I think it's easier to get around the internet these days than it is to get around Lake Vermilion. So with the use of frames, I've put this format together to find locations on the lake. To use this frame format, all you have to do is locate the bay or island or point or other location on the column on the left and click on it. What will appear in this box will be a gif map of the east or west end of the lake with the area in question marked in red. To locate another area simply find another location on the left column and click on that. Use the scroll bar for that column to see more locations. To return to the Lake Vermilion Home page, click on "Home Page" at the top of the left column.
If you don't find what you're looking for, please drop me a note (right here) and let me know what you want included in the list. I'll try to get in in.

Thanks and enjoy your trip.

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