening to the loons, the waves and nature.

David and Neva Maki - W. St. Paul, MN

Charles M. Panian - Green Valley, AZ

Michael Ford - Greenwood, Indiana

Jim Hanych - Circle Pines MN

Dave Cook
From a salty old x-resorter, who is new to the "net"; thought I'd surf in my own backyard! I have to compliment all of you! Your site is fantastic, really enjoyed browsing

Frank Osborne - Hudson, WI

Patrick Sugden - Madison, WI

Desiree - Des Moines, IA

Bob Stewart - Sterling Hts, MI

Michael Sarazine - Roy, UT
Nicely done!! Thanks for a brief 'visit' home!

Larry Williams- Judson, IN

Bob Rosenberger - Lincoln, NE

Jim Hargis - Milford, OH

Lon Peters - Beloit, WI
I Like The Whole Darn Thing

Thomas Morgan - Anderson, IN
Does the resort Association have a webpage and if so what is it?

Mike Sheridan - Greentown, IN

Ken Mercer - Sand Springs, OK
I enjoyed the site that had the loon applet and the actual sounds of the loon...really miss that while I'm away from the lake...thanks for sharing this site with me...

Dave Dietrich - Lafayette, IN
Enjoy checking out the forcasts and fishing reports.

Steve Larson - Long Island
Stuntz Bay was named after George R. Stuntz.

Craig Saxlund - Fargo, ND
I would also like to know what the status is on the ice. I come up there in the winter. It would be great to be able to see how thick the ice is before I get there. Thank you.

Jason Carlson - Tower, MN
(numerous expletive deleteds)

Doug Wallace - MPLS, MN
Hope that you will provide information on the threat of logging and roads in the little east creek forest near oak narrows, wolf bay, the dam, and smarts bay. thank you

Richard L. Stuntz - Conneautville, PA
Can you provide any information on how Stuntz Bay came to get it's name? A relative of mine, George R. Stuntz explored in that area in the 1860's and would be interested in any references to him

Dan O'Brien - Greenwood, IN
I am researching the life of Baseball Hall of Famer "Rube" Waddell, who closed out his baseball career with Virginia in the Northern League and spent and spent some time on Lake Vermilion in July-October of 1913 (Rube was an avid outdoorsman). I'm interested if any tales of his time there have survived. I have several friends here in Indiana who are also avid hunters and fisherman (Walleye is their favorite). Lake Vermilion sounds like the kind of place they would enjoy.

Wendy VanKuyk - Woodbury, MN
As a kid (1956-1969) my parents made me go to Lake Vermilion to fish every weekend. How I hated it, but I was a kid. After I married, and moved to the cities, we would come up to the lake 5 or 6 times every summer to stay at my brother's cabin. His cabin was on the reservation facing Big Bay. Fishing was phenomenal. I haven't been there for about 7 years, except to go to the casino. I will be back!

Vergel V. Voth - Loves Park, IL
would like info. on campgrounds

Gerald A. Riccio - Keewatin, MN
I grew up on the lake, I lived nextdoor to Little Sweden Resort, I lived with Bill and MaryJane Lobe, owners of Lobe Cheverolet Co. in Cook. I was born in Cook, my mother's name was Beatrice Swanson.

Kevin Woitas - Isanti, MN

Deborah Robertson, 9729 S. Hearthstone Circle, South Jordan, UT, 84095
I lived with my grandparents, Richard and Irene Lustig, for many years in the 1950s and 1960s in Vermilion Dam. They had a house about 3 miles from The Life of Riley Resort. Grandma worked in the lookout tower and use to take me to work with her sometimes, and grandpa was a guide for The Life of Riley. Does anyone remember them? They were both living for awhile before their deaths in the Cook Nursing Home.

Robert C. Dahl - Denver, CO
I have been a regular visitor to the lake since 1977. My brother and I own a cabin on Thomas Rd. I love the lake and all it has to offer. My new wife Jennifer and I will spend a lot more time there in the future. We love your web page and it makes being away a little easier. This spring of 98 will be Jennifers first trip to Minnesota, hopefully the first of many!!!!

Dave Mihm - Yamhill, OR

Scott Menard - Mauston, WI
Nice Page

Victor & Jodie Hanson - Cedar Rapids, Iowa
We've been coming to Lake Vermilion for 3 years now and we look forward to it. It's a great place to come and forget all your troubles. Thanks for the great web site it will come in handy in the middle of the winter.

Paul Richards - Ellendale,MN

Greg Nelson - Cottage Grove,MN
I have a cabin on Blueberry island. I've been there since I was 1 years old. Now I'm 13 years old. We share the island with 2 other cabins. I really like it there.

Steven Elg - Duluth, Mn
Nice web site from what I saw, but I haven't the time to check it all out. I was brought here on a net search for info on certain wildflowers.

Joe and Angela Hill - Colorado Springs, CO

William Allen - Columbia, MO
My wife and I are interested in bird migrations. This would be nice to see on your web site.

Bethany Ruiter - Denver, IA
My family has vacation at the lake for over 19 years. It is what we all look forward to in the summer. We plan on moving up there someday. It is very peaceful and very beautiful. It is also very clean.

Dick Peyla - Orinda, CA
We live in California, but vacation on Echo Point every summer - just checking the weather tonight. Keep up the good work with the website.

Dan. Anderson - Eden Prairie, MN

Dave Thibault - Anchorage, Alaska

Rocci Donofrio - Virginia, MN

George J. Geis, M.D. - Elmhurst, IL
Dear Friends of Lake Vermillion, We enjoyed another nice summer week recently on Lake Vermillion. I'm worried about the increased turbidity of the water which I assume is due to an increase in algal growth from increased nutrients in the water. I hope we can preserve the Lake's pristeen quality for years to come by recognizing the Lake's finite capacity to repair damage we do to it. Unfortunately, I've seen so many examples of the opposite. I think that many times the "green" thing is the economically advantageous thing. I know we always look for places to vacation which have clear water and unspoiled surroundings. Good luck.

Dan McCanney - Eagan, MN
Coming up the 24th of Sep and would appreciate up-to-date fishing information. Except for keeping a fish or two to eat, all my fish are released.

My family has had a cabin on the lake since 1960. No running water and no electricity. It' the best.

Mike Rosinski - Dyer, IN

Martin F Gargas - Schererville, IN

Nathan Macomber Craig, CO

Jim Albert - Roseville, MN

Shea Streed - Cambridge, MN
Excellent website, very interesting information, thanks, Shea Streed

Jim Kent, Des Moines, IA

Jim and Mary Rahko, Alexandria, MN
Originally I am from Eveleth, and have been going to Lake Vermilion since Iwas a youngster. There is nothing like it, as far as I am concerned. My aunt has a cottage there and we visit there regularly. A very nice web site

Jim Lakmann - Princeton, MN
Great Website!....I'm a teacher about to retire on the Lake (maybe next summer) I've kept in touch with this website since it's inception. NICE JOB!.....I'm a 1960 grad in Virginia and my folks place (43 years) is next to Barb Shooks on Raps Road. Whenever I've had a bad day at school, I come straight to this website...Jim Lakmann

James P. Shannon - Oak Grove, MN
Would like to contact the resorts directly or have vacancies posted for the resorts in the area.

Don Westman - Mound, MN
Need houseboat rental info for 17 August week. Please fax or Email to 612-472-8065 or don6153@aol.com

Tom Brickner - Dayton, OH
My summer place is on Kitigan Lake over at Isabella

Jeffery T. Kelly - Springfield, OH

Bill & Marti Dahlin - Calimesa, CA
Was on the Web today and since I lived back in the Cook area growing up I keyed in Lake Vermilion and up came your web page. It was very informative and also was able to find a school buddy on the E-Mail listing. It brought back a lot of memories. Excellent Job!

Chris Matzer - Isanti, MN

Wally Campbell - Schiller Park, IL
Will be back in 1999 this is a good way to see what is going on, and almost feel we are there..NOT nothing like being there. Keep up the good work.

L. Bakken - Alden, MN

Gina Petrick - Las Vegas, NV
Great reference for future vacations. The lake sounds great right about NOW!

Dennis & Heidi Kosch - Morris, IL
Lake Vermilion is such a beautiful Lake and great fishing. We have been visiting there for several years now at McKinley Park Campground, Soudan and plan on being there in September '98 again. We LOVE this part of Minnesota. Can't wait for September to come :-)

Bill Loesch - Spring Lake Park, MN

Tim Brown - Arivaca, AZ
Just got the website address from the geratol list and stopped by to see your beautiful lake. 73 de al0f, Tim, #2141

Kent Taylor - Coon Rapids, MN

Marcus Rosnell - Gothenburg, Sweden
You've made a really nice page! My memories about Lake Vermilion goes back to 1991 when I visited some relatives there. They have a nice cottage and my "strongest" memory is when we went fishing and I got about 50 sunfish in an hour!

Tom Savage - Hutchinson, MN
I grew up in Cook and have been spending portions of our summers on our beatiful lake

Jeff Jerndt - Chicago, IL

Norm - Minnesota
Very nice site....great visuals....nice text....good reading....variety of topics....thanks

June Hedblom Hegg - Huron, SD
My family is thrilled with your sites of Lake Vermilion!!! Absolutely the best on the internet! This includes family members now living in Idaho, Oregon, Minneapolis and Huron S.D.!!! And soon we will be at the lake!!! It is the 50th anniversary of HEDBLOM'S VILLA...see you all then.

Rose Melcher - Mpls MN
My 2 older brothers have cabin's on the lake, Daisy Bay. I have not been there for 5 years. I am very excited to go there this 4th of July! I do not fish, but there are too many other things to enjoy about the feeling of Gods Country.

Chris Carman - Warsaw, IN
What a great web site! Do you have a lake map I can download?

Steve Kent - Des Moines, IA

Tom & Patti Quaal - Minneapolis, MN
We've been vacationing on Vermilion for almost 10 years and recently purchased land on the west end. Love the lake and the website!

Rick & Pam Nelson - Circle Pines, MN

Karen Heinemann - Atascadero, CA
I am writing this from my job with the Templeton Unified School District in Templeton, CA. Although I have resided in Atascadero, Ca. for the past 22 years. I am originally from Virginia, Minn.and am delighted to have found good ole Lake Vermilion on the Netscape. Great reading and pictures.

Sarah and James Grebenc - Rice, MN
James and I both grew up on Lake Vermilion and now we are planning a vacation with our friends from central MN. Never thought that we would come back and play tourists!! We LOVE Lake Vermilion and can't wait to show it to our friends!! Great web site!

Arlene Lum - Coon Rapids, MN

Scott Wolf - Louisville, KY
Getting ready to head up to Vermilion here in a week or so. Love the pictures! Might just send a few of my own!

Garth Weidall - New Prague, MN

Arlene Lum - Coon Rapids, MN
Bay View Lodge doesn't have a web site? We're looking for a resort to spend a week at next summer and my brother suggested getting info about Bay View. He goes to his friend's cabin on Lake Vermillion every summer and said that Bay View looked like a resort that would suit all of us. Too bad I can't find out more about it now.

Joey and Becky Cheves - Frederick, MD
During the summer we live on Metsa Point. We participate in the Loon Count with Barb Shook when we're available, and go to the Raps Road Picnic every year. The lake is a beautiful place to be able to go to.

Mike Dale - Rochester, MN
Include more information such as landings for boats and so forth. Some people are unfamilar with the terrain and it can be difficult.

Steve Brewer - So St Paul, MN

Mike Strehl - Colorado Springs, CO
My son Brandon caught a 32" Northern while we were on vacation from Colorado. The lake is beautiful. We left the fish at Lake Vermilion Taxidermy to get mounted. Can't wait to get it back. See you next year!!!

Brian Dreblow - Minneapolis, MN

Jan Gregory - Belle Plaine,MN

Heidi Kosch - Morris, Il

Patrick Sugden - Madison, WI

John Hendrickson - Rice, MN

Greg Ribich - Bloomington, MN
I just found the page and I'll spend some time checking it out. My wife and I bought a place on McKinley Park Road and will be closing on 6/19. I'll enjoy the rest of the summer on the beautiful lake. I grew up in Biwabik and its like a homecoming of sorts.

Jim Welsh - Gulf Breeze, FL
I spent summers on the lake when I was growing up many years ago...on Pine Island across from Moccasin Point. I lived in Virginia. I have many memories of the lake. jjw10@aol.com

Craig Oien - Owatonna, MN

Steven Knight - Maple Grove, MN

Joel Tormoen - Eden Prairie, MN
Great web site -- get more of the commercial enterprises on.

Jill Caroon - Keewatin, MN

The Bockus Boys, Gordon, Henry, and Bruce - Wilburton, OK
My Grandfather started vacationing on Lake Vermilion in 1940 near Tower. There has been someone from our family there every year since. My father passed his love of the Lake to his children as we have to our children. I have often asked my Boys if they would like to go somewhere else and there responses has always been OK but are we going to Lake Vermilion also. We enjoy our time on the Lake away from 3 digit temps every year.

Angie Sleen - Eveleth, MN
Cool man, this is awesome!

Steven - Virginia MN
The lake is very very very nice.

Nancy Williams - Overland Park, KS
It's great to see Lake Vermilion on the Web! I look forward to getting there as often as I can. My grandparents had an island up there for many years and I spent every summer on the lake. Vermilion just feels like home to me...hopefully within the next couple of years my husband and I will be able to own our own cabin. At any rate, I really enjoyed visiting this site. Thanks!

Evan Gollan - Downers Grove, IL

Brad Gregg - Crosby , MN
We fish out of Moccasin Point, we would like to see what options there are on cabin's or house boats in the Tower end of the lake.

Chad Erchul - Plymouth, MN

Amy Nadolske - Oakdale, MN

Harlan Bailey - Apple Valley, MN
I have been fishing Lake Vermilion for 11 years with a friend who owns a cabin. I do not enjoy overcrowded lakes. Lake Vermillion is perfect in every way. We even fished the 96 opener in any open (ice free) bay we could find. This opener I was lucky to catch and release a 28.5 inch Walleye.

Paul McIntyre - Leominster, MA
Thanks for a taste of home.

McCarthy, (Sandin) Judy - Owatonna, MN
We are going to build our retirement home in two years!! Can't wait!! Does anyone know of log home builders in or around Virginia, Cook, and/or surrounding area? This Website is just great! Thank you.

Gary Pardikeq - White Cloud,MI

Bob Anderson - Hinckley, IL
This will be my 20th year of fishing on Lake Vermilion. I enjoy your web site.

Bobo Prisching - Merrimac WI
Great informational setup, I wonder if the Ely area has a similar information piece?

Mike Neurohr - Ottawa, IL

Dave Starin Elgin, IL
Thanks for all the valuable information on our favorite lake. We really appreciate your effort.

Erik Thomas - Hastings NE
Great site. I had the best time fishing Vermilion. A week just isn't long enough. I always look forward to our annual trip. Save some of the lunkers for me!

Tim Engrav - Rushford MN
Great website! Lake Vermilion is the BEST lake in Minnesota!

Rick Nasello - Glenview,IL
Are there any newsletters I can recieve to be updated on the fishing prospects on the lake each spring. I have been fishing the lake for close to 20 yrs. Send me any info that relates....thanks. E-mail......SR209@aol.com

Gregory Settambrino - Eveleth, MN 55734

Bob Kingsbury - Mundelein, IL
Great site! We'll be up in a month! Save some "eyes" for us!!

Chuck & Mary Richards- Edina, MN, 55436
Simply an outstanding Web page.

Mark Barnes - Coon Rapids, MN

Lynda Mc Carthy - Lockport,IL
Beautiful lake! My aunt Mable was a former resident for 22 years. She lived at the narrows.

FRESH STRATEGIES - New Brighton, MN, 55112
Send us any information or newsletters you do. We take a lot of business associates up every year.

Denny Berg - Cedar, MN, 55011
Send us any information or newsletters you do. We take a lot of business associates up every year.

Johansens - Punta Gorda, FL
We enjoy the LakeVermilion web site. It's a fun way to keep in touch with the area.

Donald O. Hilligoss - Hibbing, MN
Next time you are on the lake, journey up Black Creek from Black Bay to the only pristine area left. We have owned the property for over 30 years and have recently put the acreage into a Conservation Trust.

Dan Hendrickson - Eau Claire, WI

Dick James - Lakeland, TN
I am a regular at Muskego Point and do enjoy the fact that someone up there is moving into the new millenium on the net.

Mike & Diane Grund - Elk River, MN

Peter Metcalf - White Bear Twsp, MN
Could you add a page where it shows the current lake conditions? We want to get inspiration to get to the cabin, but don't know where to find this out.

Scott & Lynn Rodby - Elk River, MN

Brad Lahti - Virginia, MN
A very nice site, it is a beautiful lake My family has a cabin in Frazer bay and I've been going there for as long as I can remember.

Doug Kollman - Bristol, Wi

Greg DeSaye - Minot, ND
great job!!

Joe Sabatine - Sault Ste Marie MI

Peter Carr - Minneapolis, MN
I spend at least one week on Vermilion every summer and have been doing it for more than 10 years. Finest lake I know in the state. I would love to connect with a local fisher person who goes after bass, northerns and muskie and NOT walleyes.

Robert Leo - New Brighton, MN

Chet and Carolee Lipton - Boca Raton, FL
A beautiful lake away from the stress of civilization, populated by the nicest people. Would love to spend sthe summer on the lake.....Great use of the internet...

Scott and Brenda Horner - Saginaw, MN

Jo and Charley - Iowa City, IA
Little moments of R&R in my busy days are found by visiting Vermilion.

Ralph & Pauline Swanson - Lockport,Il
We have vacationed on Vermilion yearly for the past 24 years. What a great lake to see and visit, and the friends we have made and see are the greatest. A special thanks to the Cook Covenant Church for the inspiration we have recieved by attending service there. See all you great people in May & June our good Lord willing. Great website!!!!!!!!!!!

Dick and Nancy Larson - Hibbing, MN
Chairman of the Board - "EIO Association". We even have our own theme song ("EI - EI - O"). Life begins when the dock goes down at our cabin on Ely Island. The web page is outstanding!

Dave Thalberg - Spicer, MN
I plan to see you all on opening day!!

Julie Johnson - Bloomington, MN
I would like a brochure on the Lake Vermillion area that includes the resorts and description, so I can compare them and make summer arrangements, do you know where I can call or write to get information, your web site is great, but too many to look up and time consuming. Thanks.

Doug Rathbun - Carlock, IL

Paul W. Perry - Ft. Pierce, FL
Please send me information on lodging facilities and availabilities during the fall months. Thank You.

Lisa Schmidt - Des Moines, IA
My fiance & I will be staying at Ludlow's Island Resort August 3-7. Do you have any suggestions or "MUST SEE" for us?

Gary Rathbun - Washington, IL
I fish the lake usually 2 times a year for a week each time. I would love to see the walleye limit changed to a given amount of fillets in pounds to take home each trip. As it is the natural thing to do is eat the small ones while you are there and bring home the 6 largest that you catch for the week, which goes against the release of over 17" fish

Robert Labarre- Lindstom, MN
very,very GOOD

Brett - Joliet, IL

L. Russell French - Orlando, FL
Just located the WEB site, haven't looked through it yet. Looks like fun.

Val C. Ferrian - Embarrass, MN

Jim Martenson - Eden Prarie, MN
I need to come back and look at some additional features. Very nicely done. You need to be very proud of this site.

Jim & Nancy Ann Rogers - Mission, TX

Eddie L. Feist - Cook, MN
Great web site! I have lived on this beautful lake for 21 years. I've traveled all over the country for the past three months. Lake Vermilion IS the most wonderful spot to live your life.

S. Stumpf - Glencoe, MN

Corey Tuominen - Tower, MN
I think the web site is great!!!

Jason Chiabotti - Atlanta, Ga

Jill McClure - Baton Rouge, LA
Great page with lots of info!!

Jake Elbert - Metamora, IL
I can't wait to visit.

Kimberly Rickards - Wyoming, MI
Your site brought back alot of memories. My grandparents, Harvey and Bessie Reed owned a cabin off of Spring Bay for many years. Spent every summer from 1954 to 1968 there. How I wish we still had that place today.

Dan Pavik - Plymouth, MN

Mo Green - Des Moines, IA

Halstrom's - Bozeman, MT

Valerie and Ben Harvey - Virginia, MN
Hi, Uncle Fish. We love your website. Love, Valerie and Benjamin (your "favorite little people")

Michelle May - Center Line, MI
My grandmother was born in Ely and moved back about 10 years ago. I grew up with many fond memories of the area. Every Autumn we rent a cabin on Lake Vermilion. We usually stay at Gruben's because Sally Gruben's cabins are so clean and cozy and yet we feel like we have our privacy! The cabins are well-stocked - she thinks of everything! To anyone thinking of visiting you will not regret it. It is such a beautiful area! Every year after coming home we instantly start planning and thinking of next year! I would just like to add that our dogs love Lake Vermilion too! Our Riley loves barking at ducks!

Peter Connor - Owatonna, MN
Great web page, expecially the knotty pine!

Nancy Hedlund - Minneapolis, MN
Good Job on the website. My family used to own a cabin on the lake.

Danielle Staves - Vermilion, OH

Anderson Family - Edina,MN
We are building a new cabin on Hibbing Point. We like your web page.

Lois Schnagl - St. Paul, MN

Stephanie French - Mt.Iron, MN
I really enjoyed this overview of Lake Vermilion. I have missed it greatly this winter being I am away at college. It is nice to have a bit of my parent's paradise accessible over the web - brings back fond memories!!! I will definitely pass on the fishing news to my father at Niles Bay!!!

Doug Schwan - Lincoln, NE

Dawn Ratai - Mt. Iron, MN
I really enjoyed your web page on Lake Vermilion. My family has a cabin on the Cook end, Niles Bay and I really enjoyed seeing everything and sharing it with people who have never been there. Thanks for the great page!!!!

Mike Rowe - Naperville, IL
I have been to the Lake a few times and am interested in resort information on the East side of the lake. I especially enjoy the fishing reports on your web page. Hope you keep it up.

Tony Hodge - Cottage Grove, Mn
I love going fishing around The Life of Riley.

Tom Cripe - Brooklyn Park, MN
This my fist look at this web site and thinking about making a visit to Lake Vermilion.

imako, Karvia, Finland, imako@netti.fi
hello from Finland

Rick C. Nasello - Glenview, IL
I have been visiting Lake Vermillion for about 20yrs now. I would be interested in getting a news letter about the the events that happen in the area through out the year, information regarding the lake, fishing prospects, if any new resorts open.

Kaczrowski, Tom - St. Anthony, MN

Roger & Jean Johansen - Punta Gorda, FL
We especially enjoy seeing what the weather's like in Cook, since we're former residents of the area. It's a great home page and we greatly enjoy it and pass it on to others.

Mayor Steve Larson - Long Island, Lake Vermilion
I've lived and vacationed on "Vermil" for the past 45 years. Those of you who have gone North through the little narrows know where my place is. Vermilion is and will continue to be a great experience.

Mike & Sheryl Berdahl - Eden Prairie, MN

Dick Kryzer - Stewartville, MN

Warren Bradbury - St. Cloud, MN
Enjoyed checking out this superb website. Gene Jenkins is sitting here with me. Keep up the good work. My wife and I graduated from Cook High School. She grew up on Wakemup Bay. We now spend most of our available "north" time at Crane Lake, and we look forward to retiring and spending more time near Lake Vermilion. Best wishes for the New Year.

Dick & Carol Seversen - Eden Prairie, MN
First visit to this web site. Will browse when I have more time - only checked out a couple of items so far. Checked that we are "summer" people, but we also enjoy our cabin in the winter.

Eric Appleby - Duluth, MN

John Izral - LaGrange, IL

Gary Schott - Hickory Corners, MI
My in-laws have a place on Wolf Bay close to the dam.

Howard Groce - Byrdstown, TN
I've just now "discovered" the website. I've been coming to Jack Sparks' place for 12 years -- my brother for 23. we love the lake and the "Tower" experience, especially the Soudan Mine trip and the Wolf Center at Ely.

John Barnes - San Diego CA
Nice work on the web Page Rick!

Robert L. Larson - Surpise, AZ
We winter in Arizona. Formerly had a summer home on the Sundling Road,(Fraser Bay) however we are now retired and have built a new year around home on Echo Point. (12/21/97)

Greg Dupuis - Wis. Rapids, WI

Nick Vlasvich - Carol Stream, IL
Ask Lake Vermilion Resorts to mail me their brochures. (12-17-1997)

Ron Zier - New Lenox, IL
I would like to see the comments with dates on them. I don't care about comments made six months ago. Let's not print anything with Vermilion with two LL's. I love this site and I love this lake. (12-14-97)

Pacifico Arabians LTD - Mt. Iron, MN
Hope to visit you again!

Henny te Velthuis - Wijhe, Netherlands
It has been a long time already but in 1986/1987 I was an exchange student and I lived for 1 year nearby Lake Vermilion. I had a wonderful time. Hope to come back soon. Henny te Velthuis from Holland

Loren Lamphear - Sun Prairie, WI
Please send me lodging info for the summer of 1998. I am interested in accomodations for 6 fishermen.

R B Debevec - MeadowVista, CA

Mark Johnson - Walldorf, Germany

Gerard Payette - Minneapolis, MN

Frank Tester - Bloomington, MN

Glen A. Ojanen - Zumbrota, MN

Jim Parise - Zellwood, FL

Andrea Deyo - Brainerd , MN
We are interested in Houseboat rentals.

Gary Mausolf - Abilene, TX

Ron Hoffman - Edinburgh, IN

Kim - Pasadena, CA
What a great site! It shows fabulous creativity!

Nancy & Frank Strowger - Clearwater, FL
Would like to spend a couple weeks up there next June (1998). Stayed on White Iron Lake last year and would like to try your area this time.

Byron Olsen - San Diego, CA
I grew up in MPLS, traveled every summer with my family to a beautiful little cabin on Daisy Bay. It's been a long time since I've been there, but I think it's time to see the lake again! I miss it.

Phil Henson - Piney Flats, TN

Larry Rautio - Pittsburgh, PA
I am orginally daRange (Kinney then moved to Hibbing) and just recently moved to Pittsburgh. I've spent many wonderful days fishing and boating on Vermilion and my favorite place to spend summer. I review your website periodically and dream about owning a cabin or house on Vermilion. Thanks for the memories.

John Quick - St Peter, MN

MaryJo Dvorak - Cedar Rapids, IA
It's been a long time since I've been back to Lake Vermilion. I'd forgotten what a wonderful place it is. Now I'm looking to buy a seasonal cabin either on the main land or on an island so that I can vacation every year here until I can retire here.

John Dunning - North Olmsted, OH
I just found your page. Now I can enjoy a bit of Vermilion (long distance) and keep up with what's going on. Our cabin is on Birch Point.

Tom Gielow - Michigan City, Indiana
It's a great place, the lake and the people are unbeatable and I live for the one week a year I spend at Life of Riley with Rock and Lee ......

Skip Senneka - Mound, MN

Larry Shell - Lakeville, MN

Joe Marso - Plymouth, MN

Chloe Dykstra - Sherman Oaks , CA
What a great web page --

Tom/Dixie Parris - Mesquite, TX

Hans Brakob - Plymouth, MN
EXCELLENT web site. Thanks to whoever is doing all the work. It is an obvious labor of love.

Jeff & Judy Sturman - Olathe, KS
We vacation each summer at Wakemup Narrows, at Addison & Peggy Berfalk's home. We enjoy the summer as well as winter fun at the LAKE.

Nick Palaia - Honolulu, HI
I am currently living in Hawaii and plan to move back to my beloved home state of Minnesota in the spring. My wife and I are interested in purchasing a remote piece of property on Lake Vermilion. We look at your page every couple days with anticipation and truly enjoy everything it has to offer. Your efforts to create this wonderful web site are greatly appreciated!!

Jerry Bronikowski - Alpharetta, GA

Jamie Christian - Indpls., IN

Michael Bakk - Cook, MN
Excellent web page!!

Tom Morrow - Austin Texas
Hi. We're buying a cabin on Lake Vermilion - we close October 1 - so we're just in the process of exploring information about our new home. We hadn't expected to find a Lake Vermilion Web Page at all, so we were doubly impressed to find such a good one. A lot of high tech companies could learn a lesson from you. Thanks for doing such a great job, because it makes learning about the area a lot easier.

Ed & Linda Borchardt - Isle of Pines, Lake Vermilion

Dave Cuoco - Virginia, MN
Good job, added it to my favorites.

M.C. Rice - Barlow, KY
Nice web site. I heard about Lake Vermilion from friends who live there. Beautiful area.......

Tom & Michelle McMorrow - Cannon Falls, MN

Joe Ulrey - St. Paul, MN

T.M. Perell - E. Grand Forks, MN
Great web site. I will visit it regularly this winter to bring back memories of this magnificent lake. Keep up the great work you're doing with this site.

Dave Kreutzman - Boulder, CO

Tom St.Dennis - Brooklyn Center, MN
I see Don and Sue have made the big time. They're on your WEB page! You need a copy of the picture. Looks good.

Ron & Nancy Zier - New Lenox, Il

John Picek - Plymouth, MN

Derek Hampson - Mundelein, IL
Nice web site!

Dave Dietrich - Lafayette, IN
Looking to vacation there in 1998 with my children and grandchildren.

Jack Kotrba - Annandale, MN
We rent a houseboat and have a great time on the lake, was surprised that Vermilion Houseboats was not listed on your site!

Anna Chapman - Angora, MN
Hi!!!! Can you believe that this is our first time looking at this web page!

Lance & Wanda Whipple - Cloquet, MN
Everything was wonderful to look at. You have a wonderful web site. My co-worker, who happens to be a neighbor of yours, gave us the site address.

Mark Johnson - Yorkville, Il
Will be up again 9/6-9/13 at Life of Riley Resort with Bob Hoyle for 3rd time in 4 years. Great time and hope to make it an annual tradition!! Wish I could find more smallies! Great site!

Hydro-Bikes:Ray & Dean - Wyoming, MN
Excellent virtual visit to Lake Vermilion. Well done.

Your Lake Vermillion site is one of the best of its type that I have seen. I have searched the web all afternoon in quest of campgrounds in MN. LakeVermilion.com is extremely informative and well laid out. Kudos to the webmaster.

Al Koenes, Berwin - IL
This is a very informative and fun site. Thanks for taking the time to create it.

Chris Harvey - Onalaska, WI

Sarah Harvey - Onalaska, WI
Hey, Uncle Rick! It's Sarah. We are official web surfers now!!!

Gary Steinbrech & Christine Trucano - Solon, IA
Very good job! Keep up the good work.

Ken Pointfield - Dunedin, FL
More about Fortune Bay. Haven't been on Vermilion for seventeen years. Hope to come by this fall. (signed) Mr Bluebird

Brad Lowrey - Wheat Ridge, CO
It was good meeting with you and your wife at Kent & Elaine Wilson's. My best website had the picture of Kent & Elaine with your moose. I recognize Elaine.... which one was the moose?

Steve Bradt - Duluth, MN
Very nice work, this site lets me visit the lake on weekends when I'm stuck in Duluth.

Ken Rueter - Maple Grove, MN
Looking for a lake home to retire to in the Cook or Orr area.

David Bradley - Marion IA
We've vacationed on Vermillion for 7 of the last 8 years. We love it.

Laura Klekotka - Virginia MN
Thanks for a nice campground directory!!

Dave Wahlberg - St. Paul MN
Well done page gives me the info I was looking for.

Lane Weeks - Red Wing MN
Hello to the Kronholm clan!

Laren Metcalf - Plymouth MN
Thanks for the excellent web site. Fantastic job. I've enjoyed summer vacations on Lake Vermilion since 1966.

John Williams - Mokelumne Hill CA

Nate KIngsbury - Maple Grove MN

Chuck Whitney

Ken Pointfield - Dunedin

Paul & Mary Mann - Center Point IA
Thanks for a great website! We have been spending 2 weeks / year on Lake Vermilion for the past 13 years and really enjoy it. In fact we are headed up there this Friday 7/25.

Shane - Mora MN
I am really anxious to try fishing on the lake. This page has helped a lot.

Peggy/Joe Malone - Tower MN

Jeff Hagemeier - Woodbury MN

Gregory McFarland - Melbourne, FL
I am the grandson of Bob and Marge Ranta. The many summers that I had spent at Lake Vermillion will be etched in my mind forever.

Richard Blek - Champlin, Mn
We are interested in vacationing in Aug. on Lake Vermillion, but haven't found a resort that has a 1 or 2 bedroom cabin available for the first week of August.

Tom Perell - E Grand Forks MN

Dan Mobilia - Virginia, MN

Steve Kranz - Mpls,Mn
We've been staying at Life of Riley for 13 Years. Another great year. I think the fishing is getting better , unless I'm just getting to be a better fisherman. The fish seemed like they were on steroids this year. A tough fight even from the little guys. Say hi to Rock and Lee, Steve Kranz (Citizens for a Poodle Free Montana)

David Schaffer - Moorhead,MN

The Greer's - Leawood,KS
We enjoy staying at Daisy Bay when we come to visit in the summer time. We also enjoy relaxing. My father first came in 1956 with his parents and brother. Now he brings me, my mom, my sister and brother up. We also bring grandma and grandpa and our dog Sally up to Lake Vermilion. I have been going to the lake since I was 2 years old. I am now 14 years old. I hope everyone enjoys Lake Vermilion as much as I do. SEE YA AT THE LAKE. THE GREER'S

The Greer's - Leawood,KS
We enjoy staying at Daisy Bay when we come to visit in the summer time. We enjoy relaxing. HI FROM THE GREERS!

Janis Bauer - Silver Spring, MD

Susan Coster - Skokie, IL
Send brochure to above address.

Don & Rita - Orange Park, FL
Great web page. Plan to visit MO the end of July with a stop in Cape Girardeau. God bless

Donald S. Underhill - Norwood, MA
Is there any way to get additonal phone numbers for the other resorts and lodges listed on the resorts page other than the locations with web sites?

Allen Wolkey - Arlington Heights, IL
Enjoy this web site very much.

Teri McLaughlin - St. Paul, MN

Peter Metcalf - White Bear Township, MN

John Williams - Mokelumne Hill, CA

Douglas Stiefel - White Bear Lake, MN

Don Ditzenberger - Muncie, IN
We vacationed at your lake for two weeks approximately in 1972. We can't remember the resort we stayed at but it was on the narrows. Since have been going to Hayward WI because only one day trip from Muncie. Great Home Page!!

Dennis Halverson - Lino Lakes, MN

Mari Myre - Blooming Prairie, MN
My father was born and raised in Tower (Eugene "Beaner" Myre). I have two uncles (John and Jerry) who live on Lake Vermilion year-round and an aunt (Kathy Tellepsen) who has a cabin on Pine Island. I have been coming up to vacation on Lake Vermilion for 28 years. It's beautiful country. Thanks for giving it the respect it deserves!!

Roger Eriksen - St. Paul Park, MN
Have stayed many times at ..... . Will need to find a new place, maybe west side of lake, for next Labor Day week.

Kam Metcalf - Brooklyn, NY
I LOVE Lake Vermilion. I wish my parents would let me just ENJOY it while I'm there. I have to do cabin upkeep ALL the time. I'd love to hear from other Vermilion lovers. (KMetcalf@Compuserve.com) I just swam on May 28th. I think the temp was 50 degrees. I swam last year when the ice had been off 2 weeks. Brrrrr!

Chip Tumblin - Manassas, VA

Steve Pishler - Coon Rapids, MN

Richard R. Ranta - Memphis, TN
I have not had a chance to explore all the other features so maybe will enjoy them as well when I have the time. I am heading up there shortly for some that good early fishing. What I enjoyed reading was the weekly fishing report which was not on the survey. I have a cottage on the Cook end.

Tom Zaiger - New Brighton, MN

Paul Tansey - McHenry, IL
This is my 9th year coming to Vermilion. Just a beautiful place to vacation and FISH.

Tom Wierzbicki - Ankeny, IA

Carl Leonhardt - Massillon, OH
Absolutely a great web-page for what looks like a real fine vacation and residential community. I hope to receive information soon on Lake Vermilion so my wife and I can come up and enjoy the fun.

Chris Ide - Virginia, MN

Don St. Dennis - Shoreview, MN
One of the best pages I've ever seen. I love the many moods. I bet I looked at everyone a couple of times and some I just left up on my computer to have something nice to look at. Great job!

Judy Gray - Chippewa Falls, WI
Different groups of us have houseboated Lake Vermilion since 1992, sometimes twice a summer. I've been alot of places in the U.S. and Canada but have never enjoyed a vacation more than these on Vermilion. I also have never relaxed more. The fishing is great and the sunsets are the most beautiful anywhere. This year we are going for two weeks! Can't wait!!

Denise Krasicki - Prospect Heights IL
Nice WEB page you've done - good info for all - only complaint is we aren't able to get away from here enough to spend as much time as we like in our little house on the Lake...see you in June.

Kathy Brula - Apple Valley, MN

Boyd Herdendorf - Fridley, MN
This is a great web site. I hope you are having great success with it! Done very well, fabulous job!

Scott Petrovic - Antioch, IL

William Durbin - Virginia, MN
Your Lake Vermilion site is a credit our region.

Scott and Patty Purskey - Frazer Bay

"Bill & Mary"
Hi. We would like info on fishing resorts. We are planning our excape the last week in June or first week of July just for 2 of us. We want nothing to do but fish and catch fish !!!!!!!!!!

Gary Linders - Cato, WI

Leland Bilbro - Maple Grove, MN
Thanks for a very informative site.

Linda and Dana Frame - Angora, MN
Very nice page. Good for the local community.

Hallvard and Amy Oen Frydenbergveien - Oslo, Norway
My mom gave us this site address...we love their cabin up at Lake Vermilion. She is a little funny, can not believe she won the Quiz site. Looking forward to summer vacation.

Charlie Pfau - Naperville, IL

Michael C. Davis - Springfield, OH
I've canoed in the BWCAW and fished along the Gunflint Trail but have not visited Lake Vermilion. A friend and I are planning to do so and to touch base with at least one area realtor in July of this year.

Michael Ricker - Coon Rapids, MN
Great site. I added it to tcguide at http://www.tcguide.com.

Dave Hoy - Tucson, Arizona
Nice page and well done. Would like to hear from any sailors on the Lake particularly with C-Skows. Any interest in racing? My e-mail address is ahoyther@primenet.com and local Cook phone is 666-2666.

Don D. Barton - Moore Haven, FL
Viewing your pictures I saw a swimming raft.There are no rafts here on Lake Okeechobee FL. Too many alligators and snakes. Most people that live in S.Central FL do not know how to swim. Check out our web site. http://www.biglakearea.com. Let me know if you enjoyed our site as much as I enjoyed yours. Thank you for the Lunar Tables.

Candice Patrin - Apple Valley, MN
It 's a great place for escape...where you can truly get away from the crowds and heavy lake traffic. My husband and I love the web site.

Jim and Jan Tolan
Enjoyed your web page.

Jason Weber - Coon Rapids, MN

David Anderson - Montgomery, MN
I love your lake. It is more beautiful than I could ever describe.

Jack Payne - Rushville, IN
Got a phone call yesterday from a person in N Manchester (Indiana). It seems that he was browsing your site - saw the Neal & the Mouse story and my name at the bottom. Looked me up on the net - got my Rushville number. Thought you'd like to know that as a result of your page, he, his wife and two friends decided to vacation at Lake Vermilion (instead of Canada). Just thought you'd like to know - nice testimonial to the worth of your site and the payoff from a lot of hard work!

Dan Leh - Springfield, PA

Bruce Folken - Eagan, MN

Mitch Cook - Vadnais Heights, MN
Thanks for the great website. Having made numerous trips to Lake Vermilion in all seasons of the year, this site is the next thing to being there. We'll be returning to the Lake in mid-May for our annual fishing trip. We'll be sure to take some pictures to share on your site. Keep up the great work.

Alan Orr - Cedar Falls, IA

Steve Heriot - Cook, MN
This is wonderful work. I really enjoyed it.

Scott Duffney - Andover, MN

Gary Steinbrech - Solon, Iowa
Very nice web page. A page that someone could look at who has signed the guest book with any personal links would be a nice way to keep in touch with friends.

Frank Tester - Bloomington, MN

Jim Lemke - Kenosha, WI

Dale and Julie Jessie - Woodstock, IL
Our first time. We will be spending time on the lake in July of 1997. Really looking forward to this vacation for my wife and myself.

Del Prouty - Thornton, Co

Joel C. Miller - Solon, Iowa

Sarah and Jake Schmidt - Florence SC
This is our first time on the web. We grew up on Lake Vermilion on Matson Island. We bought Dusty Coopers place on the west end of Pine Island.

Tom Walters - Buyck, MN

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