Just as any other community has a phone book, so should the folks living in the Vermilion Virtual Village.
But since we all reside on the internet, our phone numbers are our e-mail addresses.
Herein lies the start of our e-mail pages, or as I call them, our Blue Pages.
To have your address listed, please fill in the form below.
Your listing will be included in several days.

submit your e-mail address HERE

Try using these to find the last name you're looking for!

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Thank you and welcome to the Vermilion Virtual Village Blue Pages.

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Aaron, Marshall Pine Island ajmarshall1@comcast.net
Abel, David and Jo Isle of Pines djabel4318@gmail.com
Ahlberg, Bob Wakemup Bay, Black Bay Rd. bahlberg@gmail.com
Ahlstrand, Axel & Mary Pike Bay homer@rangenet.com
Allegrezza, Jim & Barb Daisy Bay ballegrezza@netscape.net
Amundson, Bea Wakemup Bay lcj1@hotmail.com
Anderson, Bob & Sherry Breezy Point Road rga3314@hotmail.com
Anderson, Bruce Big Bay andersonb3@stlouiscountymn.gov
Anderson, Bryon and Joy Norwegian Bay bryonanderson@hotmail.com
Appleby, Rick & Wendy Oak Narrows rick@cookbuildingcenter.com
Armstrong, Charlie &Sandy Glansberg Smart's Bay sglansberg@yahoo.com
Aro, Tom and Renee Daisey Bay tnine9857@aol.com
Ashley, Jim and MaryKaye Birch Point j.m.ashley@comcast.net
Aubol, Gary & Helen Ely Island aubols@msn.com
Aune, Zac Dockside Service Inc docksideservice@LakeVermilion.com
Babiracki, Debbie Head-O-Lake Resort headolake@gmail.com
Bahensky, Jerry & Sharon Raspberry Island jsbahensky@earthlink.net
Baland, Gene (Geno) Vermilion Dells - Mocccasin Point Rd gbaland@frontiernet.net
Barber, Loren & Mary Niles Bay barber.maryq@gmail.com
Bauler, Mark & Sandy Birch Pt.,Daisy Bay valleyimages@charter.net
Baustian Nelson, Janet Fraser Bay, 36 Island gjnelson05@msn.com
Baxley-Mitchell, Julie Vermilion Dells JmBaxley12@gmail.com
Beach, Breana (Breana) Muskego Point blbeach99@aol.com
Beach, Kristi (Kristi) Muskego Point beachparty39@aol.com
Beckmann, John Vermilion River Camp blnfuse@juno.com
Begich, Tom and Ann Fectos Point mediaman007@mac.com
Belay, Fred (Bud) Mocassin Pt. Road belay@jrec.com
Beldo, Ron & Julie Pine Island ronbeldo@netscape.net
Bell, William (Bill & Carol) Frazer Bay caroljbell@centurytel.net
Benson, John Wolf Bay/Verm. Beach muskybenson@chibardun.net
Berard, David Birch Point - Big Bay dhbmdber@aol.com
Berg, Chris and Brenda Moccasin Point ctberg@me.com
Bergman & Borowiec, Joanne & Ed Schmidt's Island northwoods3@me.com
Bergquist, Bryan everywhere bergquistbryan@hotmail.com
Berndt, Mark and Lisa Echo Point Road, Pike�s Bay marlisam@comcast.net
Berquist, James (Jim) Trout Lake Portage bmc@mc.net
Berry, Jack and Leverne Berry Island - Moccasin Point Lejack@earthlink.net
Beste, Murretta & John Daisy Bay beste@virginiamn.com
Beutz, Chris and Julie Birch Point Chrisbeutz@green-horizons.com
Biddle, Linda and Paul Wolf Bay plbiddle@earthlink.net
Bidle, Kerry & Ann Tower end kerrybidle@gmail.com
Bigelow, Joel Dog Island joel@bigelowhomes.net
Billman, Pat & Sheryl Duffy Island psbillman@aol.com
Bird, Don & Cindy Duffy Island islanders@netscape.com
Bischof, Cheryl Big Bay cbischof4@gmail.com
Bishop, Gary & Cindy Pine Island g.bishop@mchsi.com
Bixler, David and Joyce, Bishop Andrew Pine Island North OSABishopAndrew@aol.com
Blackwell, Tom & Laura Norwegian Bay Capttomblackwell@me.com
Blaha, Chuck Birch Point chuckeb33@yahoo.com
Blomquist, Travis Frazer Bay slphockey17@aol.com
Bodovinitz, Mike & Peg Pike Bay m.bodovinitz@mchsi.com
Boe, Mark Norwegian Bay MarkBoe@BoisePaper.com
Bodri, Steve & Steph Frazer Bay sbodri@northlc.com
Boelter, Katie Thunderhead Rboelter@mn.rr.com
Boelter, Rob Thunderhead Rboelter@mn.rr.com
Borgstrom, Patricia, Pattie Moccasin Point pattieborgstrom@yahoo.com
Borken, Rick and Liz Niles Bay rickandlizborken@gmail.com
Boswinkel, Kris Sunset Point kboswinkel@yahoo.com
Boyce, David and Marcia Daisy Bay dboyce@ptpluslouisville.com
Braaten, Al & Joey Nelson's Island cjobraaten@mchsi.com
Bradley, Patrick & Mina Crescent Island minabradley@gmail.com
Bradt, Steve (Shteb) Pine Island sbradt@bradtlaw.com
Brakob, Hans Cook end brakob@earthlink.net
Brovold, Kenneth, Laurie,
Anna, Katie, Benny & Kenny
Echo Point klbrovold@msn.com
Brown, Don (Gutshot) Breezy Point Road gutshot.brown@gmail.com
Brown, Lanny & Mary Wakemup Bay maryb@mnrved.k12.mn.us
Brown, Paul & Sue Pine Island psbrown@comcast.net
Brownlie, Drew Ely Island drewsbro@hotmail.com
Brula, Butch & Diane Armstrong Bay DBrula@MSN.com
Brunfelt, Bob & Carol Pike Bay bbrunfelt@frontiernet.net
Bryers, Rob Daisy Bay / Birch Point rbguide007@gmail.com
Buchholz, Steve & Deb Niles Bay tigsteveb@aol.com
Budik, Priscilla Long Island (Stuntz Bay) JJBudik@aol.com
Budolfson, Craig End of Fectos Point budolfson@hotmail.com
Budolfson (Martin), Katherine North Shore/Glenwood Lodge tkmartin@mpls.k12.mn.us
Budolfson, Robert Fectos Point Mercbob@hotmail.com
Budolfson, Sandi Fectos Point s_budolfson@hotmail.com
Budolfson, Shawn Fectos Point budolfson.shawn@slpschools.org
Budolfson, Tom Glenwood Lodge/North Shore tombudolfson@hotmail.com
Budolfson-Green, Amy North Shore/Glenwood Lodge abudolfsongreen@hotmail.com
Burd, William & Gerri (Bill) Aviary Island (Cook End) wburd6@juno.com
Burg, Ed & Joyce Portage Bay downsouth1016@aol.com
Burgess, Dale & Linda Pike Bay, Tower dllakevermil@msn.com
Bydzovsky, Bill Wolf Bay / Dam Narrows bill.bydzovsky@unisys.com
Bydzovsky, Judy (Judy "B") the Dam Judyb10000@msn.com
Bystrom, Jody McKinley Park Acres bystromconveying@aol.com
Cairy, Tom & Mary Oak Narrows tom@cairy.com
Campbell, Jim & Cheryl Canfield Bay - Pine Island rjamescampbell@yahoo.com
Cardenas, Rob & Becky Pike Bay - St.Odelia Beach Rd Bcarde8058@aol.com
Carle, Tim Pine Island carletim@peoplepc.com
Carson, Bruce & Beth Frazer Bay bcarsonmn@aol.com
Carlson, Douglas Daisy Island BLKHDUMC@AOL.COM
Carlson, Judith (Judy) Duffy Island, Pike Bay jucarlso@ngwmail.des.state.mn.us
Carlson, Terry + Jeanette (Eino) Wakemup Bay terrance.carlson@verizon.net
Carpentier, Michael and Paula Mud Creek Bay Mcarpentier1@comcast.net
Carr, Peter (Pete) Head of Lakes, Pehrsons carr@chem.umn.edu
Carter, Bud & Mary Ann Pine Island bcwaupaca@aol.com
Casey, Jim Wakemup, Central Island Rd jcasey1245@msn.com
Casey, Timothy (Timmay) Wakemup Bay - Center Island Rd tcdd69@yahoo.com
Cassidy, Gerald Frazer Bay prez@sterlingvanlines.com
Cebelinski, Susan and Frank Smart's Bay - Grassy Point scebelinski@hotmail.com
Charles, Bishop (non given) charlesb75@hotmail.com
Charlson, Kirsten Frazer Bay - West End kirstenn@hotmail.com
Christiansen, Otteau Schmidts Island otteau@comcast.net
Clark, Betsy Lake Vermilion broker@northwoodsland.com
Clark, Rick Tower rclark@northwoodsland.com
Claviter, Tom & Bobbi Duffy Island, Pike Bay art_anne@msn.com
Clay, Tim, Christy and Ethan Wilson Marine info@wilson-marine.com
Cobb, Arlene & Lowell (wiener & toivo) Everetts Bay arlo198@aol.com
Coleman, Steve Birch Point steve.coleman@metrostate.edu
Condon, Pat and Teri Wolf Bay tericondon@verizon.net
Conner/Conklin, William, Lynn
and Leone ("Cork")
Wakemup Village minnlynn@copper.net
Cooney, Thomas (Tom) Trout River Point and Daisy Bay tacooney@comcast.net
Coppola, Ed Comet Island eccoppola@aol.com
Coughlan (Bushnell), Yvonne Island - Mouth of Daisey Bay yvonneb13@hotmail.com
Crist, Beau Ludlow's Resort bcrist@hotmail.com
Croissant, Mara and Ray Hibbing Point rcroissant@mn.rr.com
Crowe, Dave & Elaine Forest Lane Resort forestln@rangenet.com
Cummings, Marilyn and Joe Pine Island marjoey@earthlink.net
Cundy, Pete Long Island (Stuntz Bay) cundyp@aol.com
Dagen, Tracey Strong Cove on Big Bay traceydagen@gmail.com
Dahl, Bob Ice Hole, Breezy Point rcdahl_1@netzero.com
Dahl, Randy & Laura Head Of Lakes rdahl12@msn.com
Daniels, Jim Pike Bay jimbonewlf@aol.com
Dawson, Dale & Lezlie Pine Island ddawson353@aol.com
De Angelo, Rich south shore Niles Bay deanglr@aol.com
DeMasi, Scott & Denise Pike Bay/Tower demasi@enter.net
Denny, Thomas (Tom) Pine Island (Dells) tdenny8708@aol.com
Doroff, Donald Daisy Bay dadoroff@juno.com
Duame, Michael & Kathryn Sunset (Boulevard) mike@hillwoodproducts.com
DuChaine, Gregory (Greg) Frazer Bay - 36 Island gregduchaine@yahoo.com
Duncan, Jeff Pine Island jeff.duncan@edinarealty.com
Duncan, Pam Pine Island pamduncan1109@gmail.com
Dunning, Bart Birch Point Bart.Dunning@Unisys.com
Dunning, Jennifer Birch Point jdunning84@yahoo.com
Dunning, Jill Birch Point - Big Bay jedunning@hotmail.com
Dunning, John Birch Point - Big Bay jwdunning@adelphia.net
Dunning, Stephan Birch Point scdunning@hotmail.com
Eichholz, Nancy & Charlie Birch Pt neicholtz@frontiernet.net
Eldeen, Gene & Vicki Black Bay everlastinghomes@comcast.net
Enroth, Dennis Ely Island dje1946@hotmail.com
Erickson, George Pine Island (West) tundracub@mchsi.com
Ernst, Jeff and Michele Breezy Point & Pine Island jernst3@aol.com
Ernst, Tom & Nancy Breezy Point tomnancyernst@aol.com
Eyre, Marguerite (Marg) Wake-em-up-Bay marginmn@webtv.net
Eyre, Marg & Mark Wakemup Bay mp@cpinternet.com

Fabozzi, Dennis Daisy Bay dfabozzi@aol.com
Faiman, Dave and Lynn Birch Point walleye311@hotmail.com
Feist, Eddie L. (Corvette Eddie) Cook End edwardlf@hotmail.com
Felix, Dennis Daisy Bay dennisfelix@frontiernet.net
Ferguson, Carol Pine Island/Dells lakelubber@earthlink.net
Ferrian, Val Stuntz vferrian@rangenet.com
Fitzpatrick, Brian and Carol Niles Bay bffcaf@comcast.net
Fontana, Maureen (Mo) West Frazer Bay mo.knows@live.com
Fox, Robert & Mary, Bob, Mary & Brian Rainbow Islands, Daisy Bay foxes3@aol.com
Francis, Michael & Berit Otter Island on Frazer Bay mfrancis62@gmail.com
Fredricks, Don Smarts Bay DAF2326@aol.com
Fredricks/Neely/Bruski, Tara Smarts Bay Bruskifarm@Aol.com
French, Bayard (By) Birch Point & Big Bay Bfrench443@aol.com
French, Nelson Birch Point nelsonfrench@mn.rr.com
Fry, Bob & Peggy North Pine Island fryfam@northboone.com
Fry, Steve & Susie (Musech) Wakemup Village stephenmfry@yahoo.com
Fuchs, Ken Frazer Bay - Vermilion Grove kfuchs1@yahoo.com
Gallagher, Dehl Saari's Island (7 Sisters) dehl.gallagher@spps.org
Gallob, Brian & Anna Niles Bay Brian.Gallob@comcast.net
Garcia, Anthony (Tony) Pine Island east of Canfield Portage chichiloves@comcast.net
Garry, Joe and Pat Arrowhead Point jgarry@garryins.com
Gaupp, Peter & Cindy (Pete) Ely Island p.gaupp@worldnet.att.net
Geis, Joe & Gina McKinley Park area gina@vermilionland.com
Gentling, Kirk and Barbara Frazer Bay kgentling@charter.net
Gibbens, Dave SW Frazer Bay ddg@attglobal.net
Gibson, Jon & Linda Birch Point jdgibsonmd@msn.com
Gillson, Rock & Lee Life of Riley Resort rocknlee@cpinternet.com
Glatch, Tom & Joanne Daisy Bay glatch@msn.com
Gobats, Shelley Daisy Bay shelley@rangenet.com
Goerne, Bob & Nancy Wakemup Bay ngoerne@earthlink.net
Gollan, Evan (Van) Pine Island egollan@aol.com
Gould, Bob Pine Island hvfd46a@prodigy.net
Grangaard, Dick And Rose Birch Point rpgrangaard@netins.net
Grano, Earl Wak-em-up Bay earlgrano@yahoo.com
Granovsky, Nancy Frazer Bay (Tower End) nancygranovsky@hotmail.com
Gregor, Douglas and Mary Mulari (Doug a& Mary) Fectos Point gregordj@gmail.com
Greenwood Fire Dept. Lake Vermilion greenwoodfire@frontiernet.net
Greenwood, Maxine (Madd Max!!!) None Yet!!! mgreenwo@hibbing.com
GreenwoodTownship Lake Vermilion greenwoodtownship@frontiernet.net
Gribble, Jim & Ann (Grib) near Indian Point thegribs@earthlink.net
Groce, Howard Jack Sparks' Place BillyH@TWLakes.net
Grochowski, Kathy (The Polish Princess) Tower End kag1455@yahoo.com
Groves, Jerry , Luck and Don Soderholm Beach Road drjerrygroves@comcast.net
Guck, Chris & Susan Wolf Bay Shores chrisguck@yahoo.com
Guimont. Gary and Karen Isle of Pines karenlguim@gmail.com
Gunderson, Chris and Beth also Christopher and Brissa, and Jacob and Emily Lake Vermilion North Gundy@zimbracloud.com
Gruben, Sally Gruben's Marina grubens@rangenet.com
Hach, Bob & Carol Daisy Bay Bhach@hotmail.com
Hagen, Stacie and Jason Duffy Island stacie@nmsmechanical.com
Hake, Brian Breezy Point bhake40@msn.com
Halva, Rob, Judy, Johnathan, Stephen Echo Point JRHalva@aol.com
Hampson, Dave and Christine Timbuktu, Oak Narrows Dave@timbuktumarina.com
Hansen, Jeanne point JH72623@aol.com
Hansen, Zip and Carol Blueberry Island hansencarolzip@aol.com
Hanson, Eric and Mary Pehrson Lodge pehrson@uslink.net
Hanson, Mike & Cherie Fectos Point crappiemike@gmail.com
Hatch, Paul & Sheila Big Bay - Westhaven Drive mnainsheet@aol.com
Haugen, Gary & Linda Big Bay garyhaugen@comcast.net
Hauserman, David & Melissa St. Mary's Island dhauserman@parker.com
Hauta, Ted Big Bay (Ketola's Point) DragonT@san.rr.com
Hegg, Barb Oak Narrows barb@vermilionland.com
Hegg, Dave Oak Narrows davehegg59@gmail.com
Hendrickson, Dan Pike Bay danhend@charter.net
Henning, Brian and Joanne Niles Bay jhennin3@gmail.com
Herdendorf, Boyd & Megan Head of the Lakes Bay greatnorthwoods@comcast.net
Hessburg, Matthew Niles Bay mhessburg@medtox.com
Hesse, Jim & Nancy Frazier Bay jnhesse3@gmail.com
Hicks, Lyle & Joann Birch Point / Big Bay lyle@hicksbusandtruck.com
Higgins, Jon & Kate Ely Island Khiggins1024@gmail.com
Hildestad, Linda Swanson's Point lhildestad@mac.com
Hildestad, Stan Swanson's Point stanrh@mac.com
Hill, Jeff (myebroker.com) East Two Rivers myebroker@msn.com
Hill, Pete & Jane Northwest Pine Island hillfamily97@comcast.net
Hintz, Mel Pike Bay mehintz@frontiernet.net
Hoff, Alex & Kelly Portage Bay hoffalexc@gmail.com
Hoff, Gene & Mary Black Duck Bay maryc1221@yahoo.com
Hoff, Tony & Susan Portage Bay tonyvagabond@hotmail.com
Hoffman, Greg & Jackie Fraser Bay, Cook GorJHoff@wildblue.net
Hoffner, Karen and Bob Head of Lakes Khoffner@aol.com
Holen, Gene (Ernie) Pine Island geh@visi.com
Hollinsworth, Don and Lynn Black Duck Island blackduckdl@aol.com
Holmbo, Gary Frazer Bay - Vermilion Grove holmb002@umn.edu
Holmes, LeRoy Pike Bay Kathyh8@frontiernet.net
Holmes, Scott and Erika Oak Narrows erikadholmes@hotmail.com
Holmgren, Jenne Raps Road jenneh@earthlink.net
Holton, Cindy & Jim (Cid & Holtie) Shinquak Island jim@holtonsalesgroup.com
Hopkins, Marc and Michelle Ely Island Mhopkins55795@gmail.com
Horsman, Carol (Kurtz) Pine Island CKHorsman@aol.com
Horsman, Dave Bay Point davehorsman@twinsbaseball.com
Horsman, Jennifer Pine Island jenhorsman@verizon.net
Huberty, Dick and Jean West Pine Island dhub_1@msn.com
Hughes, Randolph (Randy) Island/Peninsula-Black Bay randolphhughes@comcast.net
Hughes-Husbands, Margaret Daisy Bay husbands@rangenet.com
Hujanen, Christina Tower Christina@culbertrealty.com
Hujanen, Ronald & Delores Frazer Bay--Sundling Rd. RonHoLV@msn.com
Hurley, Terry and Kelly Frazer Bay/Gold Island kbhurley6@comcast.net
Huseby, Randi & Lisa Daisy Bay rhuseby@bellsouth.net
Hutchins, Don and Pam Scrub Island - Frazer Bay dphutchins@gmail.com
Hyytinen, Shelley & Jon Soderholm Rd/Wakemup Narrows onejon@aol.com
Indihar, Michael & Bergetta Big Bay Upnorth1@frontiernet.net
Jaeger, Brian and Debbie North end Schmidt Island bdltj@myclearwave.net
Jenkin, Tom & Marilynn Wakemup Bay jenkintax@aol.com
Jenkins, Don & Mary Everett Bay Rd mdjenk@frontiernet.net
Johansen, Stuart & Jody Pike Bay johansen@frontiernet.net
Johansen, Benjaman (Ben) & Erin Frazer Bay benanderinjohnson@msn.com
Johnson, Brian Birch Point blj@frontiernet.net
Johnson, Chipper & Marieta Birch Point chip_marieta@hotmail.com
Johnson, Cullen & Carol (Cully & Carol) Greenwood Bay noswede@yahoo.com
Johnson, Doug and Sandy Norwegian Bay dougandsandyjohnson@comcast.net
Johnson, Douglas Pine Island doloflmn@aol.com
Johnson, Duane & Barb Birch Point Johnsonlaw@mnmicro.net
Johnson, Jane & Don Frazer Bay, Tower End jjohnson1941@frontiernet.net
Johnson, Leon C. Wakemup Bay lcj1@hotmail.com
Johnson, Lonnie, Kim and Tori Pine Island, St Mary's Bay mahjopineisland@frontier.com
Johnson, Marilyn and Tim Wakemup Narrows, Soderholm Beach Rd tjohnson88@mn.rr.com
Johnson, Mike & Dawn Indian Point ellishelby@aol.com
Johnson, Mike & Tana Everett Bay tmk5012@frontiernet.net
Joki , Robert (Rob) and Rhonda Oak Narrows rrjoki@hughes.net
Jones, Diane and Mike Mud Creek Bay jonesteam0404@aol.com
Jorgenson, Al Breezy Point ALJORGENS@AOL.COM
Jorgenson, Scott Daisy Bay sljorgy@hotmail.com
Juhl, John and Mary Puncher Point, Pike Bay maryj@jaytech.com
Just, Steve DOG Island sjust@olyfire.com

Kaminsky, Kathy Pine Island kkaminsky27@aol.com
Karakash, John Retreat Lodge retreat2@uslink.net
Karau, Roger & Pat SWest Frazer Bay rkpkhere@usfamily.net
Kearney, Daniel Duffy Island, Pike Bay kearneybuns1@yahoo.com
Kearney, Kevin Pike Bay kevborocks@aol.com
Kearns, Mike & Peggy Oak Narrows Road mrkearns78@gmail.com
Kelsey, Rick Raps Road rjkelseyjr@hotmail.com
Kempel, Neal, Corrie, Rich & Amy Pine Island nkempel@msn.com
Kent, Steve Pine Island swkent@aol.com
Kingsbury, Bob Near Dam mabkings@att.net
Kingsbury, Jim & Beth Wakemup Narrows jbkingsbury@earthlink.net
Kingsley, Bruce & Julie Wakemup Narrows brjakingsley@q.com
Kingston, Richard & Joanne Wakemup Village joking@cpinternet.com
Kirsebom, Dave Frazer-Bay (Fire Code #7325) cj2a1948@msn.com
Kirsebom, Julie Frazer Bay kirsebom@msn.com
Kishel, Shawna and Don Head-O-Lake Bay shkishel@gmail.com/a>
Kitzmann, Leonard (Lenny) Grassy Point lkitzmann@yahoo.com/a>
Klabunde, Bryan (Bunde) Hoodoo Point Rd. straitjkson@yahoo.com
KIadivo, Travis, (T.J.) Shamrock sno_pro162@hotmail.com
Klancher, Joe Hinsdale Island cklancher@aol.com
Klima, Aaron and Amy Mud Creek Bay a.klima@mchsi.com
Klingsporn, Joe & Shannon Big Bay jsklingsers@gmail.com
Klippen, Shaun Black Bay Island sklippen@integra.net
Knoll, Louis & Doris Daisy Bay dlknoll1@hotmail.com
Koch, Bob & Kathy Norwegian Bay nsg390@aol.com
Korpi, Tim Ely Island tfk@sgi.com
Krasicki, Wally & Denise Spring Bay/Cook krasicki@sbcglobal.net
Kristiansson, Viggo Little Sweden+Sweden viggok@tele2.se
Kuharski, James & Valda (Jim) Oak Narrows jimski@virginiamn.com
Kultala, Wayne & Sherri Mud Creek Bay Kultala@frontiernet.net
Kure, Kristi Larsen's Bay/Cook oslc@2z.net
Kurtz, David Pine Island dkurtz@epl-inc.com
Kwiatkowski, Sandra (Sandy Schultze) Niles Bay Sandra_K_55025@yahoo.com
Lakso, Jeff & Kellie Breezy Point lakso@uslink.net
Lamppa, Zach Grove Island zach@zaxtrans.com
Lantry, Anne White Eagle Resort Anne@whiteeagleresort.com
Lantry, Mike & Bonnie White Eagle Resort mike@whiteeagleresort.com
Lantry, Ranae White Eagle Resort Ranae@whiteeagleresort.com
Lantry, Tom White Eagle Resort Tom@whiteeagleresort.com
LaPatka, Frank Waconda Bay fjlapatka@rangenet.com
Larmouth, Ellie and Dick Hibbing Point sisuyksi@msn.com
Larsen, Mike (Swede) Snapper Head Island sleepinjesus@netzero.net
Larson, Bill & Connie (Mayor of Wolf Bay) Wolf Bay Shores seikodog@rangenet.com
Larson, Bob & Caro Echo Pt. - Big Bay larsonb@uswest.net
Larson, Roy and Nadine Little Sweden Road relarson@aol.com
LaVigne, Dennis & Lynn Daisy Bay blueline@cpinternet.com
Leba, Rick and Nancy Breezy Point rleba@visi.com
Leding, Allison Wake-em-up Bay allison_leding@cambridge.k12.mn.us
Lee, Sue, Erika, and Spencer Daisy Bay Sue555lee@us.ibm.com
Leecy, Kevin Fortune Bay kevinleecy@yahoo.com
Legg, Sharon Frazier Bay - Breezy Point Road sharonlegg1@gmail.com
Legut, Todd Fraser Bay talegut@gmail.com
Lehto, Mark & Lynn Dee Big Bay lynndeelehto@yahoo.com
Leih, Laurin Niles Bay lleih@mn.rr.com
Lemke, Jim & Linda Wolf Bay Shores jimlem@wi.rr.com
Lenertz, Steve Daisy Bay cabinflyer@mac.com
Lepper, Jerry & Colleen Daisy Bay jnclep3@rucls.net
Leschisin, John & Jean Black Bay jleschisin@minco.com
Lesnau, Scott Skogman Drive slesnau1@mchsi.com
Levy, Mike & Mary Birch Point mose_levy@yahoo.com
Lewis, Pete Jacobson Point peter.d.lewis@ampf.com
Lillquist, Tim and Leigh sle of Pines ltlillquist@gmail.com
Lindberg, Steve & Reany Wakemup Village srlind@usfamily.net
Linders, Gary and Rita 36 Island, Frazer Bay grlinders@gmail.com
Linders, Jeff 36 Island, Frazer Bay jefflinders@gmail.com
List, Gary and Marlene Pine Island listem1@mtco.com
Liston, Jim and Heather Indian Bay hockeyhorse45@yahoo.com
Little, Dan & Cynthia St. Mary's Island littlehaus@uswest.net
Locke, Ann Pike Bay Narrows, Tower end alocke6@tampabay.rr.com
Lockley, Fred Stuntz Bay flockley@cableone.net
Lofquist, Paul & Barbara Birch Point hardrockminer77@gmail.com
Ludlow, Mark and Sally Ludlow's Island Resort info@ludlowsresort.com
Luloff, Mel Niles Bay mluloff@ymail.com
Luloff, Nancy Niles Bay NancyELuloff@aol.com
Lundblad, Nan Little Sweden Road DaleLundblad@LakeVermilion.com
Lundquist, Gary & Marlene Black Bay glundquist8531@hotmail.com
MacCormac, Michael and Darlene Trapper Shack Bay mikemaccormac@comcast.net
Macomber, Nathan (Nate) Daisy Bay flash_nate@hotmail.com
Madsen, Mary Daisy Bay MMADSEN555@MSN.COM
Majerle, Bill & Karen Frazer Bay - Breezy Pt. Rd. majerle@chartermi.net
Maki, Bruce & Debbie Wakemup Narrows Island maki_7210@hotmail.com
Maki, Harvey & Nancy (Harpo) Island Wakemup Narrows hwmatfnbc@webtv.net
Maki, Tom Frazer Bay tmak6@comcast.net
Malay, Patrick & Dawn Daisy Bay qfspat@aol.com
Malone, Fred Birch Point malonefrederic@yahoo.com
Maloney, Jim Wolf Bay maloneyjmm@comcast.net
Mangan, Robert D (Bob) SW end of Pine Island rdmangan@gmail.com
Manick Docks, (Joe/Michelle) Wakemup Campground manickdocks@hotmail.com
Marconett, Jean Fraser Bay jean.marconett@roch.edu
Markarian, Mike & Donna Wilson Point dmarkari@poplarcreek.lib.il.us
Marquette, Mike and Sally Raps Road mrmcook@aol.com
Marshall, Robert, Bob & Dianne Daisy Island mbmarshall@visi.com
Martin, Ron & Sue Moosebirds Store moose@accessmn.com
Matzer, Chris & Susie Niles Bay matzerhome@gmail
Mayne, Miley Pine Island mileymayne@cs.com
Mausolf, Jack & Sweetpea Big Bay vermauso@aol.com
Mauston, Jeff & Lynn Wolf Bay jmauston@virginia.k12.mn.us
Mayne, Mark Pine Island Mrmayne1@cs.com
McGillivray, Peter & Elaine Isle of Pines pmcgill@comcast.net
McMorrow, Tom and Michelle Wakemup Narrows tackletommy@yahoo.com
McNamara, Bob Portage Bay bob@orbitmpls.com
Menne, LaVonne Wakemup Village lmenne@live.com
Menz, Steve & Mary Smarts Bay mmenz@bellsouth.net
Mesojedec, Mitch & Ginger Ely Island gmmesojedec@aol.com
Metcalf, Peter Smart's Bay peter_metcalf@hotmail.com
Mickelson, Dave N.E. Pine Island dmickelson@ci.edina.mn.us
Mihm, Greg & Coralee Wolf Bay Lodge mihms@rangenet.com
Mike, Chip & Annette Wilson Point mikecanda@q.com
Miller, Clint & Joni McKinley Park clinton.miller@cushwake.com
Miller, Russell & Gayle Fectos Point rmiller@rangenet.com
Miller, Jeff Raps Road Jeler@southslope.net
Milligan, Ray Trout Lake Portage rcmjr3@gmail.com
Minor, Bob Tower b4minor@yahoo.com
Moccio, Vincent & Kathy Moccio Isle (Head O'Lakes) moccio59@gmail.com
Moen, Wayne Wolf Bay wkmoen@gmail.com
Mollard, Mary & Bill Hibbing Point marymollard@hotmail.com
Moore, Susan Mocassin Point susan.moore@gmacrfc.com
Moore, Thomas (Tucker) Thirty-Six Island, Frazer Bay mojo@cloudnet.com
Morcom, Bryan Birch Point Rd (soon) guttermouth44@hotmail.com
Morreim, Dennis & Jeanne Schmidt¼s Island denmor@aol.com
Morrow, Tom & Gerry Niles Bay tmorrow@amp103.hbs.edu
Morton, Joe Norwegian Bay joe.morton@mchsi.com
Moyer & Braaten - Donald, Joette, Al & Joey Nelson's Island moydj@sbcglobal.net
Mueller, Jerry Breezy Pt Rd geraldm@frontiernet.net
Mueller, Marilyn Breezy Pt Rd marilynmu@frontiernet.net
Mueller, Rolland & Joan (Rollie & JO) Daisy Bay rmueller@frontiernet.net
Muellerleile, Gary Wake-em-up Bay allison_leding@cambridge.k12.mn.us
Mulari, Mary & Douglas Gregor (Mary & Doug) Fectos Point gregordj@gmail.com
Mullery, Terry & Sherri Big Bay tgolfs@mn.rr.com
Muraske, Dick Pine Island - North Side mmuraske@msxi.com
Murphy, Mary Hibbing Point memmurphy@yahoo.com
Nagorski, Jerry and Donna Norwegian Bay janddcottagegrove@yahoo.com
Naughton, Mike and Patti West End computer@rangenet.com
Neary, Mike Ludlows Island, multi visiter maran1118@comcast.net
Niemi, Stacy & Bruce Birch Point stacy12002@hotmail.com
Niepagen, Frank & Kathy Oak Narrows niepy@aol.com
Nelson, Denny & Linda Fraser Bay llnaz@msn.com
Nelson, Eric Nelson's Island ea_nelson@comcast.net
Nelson, Janet Baustian Fraser Bay, 36 Island gjnelson05@msn.com
Nessett, Ron & Doris Wakemup Village nessett@rangenet.com
Neumann, Jim & Taren Daisy Bay Resort info@daisybay.com
Neutz, Michael Mocassin Point mneutz@yahoo.com
Nevin, Tom & Nancy Indian Bay nancylnevin@comcast.net
Newberg, Steve & Sandy Isand 36, Frazer Bay sandranewberg@aol.com
Nielsen, Bonnie (Beanie) Mallard Island, Pike Bay Narrows bjntom@aol.com
Niemi, Judith west end niemi008@tc.umn.edu
Nieters, Bill and Laurie Wakemup Village billnieterselectric@gmail.com
Nipp, Amy Hibbing Point anipp@wblmn.com
Norha, Russ and Linda McKinley Park Acres Norha@Comcast.net
Nyberg, George Raps Road grebyn@rangenet.com
Nye, Kolby & Amber Tower End of Vermilion Knyehome@gmail.com
Nylund, John Little Sweden Road Nylundjf@comcast.net
Nylund, Kathy Little Sweden Road Kathy@NylundGroup.com
Ogden, Chris (Lashawn) Black Bay clogden@bethesda.med.navy.mil
Oliver, Dan & Tina Grove Island dan@oliveragency.com
Olsen, J. (Roughcut) Pine Island - N.E. End roughcutpi@comcast.net
Olson, Craig Pike Bay cdolson106@aol.com
Olson, Gerald, Sharon, Beth, Greg,
Leonard, Susan, Roger
Daisy Bay Leonard.Olson@Aerojet.com
Olson, Mark and Loni North Pine Island mlolson@frontier.com
O'Melia, David & Jeanne (Dave & Jeanne) Wakemup Narrows domelia39@gmail.com
O'Neil, John Norwegian Bay Johno@nbs-inc.com
Ongalo, Raeburn (Dyke) Cook end reo@rangenet.com
Orehek, Corey Daisy Bay corey_orehek@yahoo.com

Panichi, Joe and Kathy Niles Bay walleye@rangenet.com
Parise, Bob & Melanie Niles Bay bparise@foretees.com
Parrucci, Chris Breezy Point ctparrucci@msn.com
Parrucci, Ron Frazer Bay rhparrucci@comcast.net
Patten, Jim Oak Narrows Road PattenJP@msn.com
Pathmann, Steve & Lynn (Opa & Nana) Big Bay Samoassteve144@aol.com
Patrin, Jerry & Candy Canfield Bay jcpatrin@frontiernet.net
Paul, Richard (Dick) Mocassin Point paulr2853@aol.com
Paulsen, Garrett Pine Island gpaulsen17@live.com
Payette, Chris & Jerry Clover Pt. - Daisy Bay gpay24@msn.com
Payne, Jack Ely Island jhpayne@solunar.com
Payne-Shaul, Leslie Ely Island leslieshaul@msn.com
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Pearson, Rick Hibbing Point webmaster@LakeVermilion.com
Pecarina, Tom Wa-kem-up Village tpecarina@mnpower.com
Peetsch / Anderson, Lori & Steve Head-O-Lakes Bay peachandscrape@fnbcnet.com
Pellinen, Bert & Louise Head-O-Lakes Bay bertpellinen@hotmail.com
Peluso, Dr. Charles (Doc) Head of Lake Bay (Duckhaven Island) cpelusomd@yahoo.com
Perala, Dick & Peggy Hayden Daisy Bay pjhayden@frontiernet.net
Perell, Tom & Liz Mud Creek Road tmp53@netzero.com
Pescaglia, Jim & Linda Fectos Point jimlin1980@live.com
Peterson, Courtney & Carol Fectos Point cpeters@rangenet.com
Peterson, Erik (John & Anna) Frazer Bay-Vermilion Grove MNPatriot@aol.com
Peterson, Jack and Eleanor Wak-em-up Narrows jackpstpaul@aol.com
Peterson, Steve & Chris (bevo) pike bay steve@starterstrip.com
Peterson , Terry and Susan (Pete & Susan) Pike Bay susanlee5131@yahoo.com
Peterzen, Tim and Jackie Niles Bay crackerjackie412@hotmail.com
Peyla, Richard (Dick) Echo Point rjpeyla@comcast.net
Phillips, Dennis & Erin Black Bay dephillips@frontiernet.net
Phillips, Mark & Patty Breezy Point mark.patty.phillips@gmail.com
Pihlaja, Gabriele & Dennis Wolf Bay gaby53@msn.com
Plaisted, Marc Salo Island marc@songroupllc.com
Pluth, John & Barbara Pike Bay barbnjohn1@cox.net
Poaletti, Angelo (ZA) Frazer Bay angelo@vermilionland.com
Pohia, Wayne & Lynn Raps Road wayne@tritecmn.com
Polley, Ross 'The Landing' - almost a local now! rpolley7@aol.com
Pollock, David & Renee Pike Bay-Echo Point dgpollock@cleveland-cliffs.com
Postudensek, Jim and Norma Wilson Point jimnormap@gmail.com
Pratt, Robert & Carol Pike Bay rpratt43@yahoo.com
Preble, Charles Pine Island charlespreble@mac.com
Preble, Jana Pine Island jpreble@mac.comt
Quaal, Tom & Patti Niles Bay leechwe@aol.com
Quinn, Brett Daisy Bay brettwq@yahoo.com
Rafter, Ron & Karen Swansons Point rerafter@northlc.com
Ralston, Mike and Nancy Daisy Bay mike@lencienterprises.com
Ranta, Richard (Dick) Wakemup-Narrows-North Shore rranta@memphis.edu
Raps, Chris Raps Road, Cook rapscm@yahoo.com
Reckinger, Michael & Jennifer Wolf Bay\Vermilion Beach Village reckinmn@yahoo.com
Reed, Brent & Elaine
(grew up on Norwegian Bay!)
Lucky Waters - Vermilion River basketmaniac@aol.com
Reinholtzen, Ray and Ivy Peterson Landing ibrrcr@q.com
Reynolds, Julie Wake em Up Bay whitefishisland1@gmail.com
Rhude, Cary and Dawn Hibbing Point crhude82@msn.com
Ribich, Greg and Vicki McKinley Park gribich@mn.rr.com
Richards, Chuck & Mary Frazer Bay (west end) cmrichards28@gmail.com
Rick, Todd & Laurie Oak Narrows outwesttr@comcast.net
Ridlon, Everett & Adelee (Babe & Punky) Norwegian Bay evinmn@wmconnect.com
Ridlon, Florian/Vera Norwegian Bay vridlon@cox.net
Ridlon, Vera Norwegian Bay vfinaz@juno.com
Rogers, King Niles Bay king@kingrogers.com
Rogers, Kris Niles Bay kris@lakevermilion.com
Rosen, Bill & Pat Pine Island rosen071@umn.edu
Rosenberger, Robert & Nancy (Bob & Nancy) Pine Island Dells bobandnancyr@gmail.com
Roskoski, Steve & Lois Breezy Point roskoski@mchsi.com
Rountree, Jeff Wakemup Bay Jrountree@mcgough.com
Rouleau, Joseph (Captain) Birch Point joerouleau@mchsi.com
Rowe, James & Sondra (Jim & Sondy) Puncher Point jrowe@umn.edu
Sakrison, Dale/Deb Wak-em-Up sakrison@paulbunyan.net
Salminen, Dean Wake em up dean@iceout.net
Sandnas, Alan (Beach) Sundling Road Sandnasbeach@aol.com
Santer, John Raspberry Island jpsanter@yahoo.com
Sariin, Carl & Pat (Cully) Oak Narrows csariin@msn.com
Sathre, Rick & Joanne Frazer Bay - Little Otter Island rjsathre@msn.com
Sauerbry, Steve Canfield Bay - Pine Island ssauerbry2@gmail.com
Sayers, Jerry & JoAnn Mocassin Point info@jcutlery.com
Schack, Sherry Head O Lakes sherry_schack@hotmail.com
Schaeffer, Dave Schaeffer's Guide Service dls44@frntiernet.net
Schelde, Jay and June Pike Bay pikebaylodge@frontiernet.net
Schelde, Vicki Niles Bay schelde@rangenet.com
Scheldrup, Andy Frazer Bay andrew.scheldrup@hollister.com
Schlieske, Bobby near Glenwood Lodge bschlieske@bestwayinc.com
Schmidt, Mark & Barb Breezy Point bigwalleye55@embarqmail.com
Schmidt, Sarah and Jake West End, Pine Island sarahschmidt445@msn.com
Schult, Joyce & Bill Greenwood Bay maxpo3@yahoo.com
Schulte, Fred and Lori Grassy Point lorischulte50@gmail.com
Schultz, Mark & Sandy Ely Island mschltz@comcast.net
Seaton, Tony Gold Island TSeaton@aol.com
Seversen, Richard & Carol Trout Lake Portage Marketsale@aol.com
Shamrock Marina Inc Greenwood Bay Area shamrock@rangenet.com
Shank, Ginger Ely Island - Norway Point zangabeela@yahoo.com
Shaw, Bob Far West rkshaw57@hotmail.com
Sias, Anne and Jan Pine Island (east) JSias@aol.com
Sicora, George and De Pine Island de.sicora@gmail.com
Sieff, Philip and Laurie Niles Bay PLSieff@rkmc.com
Sill, Nicholas (Nick) Isles of Pines sillverman@gmail.com
Sjoberg, Terry (Ace) Pike Bay aceguide@webtv.net
Skarich, Brad (Bunky) Frazer Bay - Tower End bunkys@frontiernet.net
Skarich, Nick Frazer Bay - Tower End nskarich@northlandsecurities.com
Skildum, John & Roxanne Frazer Bay - Vermilion Grove rskildum@comcast.net
Skogman, Gary (Curly) Everett Bay Rd curly@rangenet.com
Skow, Michael & Kathy Waconda Bay kskow@mn.rr.com
Slifka, Dave and Lisa Wolf Bay dlslifka1@msn.com
Sonnenberg, Glen Ely Island glen@pgp.com
Sonnenberg, Judy Ely Island judysonnenberg@hotmail.com
St. Dennis, Don & Sue Hibbing Point dsdsaint@yahoo.com
St Onge, Mary, Twin Pines Yoga Pine Island styogamama@aol.com
Stadem, Dean Eagle Nest Lake #4 dstadem@aol.com
Stahl, Craig & Debbie McKinley Park stahl@rangenet.com
Stefan, Karl Jr Center Island Karl_Stefan@hotmail.com
Steinman, Bill & Sue Moccasin Point sue_steinman@msn.com
Stelter, Larry (Clark) Schmidts Island larry@stelter.com
Stewart, Bill Vermilion Dells bstewart_yachts@msn.com
Stitzell, Brad Wolf Bay (Stitzell Family Cabin) bftitz3@msn.com
Stoehr, Rick & Joyce Breezy Point Road propshop@frontiernet.net
Stone, Dan Jacobson�s Point (Head O'Lakes Bay) dstone@accessmn.com
Stoner, Mike & Pat Smarts Bay Stoner36@aol.com
Strate, John Daisy Bay JStrate5@aol.com
Stuck, Gary and Pam Wolf Bay docboystuc@aol.com
Stuck, Mark & Lori Niles Bay markstuck@aol.com
Stuntz, Michael (Mike) Stuntz Bay mikestuntz@hotmail.com
Sturdy, Rand Grove Island rand@rangenet.com
Sullivan, Jim and Beth Glenwood Lodge Area jamessullivan@frontier.com
Sunsdahl, Casey Casey's Guide Service guide@fishingvermilion.com
Sunsdahl, Casey & Jen Lake Vermilion sunsdahl@midco.net
Sushoreba, Duane & Denise Hibbing Point mortonkitty@msn.com
Swanson, Barbara Joy (Joy) Swanson Point CRRatHASSLEFREE@aol.com
Swanson, Troy East Two Rivers Troyswanson@hotmail.com
Swenson, Glen and Janelle Breezy Point muskieswen@gmail.com
Swenson, Jeff and Jill Black Duck Bay jeffswen@gmail.com
Swor, Mike Birch Point Road mikes@sworgatto.com
Taitt, Jim and Valerie Wacond Bay vermilionadventures@hotmail.com
Tauer, Tim & Lynn Frazer Bay ttauer@sbcglobal.net
Teschner, Joni Everett Bay Jmteschner26@gmail.com
Tester, Frank Raps Road ftester@regiscorp.com
Thayer, Scott and Ginger Pine Island sdthayer@ameritech.net
Thompson, Kathy
(Former Wolf Bay - The Thompsons)
Wolf Bay snowglow@rangenet.com
Thompson, Pat and Stan St. Louis Co. North Rescue Squad stan@shellmonster.com
Tibbetts, Bill & Brenda Hibbing Point winterwd@rangenet.com
Tode, Bruce & Shirley Pine Island bstode@gmail.com
Tolan, Jim & Jan Wolf Bay jtolan@northlc.com
Tomes, Art & Bev Wak-em-up Bay bloact@aol.com
Tormoen, Joel island on Frazer Bay joeltormoen@gmail.com
Towle, Steve and Pam Wa Em Up Narrows towleski@aol.com
Trancheff, Pat & Ellen Arrowhead Point tran2cabins@hotmail.com
Trapp, Jamie & Traci Pike Bay Trapplaw@yahoo.com
Tschida, Brian Paradise Pt. Rd. brian_tschida1@msn.com
Tureson, Allan & Jeannie Mocassin Point daiuyt@frontiernet.net
Turk, John E. Puncher Point jeturk@msn.com
Turner, Linda Big Bay linda@heritagerealtynorth.com

Ulbricht, Don Pine Island captdonu@hotmail.com
Underhill, Don Birch Point - Big Bay du4cbpn@aol.com
VanDeVoort, John Ely Island vande058@umn.edu
Vaske, Steve and Shelby Birch Point Shelby.vaske@gmail.com
Viitala, Butch Pike Bay viitala@hotmail.com
Vito, Brian & Jayne Black Duck Bay bvito@rangenet.com
Vohs, Dick & Sheri Black Duck Island hannah@netins.net
Vollmar, Ann & Warren Little Muskrat Channel vollmars@uslink.net
Vukelich, John and Lisa Big Bay jvukelich@aol.com
Waataja, Ron (Jigger) Black Bay waataja@mcn.org
Wagenbach, Cliff & Jean Pike River Hatchery cwagenbach@hotmail.com
Wagner, Jeffery Wakemup Bay / Treasure Island; jdwagnermd@comcast.net
Wagner, Randy St. Mary's Bay, Pine Island rdwags@aol.com
Wahlberg, Judy Hibbing Point jwahlberg@lcp2.net
Wallace, Douglas, (Doug) Grassy Point soarhigh@uslink.net
Wangensteen, Ginny Mead Island ginnywags@yahoo.com
Wangensteen, Jack Mead Island jackwags@hotmail.com
Watson, Wade Voyageurs Adventures voyageursadventures@yahoo.com
Webb, Randall (Buddy) Old Log Bridge webbhome@gallatinriver.net
Webster, Thomas (Tom) Wake-em-up Narrows -- (Kingsleys cabin!
Visitor from Pensacola, Fl.)
Weeks, Jim and Lois Juniper Island in Frazer Bay jimloisweeks@yahoo.com
Wegleitner, Joe and Marcia Big Bay Joe@ctxtruck.com
Wehler II, Thomas E. & Bonnie J., Homer & BJ Paradise Island - Pike Bay Muskitom@aol.com
Wehrle, Don all the lake wehrlegig@aol.com
Weller, Mary Ellen Treasure Island maryellenweller@aol.com
Wendler, Guy Frazer Bay guy.wendler@stamats.com
Wernecke, Bill and Kay Canfield Bay/Pine Island bkwernecke@msn.com
Westom, John Trout Lake Portage libby172@yahoo.com
Wettstein-Murray, Diana (Dee Dee) Most of Vermilion Grove DeeDee3130@hotmail.com
Wheelock, Todd and Becky Norwegian Bay tcwheelock@uswest.net
White, John & Mary Ely Island jswsr@aol.com
Wilfong, Tami Hinsdale Island twilfong10@gmail.com
Whipple, Gene (Whip) west side Pine Island dlbwhip@aol.com
White, Margaret & Steve (Margie & Whizzer) Canfield Bay/Pine Island mllw54@aol.com
Whitman, Doug (Jack) None, but searching dwhitman@pressenter.com
Wilson, Kent & Elaine Hibbing Point KWilson@wilson-ryan.com
Wilson, Mike and Barb Wilson Marine info@wilson-marine.com
Wilson, Ron and Casey Oak Narrows/Conner Island ron.fightingbears@gmail.com
Woolverton, Vicki Treasure Isl. Wakemup Narrows tisland@rangenet.com
Wright Dock Service (Bob) All of Lake Vermilion Wrightdockservice@gmail.com
Yarusso, Tony Vermilion Grove tonyyarusso@gmail.com
Youngquist, Paul and Roxanne Greenwood Bay Yoteam@earthlink.net
Zak, Jim and Marleen Trout Lake Portage area
and Moccasin Point area
Zaudtke, Steve and Lelu Blackduck Bay szaudtke@gmail.com
Zaudtke, Sue and Dwight Big Bay / Birch Point dwightzaudtke@kw.com
Zimny, Mike & Wendy Big Bay / Stawberry Is mwzimny@charter.net
Zojonc, Mark & Dotte Big Bay/Birch Point mdzojonc@gmail.com

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