Everyone's got a favorite picture (or two or three) of Lake Vermilion.
How would you like to share them with the rest of us.
So if you'll let me, I'll gladly put them up on this site for all to see.
Just send me your prints and I'll take care of the rest. And you'll get credit for them too.
I'd like to thank Barb Shook for the idea and start this whole effort with three of Barb's favorites.

Send those pictures to: Rick Pearson, 9129 Hibbing Point Road, Cook, MN 55723
or e-mail them to rick@lakevermilion.com

Barb Shook (our first contributor)
Jack Payne
Bob Kingsbury
Rick Teeter
Len Kitzmann
Joe Marso
Jenny Roth
Darin Rahko
Pauly Peil Housenga
The Essig Family
Marilyn Schulze
Robert Shaw
in memory of: Bob Daggit
Darryl Johnson
Jack Riter
Gary Hart
James Parise
Otteau Christiansen
Hans Brakob
Arlene & Lowell Cobb
Mark Helmuth
Ryan Goede
Lori Peetsch and Steve Anderson
Elaine Wilson
Judy Gray
Gary Burris
Ron Wilson
Tom Wehler
Rob Nopola
Kevin Toivola
Tami Wifong
Jim Rosenberger
Laura Quist
Michelle Manick
Tony and Natalie Wright
Bruce Anderson
Michael Kurtz
John Murphy
John Taylor
Pam Caneva
Jennifer Coffee
Jay S. Schelde
Marc Plaisted
Tony and Natalie Wright
Rick Lovelett
Cathy Bunnell
Shelley Lustila
Jeff and Jill Swenson
Mark Snyder
Larissa Anderson
Josh Mazur
Dehl Gallagher
The Malone Family
Tom Wehler - Muskie Tom
Tom Wehler - Muskie Tom
Keith Mattson
Tom Wehler - Muskie Tom amd his fishing buddies
Ryan Goede
Steven Bischof
Doug Kasseth
Paul Pollock
Paul Pollock (more)
Lenny Lindgren
John Koenes
Kristi A. Kure
Patty & Derek Hampson
John VanDeVoort
Judith Gray
Jason Loose (Video)
Bob Hoffner
Paul Jensen
Patty & Derek Hampson
Paul Jensen
Patty & Derek Hampson
Quinn Enestvedt Patty & Derek Hampson

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