My wife and I have had quite a year! Earlier we posted 2 GIANT walleyes we caught
in late May and, later, in mid-July. Recently, during this past month of October,
we once again found some really big ones that I thought merited additional posting.
On October 10, 2011 we were fishing within sight of our dock when I got a hit that
really gave me fight. Eventually, when I got the fish to the side of the boat, I
could see that our standard landing net was not going to work and we opted for
our big net. The huge walleye measured 31.5" and had a big full stomach. On
October 31, 2011 the wind let up enough to allow us the opportunity to get out
for a few hours. We fished a favorite fall spot at the eastern end of Big Bay and,
along with several other slot sized fish that day, my wife caught an absolutely
perfect(fins, etc.) 28.5" trophy walleye. This fish came out of 37' of water and
was built like a fat pre-spawn spring fish. That brings our 2011 trophy walleye
totals to 32.5", 31.5", 31.5", and 28.5". All of these fish were released back
into the lake unharmed.

Good Fishing,
Mark&Linda Baumeister
Lake Vermilion/Tower